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My wife tammy and I had been swinging for a few years mostly with other guys for straight 3-sums where she was the center of attention. She had been with several different guys but most were one time things because there was some little thing here or there about them that made her reluctant to fuck them again. We were really looking for a somewhat regular boyfriend for her but it seemed he was not out there. Then one day she came home from work and told me that an ex boyfriend had contacted her on face book and was flirting hard and she could tell he wanted some of that again. They had dated several years before her and I got together and I didn't know him and had never met him. I asked her if the sex with him was good and she said "yes, very good!" I told her to keep communicating with him and see where it goes or be more forward and take it where you want it to go and we might get there quicker. It was only a couple of days later that she told me he wanted to fuck her and that she had told him they would have to meet in public to discuss the details and that she had set a meeting up for later that night! I could tell she was hot for him and wanted to fuck him as bad as he wanted her and that meant it was going to happen soon and be a hot time because I really enjoyed sharing her and watching her fuck other men. She came home from their meeting and said she had told him that the only way they were going to hook up was if I was there and it was a 3-sum because she was not going to cheat on me or sneak behind my back. She told him that we had been swinging for a while and that I was not jealous at all and liked watching and sharing her with other guys. That made him ready to come over right away, as soon as he could get out of the house. ( he was married but lived about 5 miles away). I told her to set something up whenever it suited them but make sure to tell him to be careful because we could not afford for him to caught. I had asked her what he had started talking to her about on face book that turned into "I want to fuck you again." She said it was his birthday and so she wished him happy birthday and he started asking if she remembered when they did this or that on this occasion and that occasion and so on and then it got to I miss the sex we had and maybe you could give me some for my birthday. This was all good news to me because I liked the idea of her with an ex who lived nearby and thought it would make for some hot nights and more frequent 3-sums and I hoped it would happen soon! A week later Tammy comes home on a Wednesday night and said Matt was going to come over Friday around 9pm. We usually went out to a bar to meet her men for the first time to talk a little over drinks and loosen everybody up before heading back to the house for the fuck fest to begin. Since Matt was married and cheating and lived local that was out of the question so I asked how we were going to approach this. Did she want to have a few drinks before he got there, wait for him and have a few at the house after he came in or what. I did suggest that since she was supposed to be giving him some pussy for his birthday that she could greet him at the door naked with only this big red bow on that we had upstairs from Christmas and that would get things rolling pretty quick. I just didn't want this to get awkward like it sometimes does when the guy doesn't move in and make it happen. Some guys get to our house and talk about the weather, sports all kinds of bullshit that isn't getting her into the mood to fuck and I have to step in and move the conversation towards how sexy her ass is or something else like that to get him in her pussy! I just told her it might be like that with me and your ex boyfriend here together in our house. She said she liked the idea of being naked with the big red bow but just not right away to greet him at the door.

So Friday night finally gets here and she comes home from work and cooks something quick and light and we have a few beers with dinner. She goes upstairs after dinner and says she is going to ready for her "date" and showers, shaves her legs, paints her nails and puts on her sexy panties and tight shorts. She puts her hot eyes on and a top that shows her nipples poking out with no bra. We had about an hour till Matt was supposed to be there and I could tell she was hot and ready for the sex that was about to happen. We had agreed that at some point she was going to excuse herself and go upstairs and strip naked and come back down with the big red bow around her waist exposing her tits, ass and pussy to Matt and ask him if was ready for his birthday present. I started watching out the window so I could see down the street he would be driving down and gave me a good view of our driveway so I would know when he got there. She was sipping on a beer acting like she was interested in whatever was on TV but I knew she was soaking her panties thinking about fucking Matt soon! Matt pulled in our driveway at about 2 minutes before 9 and I knew he was anxious to fuck Tammy's pussy again after several years. I told Tammy that he was pulling up in the driveway and asked if she wanted me to go to greet him too and she said " no I will bring him in and introduce you". They were out in the driveway for a little while and I wondered what they might be talking about but I guess it wasn't that long before they came in. She got him a beer after introducing me to him and I said" should be a pretty good birthday for you Matt" and he laughed and said "yeah, I think so". We sat on the sofa with Tammy in the middle of us and they caught up on some people they knew back some time ago and stuff like that. I was ready to move this conversation towards him and my wife getting reacquainted in the bedroom so I kept trying to get them off that and steer this talk towards how hot Tammy was and how hard it was to keep up with her in bed so on by making little quips here and there. When Tammy got up to get us another round I remarked how hot and sexy her ass was and Matt said " she has always had a nice ass". I gave my wife a wink as to say hurry up and finish these beers and go get the big red bow on. When she sat back down between us I mentioned how tan she was even her feet and toes and he agreed. I said " she ought to be tan she lays out by the pool almost naked all the time" and he said, "really, I would like to see that" and I knew she was going to be naked really soon! Tammy finished her beer before we guys did and excused herself saying she would be right back. I took the opportunity to tell Matt not to worry I obviously wasn't the jealous type and when all this got started it was ok for him to kiss, lick, rub etc. anywhere he wanted and that Tammy wanted all the sex to be bareback. About the time I got done with that I heard my wife coming down the stairs and I knew what that meant! She was going to be naked with that big red bow on around her waist! She rounded the wall at the bottom of the stairs naked except for this big red bow and asked Matt if he was ready to open his birthday present. Her nipples were really hard and she has those pencil eraser type that stick straight out, man she looked hot! Matt jumped up from the sofa and said "hell yes" and untied the bow although all it hid was a little of her stomach. Tammy said "well now that you have opened your present do you want to go upstairs in the bedroom and play with it?" "damn right" said Matt. I had shared and watched my wife with a lot of other men but had never sat in a different room and just listened to her fucking someone else and I wanted to try that. Since our bedroom was directly above the living room I said" why don't you two go on up without me and get acquainted or in this case reacquainted! I don't want to spoil Matt's birthday present so I will be up a little later. Tammy said' yeah, lets go get reacquainted" in her sexy fuck me good voice and they headed off up the stairs. I could hear them talking but could not make out many words but it wasn't long before I heard my wife sucking Matt's dick. More talking and then I heard the bed squeak and could tell he was laying her down and climbing on top. Sure enough I heard Tammy let out the "he just put his big hard cock in my pussy" moan. It was just a few seconds after that when the bed started making all kinds of noise and he was talking some shit she was talking shit back and the pace was picking up. He had started to fuck her good now I thought and realized that this was pretty hot listening to your wife being fucked by another guy. I glanced at the clock to see what time it was so I would see what kind of staying power Matt had. Tammy and a wet juicy pussy that set most guys in a fit quick and she loved to work it and fuck and loved to talk trash while she was fucking so I figured Matt would be done pretty quick. The pace picked up even more and she was getting loud now and there was the unmistakable sound that comes from a man pounding the hell out of a wet pussy and it sounded like the bed was going to come through the ceiling. Matt kept this up for about 8 minutes and I was impressed and thought Tammy had finally found her stud that can keep up with her and fuck her the way she likes. I heard Tammy say loudly "that's it baby fuck me good and give me that nut, shoot that big load in my pussy" and just about came myself. Right after that it got quiet up there and I decided I would go see if I could get a turn with my hot wife. When I entered the bedroom Tammy was laying with her ass and pussy facing the door and me and was on Matts chest while he was on his back, I could see her red swollen pussy and his cum leaking out and it is a sight to this day in my mind that still turns me on! She was stroking his cock with one hand and licking his nipple with the other and I said " it sounded like you two were going to push the bed through the ceiling" and Tammy said " he fucked me good!". I asked Matt if he liked his birthday present and he said he wished he had a birthday every week and I said " I bet you could talk her into giving you a birthday present every week and Tammy said she would like that too. I was just about to suggest that I get a turn when Tammy said " look at his dick, all that fucking and it is still half hard". I said " well you know you don't want to do anything half way" and she said "no you don't" and started sucking his cock and I knew I was going to have to wait until Matt fucked her a second time before I was going to get any pussy. I sat down on the chair at the foot of the bed which gave me a great view of the second dose of her ex boyfriends cock.

It didn't take long before she had Matt hard again and he told her he wanted to fuck her doggie style. My wife quickly got up on all fours with her ass and pussy facing me to give me a good view and give Matt the angle he needed to give her pussy another pounding. He shoved his cock in her and immediately went to work fucking her hard, fast and deep. She was moaning telling him to give it to her and her tits and ass were bouncing like crazy, god it was hot! It wasn't long before he was pounding her so hard, fast and deep that her toes were starting to curl and I knew she was going to cum. He reached around and rubbed her clit and that was all it took! She screamed she was going to cum on his cock and then her pussy started making those sloshy slushy sounds that it makes when it is overfull of cum and that sent Matt over the edge and he pulled her close and told her to " take this load baby" and shot his second nut in my wife's pussy. He sat there for a minute and when he pulled out cum was leaking all over the place. I knew better than to even try to fuck my wife at that point and let her roll over and spread her legs wide giving us both a good look at her freshly fucked red swollen cum leaking pussy, god it was hot! Matt got dressed and said he really enjoyed his present and would like to get together again soon but he had to go. I told him we understood and reminded him that he had to be careful and not get caught and he said that was why he needed to go. Tammy got up, gave him a kiss and walked him to the door and said she would like to do it again soon too. As soon as the door closed I asked her if she was sore or if I could get some and she said " I always save a little for my hubby baby, lets go upstairs and get you some sloppy seconds." "Sloppy thirds really" I said and enjoyed her sloppy used cunt.