Adventures in the big city

The room is full of candles, but it’s still not dark enough. “Did you get what I asked?” you say. “Not quite, but this will do,” he says, pulling a thin black tie out from under his white collar. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this?” “This will just help ease me into things,” you say. He wraps the tie over your eyes and gently ties it under your ponytail. “Did you wear what I bought you?” he asks. “Take off my dress and see,” you say. Your voice seems louder with the silk tie over your ears, but it’s softer to him. He pulls your tight black dress up over your body, taking care to make sure your blindfold stays on. The lacy black bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings are more expensive than anything you’ve ever worn. He does like to spoil you. Fancy dinners, fancy bars, and this fancy hotel room. But that’s not what’s chipped away at your faithfulness until you gave in. It was the gentle smile, the soft look in his eyes, the tender touch, and that fucking hot body. You think the blindfold will somehow blind you from your sins, but vision just makes all the other senses lazy. The blindfold accentuates the differences of being with another man even more. It’s the first time you notice the smell of his cologne and it’s your favorite: subtle. His lips are so soft, his biceps are so strong. “Gorgeous,” you hear him say, as his hands roam over your body. He tugs the bra down over your breasts and sucks your tits hard, just like you told him you wanted it. His hands feel so strong as he grabs your ass. It feels like he’s going to tear off your panties, but he pulls them down to your ankles gently. Like a prince, he lifts your heels up to free your legs from the lacy underwear. His hands move smoothly up your legs and he pushes out your thighs to widen the opening between your legs. His prodding tongue knows its way around a pussy. Weeks of planning have built up your anticipation and you come quickly. The gentle sensation on your clit gets you impatient for more. “I need your cock,” you say, reaching your hands in front of you. He pushes his suit pants against you and you can feel his hardness underneath. You unclip his pants at the waist and carefully pull down his zipper. The pants fall to his feet. You take off his shoes and yank off his smooth boxer briefs. ‘Take off your shirt,” you say as you reach out for his cock. His cock isn’t where you’re expecting it because it’s already angled up in the air. It doesn’t feel like what you’re used to. You barely can get your fingers around the base and you can comfortably fit two hands around it. You pull him towards you, and you feel the lust seeping out of him. You lick the sticky part first, and then show him how good you are at sucking cock, just like you promised. Your nails dig into his firm buttocks as you take him in as far as you can go, scraping your teeth gently over his stretched skin. “Come to bed,” he says.

You reach to feel your way onto the bed. You’re led up by his legs and you grab hold of his dick, using it as an anchor as you rotate your body until your knees are straddling his head. You get two hands around his huge cock and open your mouth wide, taking it in until it tickles the back of your tongue. He is suctioning your clit with such precision that you start coming annoyingly fast. He seems to be laughing like he has liquid in his mouth. You hear him swallow and then the sound of his lapping tongue on your squishy pussy. “Did I come a lot?” you ask. “Yes,” he says. “You taste so good.” You want nothing more than the taste of his cum. You speed up the rotation of your wrist as you press your tongue over his leaky head. “Oh shit,” he says. “Stop, stop. I need to come in you.” “How do you want me?” you say. “I want to lay you back,” he says. “I want to be face to face so I can kiss you and hear your whispers and moans.” You need no more convincing, reaching to find the pillow and then turning around to lie down. He spreads your legs open and you feel his dick nudging into your slit. “Oh, fuck,” you say with enough trepidation that he feels the need to reassure you. “I’ll be gentle,” he says, pausing every half inch or so of penetration to make sure you’re OK. “Yeah,” you say, and he inches in deeper. Finally, you feel the weight of his body against your mound. He pushes deeper into you and starts to lick and suck on your ears, your mouth, and your neck. Size doesn’t matter until it does. His cock is so tight inside you that each little movement overwhelms your pleasure sensors. He starts to move in and out of you, real slow. “Tell me if you want me to go faster,” he says. You’re entranced by his deep voice. You’re both moaning as he picks up speed. Every time you’ve indulged your desires you’ve been rewarded. Why would this time be different? “Fuck,” you whisper. “What?” he says. “I’m coming again,” you say. “Wow!” he says. His excitement makes him go faster. “No, no, no. pull out, pull out.” You grab him by the arm and push him over onto his back, swinging your body over his just as your pussy starts to gush over him. You feel the warm liquid splash out over your legs and his hard body. It keeps coming in waves over his cock. Only your vocal cords cut through your paralysis. “Fuuuck, oh my god,” you say, and the splashing continues. You can’t hear him over your heavy breaths. He slides out from under you. “I’ll be back in a minute,” he says. He returns and places something cold on your lips. He slowly pours in a liquid with a citrus taste. Your taste buds determine that it’s a mix of gin but the kind infused with herbs and cucumber. He takes it away after three or four sips. You take off your blindfold. The light is low but you see him clearly. He has a beautiful smile. His naked body is trim. His big cock patiently throbs for you. You giggle, taking it in your hand and stroking it as you make out with him. You push your hands against his rigid chest and straddle your legs over his cock. Your loosened pussy slips more easily over him this time. You’re picking up the pace, pushing farther and farther down his cock until your ass bumps against his body. He takes your bouncing ass in his hands, helping you with the lift up his long cock.

“Oh, shit,” you moan. “Are you close?” “Yes,” he screams. “Let’s come together,” you say. Your moans become synchronized and elevate with equal urgency. You finish him off with a few hard thrusts that fill you with pressure. He pulls you in close with his forearm as his back curls and he groans. “I’m coming,” he screams. You pull off of him and you lick each other like animals as his cum starts to shoot out. You think you’ve got nothing left but a few pelvic thrusts and more of your juices drip out. You both crash back onto the bed. Eventually, he leans over towards the nightstand to grab a drink. You sit up, bracing your left hand over his chest as you take more sips of spirits. You’re quickly brought to your senses by the absence of pressure on your ring finger. “Fuck, where did I put my rings?” you say, looking at your exposed finger.