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Hi, my name is Christi, I am 24 slender, almost 4’11”, long blonde, have a shapely body, and a very high sex drive. My husband Todd is a handsome man muscular and a nice fat 6” cock. We have been married for 6 years had a great sex life and marriage. For some reason he began hanging out with his buddies all the time. After work and even on the weekends. As soon as he gets home, he eats and heads straight over to his friend’s house. They are working on a dirt track race car together. Once he gets home he is exhausted. He goes straight to the showers then off to bed. He has neglected me for the past eight months. Maybe I am trying to justify my recent activities. We live on forty acres in the country. It's a nice place white picket fence, trees, nice pond, and a small herd of cattle, few chickens, and a garden. We raise the cattle to butcher, sometimes sell them processed to folks. We have enough eggs I sell them as well. I guess I went from being a city gal to a farm gal. I do love the farm. Down the road there is Mr. Ferguson a nice older gentleman that likes to come to get eggs and vegetables. We sit and chat. He is about 6'3", muscular and the whitest hair I just love. He is about 60 and lives alone. He lost his wife about 5 years ago and never remarried. Then I found out she was 20 years younger. They never had children, but he tells me he has enough nieces to keep him busy. He travels a lot fishes and just so laid back. We were talking one day and his house-keeper had moved and was looking for another. I thought wow I could get out of the house and have something more than just keep care of the animals and house keep. I asked if he would be interested hiring me, without hesitation he did. I go down there 3 or days a week clean, cook sometimes, laundry, and grocery shop for him. He told me to come to his place tomorrow at 7 am. For some reason I gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. He got back in his pickup and headed home. I stood out there waving until I could not see the truck. For some reason I had a very hard sensation in my pussy. I reached down and felt myself through my shorts and I became very wet. All day I couldn't get Mr. Ferguson out of my head. I had a truly attraction for him. Tom got home that evening ate and headed off to his friend’s house. I decided to take a shower and relax. Mr. Ferguson was still on my mind as I undressed and stepped into the shower. Lathering my body with soap I found myself massaging my breasts then rubbing my nipples between my thumbs and forefinger. My eyes were closed thinking of Mr. Ferguson then both hands began rubbing my smooth pussy. As one rubbed my clit paying attention to the tip, the other was fingering my vagina opening. Soon i was fingering myself then sliding two fingers in I began finger fucking myself so fast. Thinking fuck, me fuck me hard. Soon my eyes closed I felt my self-cumming rubbing my pussy faster, oh,,,,uhhhh, fuck. I sat down on the bench in the shower having masturbated I felt a little embarrassed. I was up way early today, Todd was up and at the kitchen table. I told him about the job offer and he was happy for me. He said at least you can get out and about some and get paid. Off he went to work. I thought wow I didn't even think about kissing him Mr. Ferguson was so much on my mind. I went to the bedroom to look for something a little sexy to wear. I found my running shorts, lacy bra, favorite thong,string t-shirt top and sandles. I got to thinking my breasts are medium and firm, heck no bra. I ran out to my car and sped out the drive way. I got to Mr. Ferguson's drive and the gate was closed. I looked there was an intercom so I rang and he opened the gate. I drove up to the front and got out of the car. I looked down at my watch and it was 6:20. I thought a little early. I went to the door and he opened it at the same time. He side morning there beautiful come on in. You are a little early but I like that. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of gray cotton work out shorts. I was use to seeing him in overalls and an old ragged cowboy hat. My eyes wandered and looked at his crotch and I swear I saw the head of his cock hanging below his shorts.It wasn't even hard. I just smiled and felt myself getting a little wet. He showed me around the place where the cleaning supplies were then out to the pool hot tub area. He said I was welcomed anytime to swim or use the hot tub. Heck I haven't had a beautiful woman swimming in the pool in a long time. Heck you can even leave a swim suit here if you want. We went back in and showed me the laundry room. The hamper was full. He got red and said he would wash those before she started work. I told him no my job and didn't mind.

We went to the kitchen and sat at the table. I got up and was looking in the lower cabinets. I peaked and saw him looking at my ass and squeezed his groin area. I moved my ass in a proactive way sending him squirming. He was trying to hide his erection but was having a problem. He got up to turn around. I grabbed his arm and told him it was okay. I smiled and gave him a hug grinding him in his crotch. He picked me up and stood me on the dining chair. He kissed me so romantically my pussy was going wild. We kissed so passionately sucking each other's tongue. He soon picked me up and cradled me in his arms. We went to the master suite the bed was very high there was even a small stool to climb to get on the bed. He sat me on the edge my legs dangling. He looked at me with his bedroom blue eyes I just melted. I reached out to him and we hugged. I told him I was his take me fuck me. He removed my t-shirt and threw it on the bed. He stared at my breasts then taking each one sucking them, massaging them, and rolling my nipples. Then he kissed me down to my belly button sucking and tonguing it. His fingers went under the waist of my shorts and gently pulled them down throwing them on the bed. He looked at my thong in amazement. I ain't never seen panties like that. I laughed that's a thong! He took it by his teeth and pulled them off and looked at me with them hanging from his mouth. He looked at my shaved pussy mound. Oh, god I went to heaven he said in a lot of excitement. He approached me I scooted up on the bed spreading my legs wide and knees up/ He took my leg and began kissing and sucking my toes working his way to my inner thigh. He sucked them and his giant hand started rubbing my pussy very fast. OHHH! I was moaning I reached between my legs and opened my outer pussy lips for him. He went and sucked my wet pussy hole fingering it with his middle finger and sucking the hood of my clit. I felt the tongue lick the tip and another finger went into my pussy. He wiggle his finger and hit the upper "G" spot inside driving me wild. I was cumming so fast and hard! I was moaning my head tossing from side to side. Oh Mr. Ferguson I have never had this feeling so fast. My hips were moving up and down fucking his tongue and fingers. I went limp. He stood up and brought me close to him. Then lifted me off the bed. I was standing in front of him he lifted and pulled his shirt off dropping it to the floor. He was masculine his chest hairy. (I thought to myself I am going to shave that)I hugged him so tight and felt his enormous cock press against my stomach. I pulled his shorts down and it sprung out like a snake going to bite. I giggled and grabbed his cock in both hands stood up and did a little dance up and down. He looked at me and laughed. It had to be over 9" long and so thick I couldn't get my hand around it, using both hands I began stocking and licking the head. I opened my mouth wide and began easing it into my mouth. Finally I felt his massive balls on my chin. Placing his hand on the back of my head he began fucking my mouth. Faster and faster he groaned and said Christi then I felt the head expand and his load shot down my throat it was so massive it squirted out the edge of my mouth. He picked me up and lifted me back on the bed.

We kissed hard I reached down and his cock returned to full mast. I spread my legs knees up in the air he grabbed his cock and began circling my pussy hole then eased the head into I screamed, he;s so big! He eased more the head popped inside. It felt like my pussy was being torn apart. He eased half way in then back out and back in, after a few times my pussy stretched enough and he went all the way inside. He hit the "G" way inside sending me over the top.He went faster his balls bouncing off my ass. I screamed, my head tossing from side to side my eyes closed tight. My pelvis was out of control I was biting my lip, I insides exploded like never before. I had never had an orgasm like this before. My fists grabbed the sheets my knuckles turned white. Then I felt his cock expand in me I screamed fill me up with all your cum. He exploded He grabbed my hips pulling me back to his groin holding me. I felt each time his cock shot. He then fucked me even harder until I went limp. Our juices had mixed spewing down the crack of my ass and his shaft. He crawled up in bed with me spooning and he held me tight. He told me Christi I haven't had sex in over 5 years. Thank you so much you are so sweet so beautiful. We went to sleep. After about an hour we got up realizing it was 10 o'clock already. I got up took a quick shower came back in and kissed him. I said Mr. Ferguson, he stopped me there call me Jake. I smiled hugged him kissed him, then told him I had to get the laundry started. He got up and smacked me on the ass. I turned and his cock was soft but still hung down his thigh.