The Hunt for Red Anus

I gotta admit, my wife really knows how to embarrass me while turning me on at the same time. And tonight, she did her best to achieve both of those goals. We hadn't been seated at our table long before the waiter came to take our drink order. When the waiter asked Brenda what she'd like to drink, she hemhawed a bit and finally said she'd have a slippery nipple, then she asked him if he liked slippery nipples. As he grinned, he said he'd never had one, and really hadn't heard of that drink before. Then she said, it's one you have to suck down real slowly, and that she might consider letting him try hers once he came back. Needless to say, this set the wheels of how the rest of the evening would go, in motion, and it only gets worse, or better, depending on how you look at it, from here. While we waited for him to return with our drinks, Brenda unbuttoned her blouse just enough to barely cover bare nipples. Once he came back and handed us our drinks (not taking his eyes off her full bare cleavage), he was about to leave when Brenda offered him a taste of her slippery nipple. Then she slowly licked the rim of the glass and took a long, slow sip before handing it back to him, grinning, while telling him that that's how you treat a girls slippery nipple. As the color of his face turned a bit red (not sure whether it was because of what she had said, or whether he was embarrassed about the obvious bulge that had formed in his pants), he raised the glass to his lips and did the same thing. While he was handing her drink back, Brenda slowly circled her finger over her nipple as she asked him what he thought of her slippery nipple. At this point, I wasn't sure whether he could determine what "nipple" she was really asking about, so he just said; It's nice! Then he excused himself and said he'd be back for our order. As we sat there looking over the menu, I noticed Brenda had gotten a huge grin on her face.

So I looked it over until I found what I figured she must have found so amusing. There it was! Nestled among the many options was "The Sausage Special" with optional "Creamy Sauce " on the side. I couldn't believe she was going to do this, but I just knew that this was going to be her order! Sure enough! When the waiter returned and asked Brenda what she was hungry for, she seductively looked him straight in the eyes and began circling her finger around her nipple again as she told him that she was hungry for the Sausage Special. She also told him to give her plenty of creamy sauce. Then she asked him if he liked lots of creamy sauce on his sausage? (It was truly funny watching him try to find a way to answer her without being embarrassed. I honestly felt a bit sorry for him.) Trying to ignore her question, he began taking my order. Once finished, he said he'd be back with our meals when they're ready. But before he was able to escape, Brenda told him that her slippery nipple was getting pretty dry and that she needed another one to moisten things up a bit. (This girl was relentless!) Then he said he'd see what he could do. A short while later he returned with another drink, and as he handed it to her, Brenda nonchalantly slid back her blouse just enough for her nipple to peek out (while acting like she was she was unaware of what she was doing). Once again, that bulge in his pants managed to make another appearance, as he couldn't stop staring at her exposed nipple. As he stood there staring, he tried to make every attempt possible to let her know that it was uncovered without bluntly coming out and saying it. Eventually, he just excused himself to check on our dinners. After he had left, Brenda casually covered back up as she sat there giggling. And all I could do was shake my head at her in disbelief. It wasn't long before we saw him returning with our dinners in hand. And as he made his way toward us, Brenda repositioned herself in her seat (pretty much sitting sideways) for what she was about to do. Once he had made it to our table and had set our plates in front of us, he asked if we needed anything else. (This is where I realized just how happy I was that we had been seated at a table in the back room where nobody else was.) Of course, Brenda just couldn't let it go! So she proceeded to tell him; (with a pouting face as she spread her legs, revealing her freshly shaven and naked pussy that was hiding under her short skirt, while sliding one of her fingers through the folds of her pussy) "Young man...... you and I both know that a sausage is pretty much useless without a bun to put it in. And without a bun, the creamy sauce would just go everywhere! Now you wouldn't want that to happen, would you?" As the waiters face turned about three shades of red, he apologized and rushed back to the kitchen to retrieve a bun for her. By the time he had returned, Brenda was really going at it, fingering herself and letting out little whispering moans. As he stood there, unable to conceal his erection, he apologized again and told her that he had noticed her "nipple" was dry again so he brought her another. As Brenda continued fingering herself, she told him he could make up for the mistake by assembling her sandwich for her, because one of her hands were a bit too busy to do it herself.

Then she proceeded to explain to him just how she likes her sandwich put together. "First, you have to gently spread the bun apart so you don't break it. Then, I want you to put some creamy sauce on it so the bun gets nice and moist. Now comes the really good part! Take the sausage, and slowly slide it into the bun, moving it back and forth so the creamy sauce gets all over. Then, I want you to pour more of that sauce over the top of the sausage; But not too much! Don't want it dripping on my clothes!" Unfortunately, he had poured too much and it was too late. As Brenda sat there watching the sauce drip off the end of the sausage, she told him, "Now we can't have that, can we?". Then she withdrew her hand from between her legs, licked her fingers clean, and took hold of the sandwich. When she raised it to her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and seductively swirled it around the tip, licking off the sauce, as she looked him in the eyes and gave him a wink. Then she thanked him for all his help before he nervously excused himself once again. Now I don't know how someone can make a dining experience into a sexual tease game, but I have to say, Brenda certainly knows how to do it quite well! So if you're in the restaurant business, just don't be surprised if we show up, while she's feeling a little frisky, and she embarrasses you a bit. And you may get lucky enough to get a show as you serve her dinner!