Greedy bitch

This is going to be a short story, but an interesting one, it is of a real-life event that had happened to me personally a little while ago, I had a boring date and wanted to take revenge of my date for ignoring me while being with him in the restaurant, I fucked the waiter, my name is Suzie, I am 29 years old, I happen to be a real naughty, sex loving woman. While working at the office, one of the customers was a hot, very handsome man that I really was having lots of lust for, I am not the type of woman who falls in love, but I wanted to fuck him, all I wanted was his cock only, to be frank, honest and direct forward, I didn’t really care for his position, career or money. I tried flirting with him, but he was playing cool, or I should say arrogant rich businessman who thinks he is a big shot, unfortunately I discovered these things after arranging a dinner date with him, so I decided to go for it, Although, I had a feeling he would act like a big shot, but I had on mind to act real naughty and slutty if he did, or if he ignored my being with him. I wore a real fancy and sexy dress for that date, it was short, backless and laced ( strapped by strings from the top), and I had no bra under it, the dress top was super low cut, down to almost the bottom of my large sized tits, showing all of my cleavage and inner parts of my round tits, I wore a pair of G-strings panties under the dress and a pair of high heels.

The dinner date was arranged to be a bit late due to his claim of being tied up and busy, it was one of the first bad signs, but I decided to go for it anyway. We met on time, we chatted for a while in his car on the way to the restaurant, he had already reserved a table at a real fancy restaurant. While we were talking together, he received a message on his mobile phone, excused himself to answer it, saying it was a very important business associate he wanted to discuss things over the WhatsApp chat with, which was fine with me, but things got boring as he was taking forever, smiling at times, laughing at others with his face was buried in his mobile phone screen. The place was fancy and high class, but it was almost empty of customers due to the pandemic, the waiter was standing there, leaning on a counter waiting for us to be ready to order, but I had already noticed the waiter’s eyes fixed on me, following each and every move I made, which pleased me in a way, I even gave him some hints as signs of me not being annoyed by that, he was a young man of early to mid-twenties, a fine looking young man whom I liked in fact, I was acting naughty or slutty enough to try flashing some of my body parts here and there to reward his following hungry eyes. He approached us a couple of times to get the food order, but I told him to wait to hope my date would get free sooner or later, I think the waiter had already noticed my being pissed off by almost being ignored by my date which encouraged him to look further at my body or what he could see of it, may be trying to flirt with my but silently and from distance, being afraid to be caught by my date. Finally, I waved for the waiter and told him I was ready to order, because my date would never be ready, I started giving him my food order while my date was still busy on the phone, then I handed the waiter the paper towel I had under my silver ware, with a few words I had written on it saying, ‘meet me at the ladies’ bathroom’. I slipped my hand between his hands without my date noticing, placed the napkin (paper towel) over his order book, I looked around to make sure nobody around to see me, then bringing my hand back I rubbed his cock over his pants so fast and let go, he must have gotten my clear short message right away. The waiter and I were both looking at my date whose face was buried into his mobile phone screen, waiting for him to order, the waiter looked back at me, I smiled looking around again through the corners of my eyes to make sure it was safe, and I moved my dress top piece aside revealing my hard nipple for the waiter, I grinned, smiled and winked an eye at him, I covered my nipple up and looked at my date saying, “Jim, the waiter is waiting”, Jim is my boring date Jim said “Oh, I will have the same” of course he was not paying attention, I am sure he did not know what I had ordered anyway. A few minutes later, I got up saying I was going to the ladies’ room, he nodded, I walked into the ladies room, which was empty and sparkling clean, only a minute later, the waiter walked in as if he was walking on the tips of his tows, he seemed worried to be caught walking into the women’s bathroom, but he grabbed a key and locked the main door, I said “can you do that?” He said “Yes, I have pulled the sign that says ‘under maintenance’ upfront. I said, “what if somebody wanted to use it?” He said “it is ok, there is another one very close, besides, the place is almost empty. Approaching me he was about to ask me something, but I placed my finger over his lips hushing him, I got on my knees without a word, unclipped his built, pulled his cock out, which was partially hard, a great looking, thick cock of at least nine to ten inches long, I massaged it while looking him in the eyes, then placed it in between my lips and gave him a quick blow job till his dick was rock hard. I got up, pulled my panties down to my ankles, then lifted my dress up to my waist, turned around placing my ass in his lap with my leg lifted over the toilet cabinet, he held his cock in his hand, guided its head to my already wet and steamy hot slit, he started pushing his dick in my pussy and he was balls deep in me in no time.

Although it was a strange fuck in a strange place with some fears around it, but it felt like the greatest fuck I had ever had, I enjoyed the length and girth of his young, strong cock stretching the inner walls of my pussy, he placed a hand over my mouth to stop the noises I was making and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes of continuous fucking, he pulled out and I sat over the cabinet lifted my legs up, while spread wide apart and he shoved his cock again in my cock hungry cunt, and fucked me again for at least five more minutes, I asked him to pull out, he grabbed a chair that was by the sinks’ counter, I stood facing the wall, resting my foot over the chair and he fucked me ‘standing doggie’ till he was ready to cum, I told him not to cum in me, but he could cum in my mouth, he pulled his cock out of my cunt, I turned around, took it between my lips and sucked on it, milking it taking each and every drop of his thick creamy man cum and swallowed it all. He pushed his cock back in his pants, made sure it was safe, opened the door and left, I washed up, straightened my dress and went back to the table, my date was still busy, I bet he did not even miss me, but I was fully happy and satisfied for the revenge I had, fucking the waiter instead of him, the food came, we ate. On our way out, he was talking about the next plans for our date, I am sure he had on mind to take me home and fuck me, but it was only a dram, I would not do it of course, it was against my dignity, I told him I was feeling tired already and wanted to go home, but we could meet again sometime, he drove me home and I have never ever seen him again after that incident, I did not want to anyway.