Perfect score

I barely slept the night after the last session, not only was the chastity locked very tightly, I was so hurt and felt hopeless knowing that I would be a virgin for the rest of my life like Ella said. After the 2nd day I called her to beg her to unlock me because the strain was on my mind the entire time, I was feeling discomfort 24/7. She didn't take any of my calls and sent them straight to voicemail. I opted to texting because I realised that she wasn't going to take my call. Me: Please can we set up an appointment at your office? You locked it too tight. Ella: Locked what too tight? Me: The cage... Ella: What cage? Be specific ;) Me: The chastity cage on my penis. Ella: Oh you mean the cage on your small and pathetic shrimp dick? You knew the consequences of jerking off. You have to endure the pain. Me: Nathan said that you'd go easy on me... Ella: Oh wow, cashing in the chips you have with him already? Well you have to talk with him then, it's his promise to keep. As for now I am firm on you suffering pain until next week at least and probably a while longer after that. Permanent chastity is something that I'm studying and I think it's something your life is suited for. Me: You can't be serious, please don't say that. Ella: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, there is still much to dissect in your psychological state before you're ready for permanent chastity and forever sex free pussy free virgin life. I'll give you my boyfriends number and you can text him asking him for help so I ease up on your torture. This conversation is over. Don't text me about this anymore. After she gave me his number I didn't respond. I felt that to a small degree I liked taking orders and that I was part of her plan, it made me feel as if I mattered to her a little. Me:Hey Nathan it's me. Ella gave me your number so I could ask you for help. You promised me that you'd talk to her on taking it easy on me but she locked the cage very tight and I'm in pain. Can you please talk to her? After two hours he responded Nathan: I talked to her and you can come in her office tomorrow at 12. You owe me. I hated the idea that "I owed him" but the pain was constant and too much to handle. The next day I was at her office entrance sharp at 12. I knocked and Nathan opened the door making me worried but I had no choice. I entered the room where Ella was waiting on the love seat where we had our first session. She was fully dressed and gave zero slutty or sexual vibes. She had her glasses on and when I sat across from her she took out my key hanging on her necklace under her blouse. "Today I will be a bit more off hands in my approach, it's going to be mainly between you two. I think you are ready for more homo erotic interaction." Ella started the session. I looked a bit puzzled but knew that nothing good was going to happen. She would make me pay a steep price to loosen my lock. "I'll offer you a deal, you do as I say and take part enthusiastically in todays session and I will unlock you, let you cum and lock you back with no strain, you will be comfortable." Ella made her offer. "I'll do whatever you want." I instantly took her up on the offer. "Good, then both of you take your clothes off to begin with" Ella say still and remained fully clothed while me and her man got naked. His cock was flaccid and not excited, mine was locked tight and swollen in its cage. The contrast was so immense as always. Nathan sat next to Ella and spread his legs widely, I sat across from them waiting for what came next. Ella handed me and her stud cards with questions written on them. "You will both ask questions back and forth and answer them truthfully, at the end you will get your reward as promised" Ella's hand went between her lovers legs and she started pumping him to life "You are only allowed to look at him or his cock, don't look away and don't look at me." As two men with different sizes given to them sat naked with Ella stroking the more gifted one Nathan spoke up "I guess I'll ask first then, how did the last kiss taste from the last session? The one after I came on her face." "It tasted like you, I could only taste your cum, I at least got to kiss her which means a lot to me." I focused on looking him in the eyes but so also want to look away due to shame but I couldn't look to Ella because of the rules, I knew that his cock was my only choice, I noticed how he wasn't hard yet as Ella was jerking him at a steady pace. It was my turn to ask and I looked at the first card and read it "Do you see me as a man after our shared experiences together?" "I don't, I think you're a sissy faggot." He said as Ella jerked him harder. I was starting to get used to insults like that so much so that it barely bothered me compared to how much it turned me on. "I was informed that you didn't learn anything from the last session and you explained to her why you can't match up to me sexually, look at me and tell me why." Nathan slouched himself in the couch making his cock stick out as he was erect with Ella stroking him long. I looked directly as his stiff cock and said "You're thicker, much thicker, your cock is so sexy, your balls are huge and it makes women excited when you slap them with your nuts while fucking, I've seen them react to it." I was aroused and rock hard inside my cage. Watching Ella's hand glide on his dick I noticed it became wet, she poured lube making the handjob slippery. His cock was shiny and looked juicy. "Go on, tell me more." Nathan Instructed me to praise him while a clothed woman was jerking him, two naked men talking about cock with a beautiful woman completely dressed listening intently. "You're really long and stay hard, I feel really inadequate when you stay hard for an hour tearing her pussy apart while I cum in a few strokes. And I don't want to cum, I want to keep watching and jerking but I can't hold my load like you do." I explained. "Do...do you like the way I suck your massive cock?" It took me a moment to wrap my mind around what she wanted me to ask out loud. "I like it more when a woman does it but you've gotten better at it. In the future I want you to suck harder and lick my balls more. And also make sure to ask me if I like it and what else I want, pleasure me." He then turned to his girlfriend and said "Do you like how he's looking at my cock babe? He's such a faggot, I bet he wished that I was his gay boyfriend and fucked his mouth daily." Ella giggled and looked at me making sure I kept staring at the cock her hand was wrapped around. Nathan turned his attention back to me and asked the next question "Do you like seeing me naked and watching me fuck? Do you like my cock?" "Answer truthfully and keep staring at his manhood." Ella ordered. "It's hot. It turns me on, I don't know if I like it but it excites me when you take your large cock out and give beautiful women orgasms with it. I like how you stay hard and I kind of have a thing for your balls, they hang low when they're full and you cum a lot...I feel like jealousy turns me on." I said while looking at his balls, they were exposed as Ella was gently jerking the tip and his base and testicles were free.

"I'm going to let you suck me off next time, I'll let you suck my cock like a faggot. I know you will want to do it next time, you are starting to like it, she's going to watch you suck it slowly." The last time I felt this vibe from his was when he was fucking my face, he was talking to me as if his cock was inside me. Ella grabbed the base of him and due to his girthy meat her fingers didn't touch. It was like looking at a tower when she squeezed the base. His stellar cock was in front of me full mast and I was focused on it. "You like looking at my cock don't you? You're staring at it like a thirsty slut." From the corner of my eye I could see Ella being extremely turned on. "Keep staring at my big cock and tell me how it makes you feel." "It scares me most times and other times it makes me jealous. But it's not just your size, you have a huge cock but you also fuck really hard and you're aggressive. I wish I had your thick monster between my legs." There was a little saliva under my tongue as I talked and watched his balls relax a bit. "It's your turn to ask." Ella instructed me and snapped me out of my trance as I watched her pour more lube on her hung boyfriend and kept massaging his member. "What do you think about me being in love with your girlfriend?" This question made me close my legs a bit and gave me slight goosebumps. "I'm not worried about it, I know that she's mine and you will never have her or touch her. You're just a virgin with a small dick." Nathan put me in my place again as Ella continued to masturbate him. "How do you feel about me bullying you?" Ella stopped stroking him and let his penis stay erect for me to observe. "I really don't like it but I never hated you for it...I guess I understand it to a degree. When I look at your cock I just think about not making you mad." I said timidly. "I just don't know if you do it because you want to or because she likes it or..." "She LOVES it! I don't really care but it is enjoyable because I can use you as another hole when I'm horny. But mainly it's for her pleasure and research." Nathan flexed his cock making it bounce for me. "Do you think I will stay a pussy free virgin for the rest of my life like Ella said?" It was hard not to dwell on the words I was uttering. "Probably yeah, we are going to make sure of that. You will be a hetero virgin but you've sucked my cock a few times and taken my cum so you're a faggot officially." Ella grabbed his horse cock with both hands and stroked him rapidly, she wanted to make him cum while the hurtful conversation went deep into my psyche. Nathan moaned and flipped to the last card "Final question-oh fuck yes baby, jerk it just like that-How do you feel about me fucking you in the ass In front of her?" I was frozen, I didn't say a word, I didn't know how to respond, Ella threw me the key and brought me back to the moment. "Let's leave that one unanswered, having you think about it is good progress, now watch us and jerk your tiny dicklet. Take a good look and tell us how gorgeous his perfect cock is." Ella passionately kissed her other half while she kept the handjob going, I was watching them kiss and also paid attention to his balls bouncing as he got stroked hard. I unlocked myself and finally the painful strain subsided and my erection grew full mast, I didn't even have time to think about taking the ring off, the cage from the chastity device was enough for me, I only focused on stroking while watching Ella make out with him, I watched his cock get played with with my mouth open. "Fuck, you're so thick" was the first thing I said in between breaths as I jerked off watching him get a lubed up handjob. "You're going to cum soon, your big balls are starting to get tight." "I wish I could last as long as you do, her hands can't even wrap around you" I felt my orgasm building "your head looks sexy when you're stiff and lubed up" I noticed how it took Ella a second longer to stroke him fully than I needed to jerk myself due to him being longer. I couldn't take my eyes off his veins as their tongues were dancing, they knew I was watching everything and felt comfortable with me seeing it.

A loud smooching sound came when Ella parted her lips with her horny partner and she looked at me with her piercing eyes saying "just think about all of this meat in your ass" giving me a devilish smile. The idea scared me so much that I shot my load without even feeling it, I ejaculated everything I had on the floor a few moments before Nathan did. He was lubed up and had gentle soft hands rub him off and he lasted longer than me, as usual. His load was not as impressive as most time but handily beat mine. And Ella wanted to remind me "Look at his cumshot, do you think he ejaculated more than you?" "Yeah, his cum looks thick, I like how potent it looks..." I was still turned on. "I guess it's pointless to point out how he's more of a man for producing more seed. You're coming along better than I expected. Would you consider yourself gay by now?" Ella asked in a very mocking tone. "I'm not, I'm very attracted to women, it's just that when a beautiful woman like you plays with a horse cock like his and makes me watch I...I'm not gay okay?" I was myself really confused. All I know is that I like women but jerked off to Nathan's cock by my free will supposedly. "How do you explain the way you just talked about his superior manhood? You were cheering his cock on while I jerked it. You're obviously sexually attracted to my boyfriend and his fat penis." Ella jested. "I..." I wanted to protest but at the same time I was watching her boyfriends cock shrink slightly. Ella stood up and talked above me while I was naked. "I want you to think about your answers today. Lock yourself up and give me the key. I think that physical pain is just not suited for you, you always are bitchy and complain about it and beg for it to stop, but emotional damage works well on you. You take it all as long as you get sexual release, with the right adjustments and heavy focus on humiliation and emotional pain your natural self will become your dominant personality." I locked myself comfortably and handed her the key while every single word she said was recorded deep into my mind. The entire session didn't last long and kind of felt routine. We didn't need to talk outside of it and it was direct, I didn't protest or think that it was something wild or unnatural. The way she trained me was methodical and the idea that me doing whatever she wanted made her happy was enough to make me willing to let her destroy me. "Get dressed and have a lovely day! We will both keep in touch with you throughout the week, you need to let the chastity work and take it down a notch in wanting release. Having orgasms is addictive and will take hold of you, let go of them, you don't need to cum." As Ella said that I saw Nathan's cock dangled as it was shiny and wet, he stood up and reached for his clothes after he had his very enjoyable orgasm. I got dressed and when I was about to head to the door Ella stopped me and said "Thank him." I turned to her now dressed boyfriend and said "Thank you for letting me watch her jerk you off." Ella smacked me playfully on the butt and giggled as a sing that she was happy with my response and I could go. After that encounter the times my penis was not caged became very rare. To be Continued