Tight Anal Riding

With Two strangers at a bar By Dina Petro I was driving on the highway, all alone, it was getting late at night, I didn’t feel like driving anymore, passing by a town, I decided to exit the highway into that town, I found a motel, I checked in one of their rooms, took a shower and tried to relax. I was in a naughty mood for a drink and goofing around, didn’t want to sleep right away, so I put some clothes on, locked the room and had a walk in the streets of that town, the weather was beautiful, although it was kind of late at night, but I was hoping to find some place to have fun or a drink at least, it wasn’t the weekend, week nights are usually slow, that is why the streets were almost empty of people. I spotted a bar from distance, I walked to it, opened the door and got in, it was almost empty except for a few people in there, I walked to the bar, asked the bartender if they were still open, he said they were and I still had a couple of hours for some drinks if I wanted to. I sat at the bar, ordered a drink and started a chat with the bartender, he was a good looking guy of early thirties, he offered the second drink on the house for free, we were getting really into a nice chat, an open one in deed, he was flirting with me and I was flirting back. I was wearing a short sleeve, buttoned up white shirt of light, transparent material, a white bra under it, which was showing clearly under the shirt, I had a couple of the top buttons unbuttoned, with my larger sized tits, lots cleavage was flashed to the bartender’s eyes, I also was wearing a black pair of formal type pants, in other words I wasn’t dressed slutty or anything like that, but my flirting and slutty laughing and talking was kind of inviting in a way. Another guy of a bout the same age as the bartender was sitting at the other end of the bar, he offered me a drink and I accepted it, he held his drink and moved to a closer chair after asking if I was Ok with it, which was fine of course, he joined in to our conversation with the bartender. People in the bar were leaving one after another, it was close to bar closing time anyway, I had a few drinks already by then, and I was feeling tipsy, I looked around and started laughing saying “it seems we are the only two in the bar other than the bartender, are you guys closing up now?” The bartender said “yes, it is closing time, but you can still have another round if you want which will be on me, but I have to lock the door up for regulations’ purposes in this town, if it is ok with both of you?” We said “Oh yes of course it is”

The bartender walked to the main door locked it up, walking back to us he was eying me and saying “who would want to get rid of a charming, sexy, sweet and hot customer like you? I would not even try.” I got off the bar stool, stood up and looked at myself giggling and saying “do I look that charming and sexy? Maybe it is the alcohol effect?” It seemed like the previous flirting, the open conversation we had, over and above my getting partially drunk, were all adding up together to give him the courage to do what he was about to do. He walked closer till he was in front of me, he placed his hands over my tits saying “look at these super attractive knockers, of course you are hot, charming and sexy my darling” I giggled without trying to push his hands away or try to back up or stop him, that could have been the purpose to encourage him for his next, naughty and super brave conduct, in a direct forward act, without any previous notice, he undid my shirt buttons and pushed my bra aside revealing my nude titties and hard nipples and started feeling them and rubbing them. I did nothing at all to stop him, with my smiling eyes following his undoing my shirt, feeling me up, I just laughed and flirted back with him, then I looked the other guy straight in the eyes, whose eye sight was fixated on my bare tits in front of both of them, the bartender got a little bolder and braver, he hugged me close and started kissing me on the lips while rubbing my bare tits and pinching my hard nipples. I was kissing him, back letting out a couple of moans, showing approval and interest in what he was doing, as of a sudden during that action by the bartender and I, I felt the other guy’s hand over my ass, groping and feeling my ass, my reaction was of an inviting one, I shook my ass right and left for him to play and enjoy, he didn’t seem to be wasting time at all, he put his hand around to my front, undid my pants and started pushing them along with my undies downwards revealing my bare ass, I hate talking about myself and my assets, but I have to admit having a curvy body and one hell of a sexy round, big ass. The bartender started kissing his way down to my neck while rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, same time I felt the other guy’s hand and fingers going further, I started feeling his fingers finding my ass hole and my pussy lips as well, once I felt his fingers rubbing my clit, I turned my head towards him to see him, I was totally shocked to see his rock hard cock already freed from his pants through the front zipper and he was massaging it while rubbing my assets. I placed my hand over his cock and started massaging it with a wide smile and an eye wink, Looking back at the bartender he had already freed his hard cock as well, I held his cock with my other hand and started massaging it, meaning I was massaging both guys cocks same time, by then they were both standing up and I was standing in between them, I got on my knees, took both of their dicks and started sucking them alternatively, at times I tried shoving both of them in my mouth, sucking on them together with lots of smiles and laughter’s from all of us. Please let me clarify something here, It would not be as easy for an innocent, regular girl or woman to put herself into such a situation between two pussy hungry guys in the middle of the night in a totally strange town, But…I definitely was not that kind of an innocent woman, there is lots of history to it, being one hell of a naughty sex loving slut who is well experienced sex wise, I admit I had done almost everything that involves sex by then, including being with more than one guy at a time, meaning I was fully willing and knowing exactly what I was doing when I put myself into that situation. Back to our story events, I was sucking on the bartender’s cock taking it deep down my throat when the other guy was pushing my lower body parts upwards making my legs stand straight while my back was bent over the bartender’s cock, I knew he wanted access to my assets while I was busy with the partender’s dick, which was fine with me of course and I felt his mouth getting closer to my cunt from the back and his tongue started sinking deep in my pussy, he was licking my cunt like an expert cunt licker. Only a few minutes of pussy licking, then he held his cock in hand, started rubbing it’s shiny fat head to my lower lips and started pushing his dick in me fucking me doggie style while I had the other dick going in and out of my mouth, I was literally double fucked, mouth and pussy. After ten minutes or so of that action, the guys switched places, the bartender was fucking my pussy while the other guy was fucking my moth, lips and throat, the bartender wet his fingers and started pushing one of them into my ass hole while fucking my pussy. I loved it, my higher and faster moans where enough of a hint for him to pull his cock out of my pussy and start rubbing it to my back fuck hole, he found no retaliation or any kind of objections from my end, neither did his cock find any from my ass hole which was sucking it deeper till he was balls deep in my ass, while the other cock was balls deep down my throat. I noticed the other guy’s interest in fucking my ass as well, he wanted to switch places with the bartender when I suggested another position, the bartender lay on his back over the carpeted floor, I saddled his body, lowered my body over him coinciding my pussy with the shiny fat head of his cock, till it was between my pussy lips, I pushed further and it was gliding in my cunt like a piece of cake, once he was balls deep in me, I danced over it a few times riding it and getting fucked, then I leaned over him while the other guy was rubbing my asshole with one hand and massaging his cock in the other one, he got right behind me and started pushing his dick into my ass, which I had guessed was his favorite fuck hole to fill and fuck, in a slow action he was balls deep in my hole, then they both started an actual double penetration fuck to my front and rear fuck holes same time, and that in deed felt like heaven on earth to me. How odd and strange the situation was, there I was sandwiched between two men, who were totally strangers to me, I had just met them a short while ago, and they were both fucking me in a Double Penetration situation, and I was enjoying it describing it as heaven on earth, which was the actual true fact of my feeling by then. I had already cum for a series of time nonstop while being double fucked, both guys started breather harder and moaning, announcing being ready to cum together, I screamed please do not cum in me guys, they both pulled out of me so fast, and in a split second I was on my knees between them taking both cocks in my hands and mouth, jerking, sucking and milking till I was rewarded with two of the biggest and thickest cum loads, splashed on my face, eyes, tits, nipples and all over my body. I sat on the floor, soaked in their cum, looking both of them in the eyes and started laughing, so did they, and we were all laughing, I was fully naked by then, and so were the guys, I got up, started walking towards the ladies room, I cleaned up and dried my body, got back to the bar, put my clothes back on. When ready, I hugged and kissed them both, one at a time, then waved goodbye and walked out of the door after the bartender unlocked it for me, without any piece of information exchanged between us. I walked back to my hotel, shocked, surprised of my own real slutty behavior, but very much pleased and sexually satisfied, I took a shower, and lay on bed, I fell asleep like a baby till the afternoon of the next day. A couple of hours later, at the hotel front desk, I wanted to check out, the front desk lady told me, my account bill was all taken care of and paid, I said “what? And who did it?” She said “a gentleman came this morning, paid the bill and left you this envelope saying once you open it up you will find all you wanted to know” I thanked her, took the envelope, grabbed the nearest available seat in the hotel lobby and opened it, in the envelope, I found lots of money, and a slip of paper with some words on it “Thanks for a lifetime enjoyable night, I will never forget it”

Signed “Damien” with a mobile phone number, of course I knew who is Damien, he was the other guy who fucked me with the bartender last night, I didn’t give him my number or any information about me, but I remember while chatting with him, I told him the name of the motel I was staying in, but why would he do that? There was only one way to find out. I got my mobile out of my purse, and dialed his number Me: Hello Damien, this is Julie D: Hi Julie Me: what is this all about? D: what is what all about? Me: why did you pay my bill and what is all this money for? D: silent for a moment, then “Julie, no offense babe, please do not take it in any other way than I meant it to be, just some kind of help, I am one hell of a very rich man, the money, is something I got lots of, and the super lovely and unforgettable night I had with you along with that bartender whom I met for the first time, is something worth a fortune for me. Me: silent, “but….” D : interrupted me, “No buts, please accept my gift, I know you are a stranger, a traveler who will be on the road as soon as possible, you don’t know me neither do I know you, just take the money and erase my number if you like, would you please?” Me: Silent D: again, I am begging you Julie, please… Me: Ok, I will and thank you very much D: thank you very much, drive safe and enjoy, all the best I hung up, got up, held my bag and purse, started walking to my car and mumbling to myself, “wow Julie, not only I got drunk at a public bar, did a stunt naughty thing fucking two strangers together, but I guess I am a hooker now, I got paid for being fucked” Getting in my car, I smiled looking at my car make up mirror and saying “why the fuck not? My body is worth it I guess; It should not bother me if it classified me as a whore, a hooker or a prostitute, so fucking what? besides, I can think of many things I could do with this money” and I drove off.