A nightmare before XXXmas

Both Anthony and Penny watched me as I began going down on her. "Oh, yes, hot stuff, that's not teasing at all. I have my SBBF's tongue on my pussy now. Yes, fuck me with your tongue as Anthony does it with his cock," Penny moaned, feeling my head. Needless to say, he shoved his schlong in there deep. "Holy shit, I fucking you two, and one of the jerkoffs is calling me now. To hell with them, this might go against the bro code, but they both broke the sanctity of marriage, so I'm gonna forgive myself," Anthony moaned, thrusting his johnson. "Damn right, Anthony, and fuck me, Vivian, if there was even the slightest chance I didn't love you before, it's gone now," she moaned, plopping her hands on my head. "We warned you, dude, you were gonna hand over all of your seed tonight." "I understand, Penny; how good is she?" "Wonderful, if you got a good look, you'd shoot immediately, so keep fucking her." Even with at least two of our cellphones going off constantly, we all fucked each other inside and out indeed. I felt him transforming my twat again, and that indeed drove up to my passion perfectly. I also had to wonder what my husband's face looked like at that moment. I wasn't sure, but for the time being, I took pride in doing something very wrong, but ever so hot as he didn't get to see me. I placed hands on each side of Penny's slit and let my tongue do all the talking. Even though I didn't have any experience in that area, I made her feel good anyway. I let the love, lust, and passion lead me, and I made her look away after only a minute. Just as I did for Anthony, she gave me quite the dose of her juice, but I kept wiping my eyes, so I keep viewing the results of my first carpet-munching experience. I had to smile as much as I could and surely applied pressure to her thighs as well. I also couldn't help, but sniff her cherry too, and I thought the scent would get stuck on my face. If anything, I'd just rub it in my husband's face. "Oh, shit, this is smoking hot. Now that I think about it, I've been drifting from your husband's for a while now, so I can't feel that bad. Again, you have such a smooth butt, Vivian, and judging by how much you're making Penny shake, you must be making her feel good too." "Yes, but don't you dare hold out on her, fuck her so hard that she bites my clit. It'll hurt, but it'll make the sex memory even hotter," she moaned, rubbing my head. "I won't bite it." "If you say so." I tugged her up with me and kissed her. I placed my palms on her tits, and she felt me up as well, but he never stopped ravaging my twat. It was hot enough for him before he knew I went down on Penny, but then it was a whole new ballgame. After a minute, I pushed her back down. "The next time you need to shoot, do it all over my butt." "Yes, Vivian, I can get that done for you," he moaned, thrusting his dick even harder. "I'll do anything for you two, I swear. I'm on your side here so that you can count on me." "Oh, damn, woman, I feel that tongue coming inside my beaver now. That's the spot, lick me all over inside my cherry and make me pop too. We already know you can make Anthony here shoot his load, but what about me?" Penny giggled. "I'll get it done, even with your bush here," I made clear, rubbing it. "Good, but don't tease me," she whined, pushing my face back to her cunt. I closed my eyes that time and felt the cum soaking my face. I loved it and allowed it to drive me a bit more. Just as she said, I let my tongue into her pussy and had it roam around freely. I still wasn't sure what I was doing, but I was still a woman and used my instincts. I pressed my lips onto her slit lips and did it hard in the process. Just as Anthony pointed out, I had her jiggling around, so I knew I was doing something right. Nevertheless, I wasn't about to let that make me think I was home free. I still made it my mission to make her feel beyond great, but for a few reasons. As it turned out, having Anthony plow me from behind was both an asset and a liability, but I managed to mix them up to have them work together, so to speak. I used the spark to keep my fire ignited, and that resulted in me moving my head and tongue around even though they were hurting quite a bit in the process. I even felt some tears going down my cheeks because I never used my tongue like that. After a few minutes, she leaned up on one elbow and watched me closing as she kept petting my head. Once that happened, I kept my head in one place and looked right back at her. Even if we only did it once, we were going to do it right, and we got in some real intimacy. Anthony even knew not to disrupt that either, but he did lower himself on top of me and did get a closer look at me fucking Penny's hairy pussy. Once again, even though I had no experience, I managed to fuck the shit of her, and I drew inspiration from the right and left. "Oh, yes, Todd and Ron are gonna be so mad and jealous of me. Holy shit, you're smoking hot, Vivian. I've never seen this happen in real life, let alone up close. Go to town on that twat and make her scream. Have her roar so loudly that Ron and Todd hear her." I nodded and held her thighs as tightly as I could. She surely couldn't stay still, and with every passing lick and press of the lips, too, I made her lose it a little more. Anthony stayed down to watch me fuck her up close for a moment, but he did lean back up after a couple of minutes. He began thrusting his cock ever so slowly and didn't ever increase his speed too much. Although, that didn't go with hot swiftly, I ate her out. Even though my tongue was hurting a bit, I wasn't about to stop. With Penny constantly caressing my head and eyeballing me, she certainly rewarded me with the best sexual chemistry and love I could possibly imagine. We both went through some emotional trauma, but we both healed each other, so to speak, but of course, with help from Anthony. He was more of the tool we used rather than anything else, but it was still valid. I felt his cock going in and out of my pussy and expanding it in the process. His hands remained on my butt and squeezed it more and more. He surely got his motor running into overdrive, just like mine. I kept going at Penny's cherry nonstop as well, but Anthony was making it hard to keep going. Nevertheless, I made myself keep going like mad to fuck the shit out of her so well; she wouldn't even remember she was married. With every passing second, I found myself a little more in love with Penny, rather than just loving her like a family member. I had her working on me with her hands and her whole new persona, so to speak. We were both new people because of the cheating bastards we were married to then. So, we yanked out the extra mischievous sides of ourselves and let them run wild too. I also had to rub those delicate lips as well, so I had her attacking me with her breath. I didn't mind because she made me love her in that way, but we were golden when she did. Anthony let his pecker go in and out of my pussy well over two-hundred times in five minutes and had my slit rather sore, but I loved that because he made it happen. Just how I didn't love pussy, but I was cheating too, so everything was fucked up, but I was willing to live with it. I surely knew there'd be some conversation with Ron, but I belonged to Penny and Anthony until then. "Come here, Anthony, give her snatch a break."

He evicted his member and came over to her. I let out a deep breath and wiggled a bit more. I watched her take his pecker into her mouth and get all of my juice that was on it. I smiled as much as I could at that, and she even grabbed her tits too. "Both of you are dynamite, I swear. If those idiots cheated on you two, then this is justice served with me on the winning side of it. They always did get the upper hand; they both met hot chicks to fuck and marry, they landed better jobs too, so fuck them. They got greedy, and that's bad for the soul, just how sugar is bad for your body." She let his dick out. "Just remember to cover us with cum, got it?" she asked, before taking it back into her mouth. "I got it." Then she took it even further and reached for his phone. She gave it to him, and he immediately knew she had it in mind. He took a picture of both of us, but made sure to get her face in the shot as she had his johnson in her mouth too. "I got it," he said, prior to showing us the picture. We both gave thumbs-up, and he sent it. We both had to laugh, and then his phone immediately began ringing. "Voicemail," he giggled, setting it down. "Sorry, guys, your wives are keeping me rather busy at the moment," he moaned, feeling her face. "Oh, you're a scorned horny chick just down to fuck. I guess I just lucky I came over when I did. I happened to come and get fucked with two hot married ladies that wanted to get revenge," he let out, before arching his head back. "Fuck yes, Penny, you're a champion dicksucker too, but don't make me choose which of you is better," he pleaded, prior to looking at us again. "I love you two; you're both awesome in every sense of the word, I swear. Fuck those two; whenever one or both of you wants to fuck, I'm down, I promise." "Well, you're not gonna just do one of us, dude, it's both or no one, got it?" I asked, before sucking Penny's pussy lips into my mouth. "Oh, yes, you found Penny's sweet spot, Vivian. Fuck yes, I feel those soft lips pressing down on my schlong hard, and I love it. If you want a huge load for your own pleasure, then just keep going, and I'll give it to you. I'll give you all you two can possibly handle and even go all night if you want. Who the fuck knows when those two assholes will show back up here. Hell, you can have me fucking you both when they walk in here too. I don't mind, because you two are worth it. I've never been blessed in such a way, but you two are fucking cool," he let out, before covering his face. That didn't mean he needed to shoot, but I was certainly closer to making Penny explode. I sucked on her lips hard and even used my tongue to massage those lips in the process. I kept my hands on her thighs and still kept my face moving back and forth too. In that way, her defenses went down even more, and with her paying attention to his pecker, it was just a matter of time. I felt her slit vibrating more and more, but of course, the real treat was getting there rather than her cumming all over my face. I closed my eyes again and tried my best to keep up the grand pleasure like I'd die if I didn't. Nevertheless, I felt the toll come upon me like the plague. The pain and emotional overload hit me hard, but nothing, and no one would be able to duplicate the situation. I tasted her lips and juice so much; I actually got used to them both. I still wasn't about to stop, but I still loved the sensation I gave her and making her jiggle around nonstop too. It was so wrong that it was right, and it was just gonna we'd have to live with indeed. Considering how good I felt from making Penny feel, I was fine with that. I kept her lips inside my mouth for a few minutes, which made mine hurt a bit in the process, but again, it was all good considering the everlasting emotions I got. Even if it did get too much for Penny or me, we still had each other support each other. "Oh, shit, Penny, I have to shoot now." She released it, but looked at me. "Rise and let him cum all over your beaver, Vivian." I did just that, and he brought his member towards me. He failed to utter a word, but a few seconds later, he unleashed his mightly load all over my pussy, but did it while looking at me. So, we didn't even look at his dick as he covered my cherry, but it was still worth it. I twitched a bit and nearly fainted as I felt his four shots on my twat. After the second one, I grabbed onto his hips and used them for leverage. Even with him weakened, he managed to stay up with me. Right when he was done, Penny turned me around. "Wow, that was hot," she added, before kissing me and pushing me down. "Now fuck me from behind, horndog," she dared him, before going to town on my slit. "Oh, yes, and now you've unleashed your frisky side too, Penny," I moaned, rubbing her head. "I had no idea it could land us here, but I'm not complaining. How does it taste mixing my seed with his?" "Great, if only we could get this onto store shelves, we'd be set." "No, we'd have to sell it online; people would be too embarrassed to buy it in the stores." "I could see that," Anthony let out, sticking his wood into Penny's beaver. "Damn, you two are freaking sweet," he muttered, setting his hands on her butt and thrusting ever so slowly. She kept her eyes closed and licked me very nonchalantly to start. I felt to be in shock, so I had to cover my face with both hands and just accept the pleasure the best I could. She failed to let it go past my lips then, but just feeling her tickle me was amazing alone. I tried to watch her as much as I could, but of course, I didn't know what I was dealing with exactly. I had never been eaten out by a woman before, but to add even more lighter fluid to the fire with her being my best friend, we were both burning metaphorically. I also look at Anthony from time to time too, but switched back and forth. I surely wanted to say many things to both of them, but I kept my words to myself for the time being to keep the sweet intimacy. Even though Penny's eyes were closed, I still loved the silence. Whether her hands went quickly, slowly, or somewhere in between, I was certainly satisfied. It was jumping on a trampoline and loving just getting up a few inches, but certainly going much higher than that. Feeling her tongue on and in between my lips was to die for, and with Anthony pushing his cock into her slit, she had to push her face on my twat too. So, her face stayed wet no matter what because I certainly seal it up, and her face kept pushing on it too. My feet tapped the floor numerous times, and after a few minutes, I had to lean up a bit and push her eyelids open too. We looked at each other again for a moment in silence still, but I licked my lips and even saw a couple of tears come onto her face too. A moment later, he calmly rose with me and kissed me. Her hands stayed on my thighs, but she applied pressure to them, though. Even still, Anthony let his cock go in and out slowly and pushed her lips onto mine more and more. After that minute, she calmly broke off the kiss and let a couple of fingers go into my pussy. My mouth opened widely, and she certainly milked my slit a bit more for my juice before eating me out again. I stayed upright and just felt pleasure. I knew it just a matter of time before I had to lie back down, but I fought like hell to stay up there and watch her perform the sexy pussy-eating on me. Needless to say, she not only got into it, but certainly fucked me sideways. She kept her fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy as well, so she had all of her bases covered indeed. I had to commend her for that because she demonstrated better confidence and love on me than I could ever envision doing for her. The way she kept her tongue moving all over my cherry both inside and out, didn't worry about looking at me all the time, and just kept her fingers moving slowly, she showed she was excellent under pressure. Whether she knew it or not, she fought for life, so to speak. I certainly had no idea what I was gonna do when I saw my husband cheating, but even without Anthony's help, she managed to make it clear that there was a lot more life on the way. "Oh, yes, you're my hero, Penny, I love you, I love you, and I love you some more. You're fucking awesome; I don't know I would've fucked Anthony solo, but you're here, so here we are, and your face is in between my legs too. Come to think of it, Ron didn't like getting down for me, so fuck him again." "Oh, yes, fuck both of them, ladies," Anthony added. "Hey," Penny snapped, peeking at him. "You know how to use your stiff cock, but we were having a moment. You're getting to have sex with two stunning ladies, but don't interrupt another moment again, got it?" "It won't happen again, Penny, I swear," he moaned, before feeling the bottoms of her jugs. They smiled at each other and began kissing. Anthoney couldn't thrust his rod too much, but he was still enjoying himself. A few seconds later, I leaned to them and placed my hands on his before I began licking her nipples. I instantly felt her jiggle a bit more, and she giggled too. I watched her as I slathered her nipples slowly and applied a little pressure to his hands too. I wanted to feel her cherry also, but I resisted with his massive schlong in there already. I surely knew she was losing it a bit, but just like me, she wanted to go all out and take the thrills no matter how big they were. Anthony's hands never came off his melons either, but he squeezed them a bit too. He was a more than easy nut to crack, we barely had to push him, but once we did, he got off his leash and let his cheating flag fly. It was wrong, but still oh so impressive. I increased my lesbian persona by slathering her nipples and making her moan too. "Oh, shit, that's good, Vivian; what the fuck is that tongue made of, a wet cloud?" "Yes, just not with water, now lean forward and let our new boyfriend fuck you," I ordered her, before lying down with my head towards them. She slanted down to let her tits right over my face. I grabbed them and leaned up to them too. I licked her nipples as they kept moving back and forth a bit. "Oh, yes, that's the sweet spot that just came upon, Vivian. I know those melons are moving, but suck on those nipples. I know you like a challenge; no one said this would be easy. You have to woo your best friend in ways that Anthony here just can't with his schlong." "I am, woman, now shut it," I commanded her, before sucking her nipple into my mouth. "Fuck you, Vivian, you know me well enough to know I wouldn't listen to that. Anthony, I don't take orders from her, so don't think you can tell me what to do." "I won't, I swear. You two are the last people on the planet I'd want to upset, I swear. Oh, I'm not even sure all the sex I've had in the past can be clarified as sex now. You two have squashed my entire sexual history; I could fuck you two all day and night. Even if I ran out of seed, I'd still want to get with you two. You're both intoxicating, meaning you two are like drugs getting me as high as the sky, and I'm just waiting for the crash, but I know you'll cuddle with me afterward." "That's sweet, Anthony," I praised him. "Thank you, Vivian." I wanted to come up with him, but her bosoms kept me rather busy. I sucked on both of her nipples and went back and forth over and over again. I pressured it, but not too much. I just wanted to woo them to a point, but not too much to make her go nuts. Anthony kept his thrusts slow, though, because he was smart to remember he was a guest and not the party's host. I surely didn't know how long he could last, but he kept at it like he'd die if he didn't. He prepped himself, and it paid off. I couldn't help, but peek at his dick going in and out of her slit, and it made me want to play with mine. I let go of her left tit and began fingering myself. Penny became weak, so she needed to lean down a bit, which was good for me. I relaxed my head and continued to suck her nipple as serenely as I could. Once again, I felt the pushback repeatedly. I made sure that her nipple never left my mouth, but she did make it a little difficult. Nevertheless, even without holding both of her melons, I kept my mouth on that nipple and sucked as hard as I could in that position. It wasn't the easiest thing to do, but I did it for my best friend. I loved her so much more by then, so I'd do anything for her. She wanted the same for me too. "Grab those titties, Vivian, and I'll do the fingering for you," she offered, before pushing my hand off my twat. I grabbed those tits and squeezed them hard too. She kept to her word and finger fucked me good; she moved her fingers on it much faster and fiercer as well. Needless to say, I got more passionate with her nipples. I sucked as hard as I could and certainly had her jiggling quite a bit more. I wanted to see Anthony devour her pussy, but I couldn't pay attention to that when I had her rocking melons to play with then. I sucked on both of her nipples as much as I could, but of course, the emotional toll got bigger and bigger. I tried to deal with it the best I could, but this was still all new territory for me, and I certainly did bite off more than I could chew. With her fingers scrubbing my snatch so much, she kept my spirits sky-high. I heard him moaning more and more, which turned me on too because I knew I'd get the sight of Anthony shooting his load soon. I saw him moving his legs somewhat, but that was it. I certainly desired to crawl a bit further down, but I couldn't get Penny's tits down enough. I also let my tongue slather her nipples as well, so I titillated her and got her to moan so much more than I ever thought possible. I got a small headache as well, but certainly kept going, and until Anthony needed to cum. I could just stop and let him win the battle of sexy chicken, but I was still gonna be her best friend once all this was over, so I wanted to win. She kept her fingers moving across my slit lips swiftly, but also let her fingers dig into my pussy as well. When it came to finger fucking, she proved to be the best at it. I did my best to keep my mouth on her nipples, but she was putting that sensation in danger. Nevertheless, she wasn't about to stop. She even leaned down to my tits and stomach and laid several kisses all over. So, she returned the favor, but not to the same degree, though. I knew she couldn't, considering Anthony kept thrusting his member. I angled my head forward as much as I could to get a glimpse of her cherry as his member went in and out. Although, that got a blood rush to the head, so I tilted it back again. I let out a deep breath, but after another moment, I rose with her and kissed her. "Did you want me to return the favor now?" she pondered, heading to my melons. "While now that you're doing it," I moaned, setting mine on her head. "I'm not gonna stop you." I watched her for a moment, but I had to view Anthony again as he let his cock thrust in and out more and more. Even with her body slanted up a tad, he still managed to keep it going in and out rather quickly. "I wanted to keep pleasing her longer than you could, but I let you win because I was to get a closer look at you fucking her." "So, I won you over?" he asked, leaning towards me. "Yes," I answered, prior to kissing him. "You're one lucky bastard." "I know," he moaned, before evicting his johnson. "Get ready for his seed now, Penny," I added, eyeballing his prick. Even with that, she didn't stop licking my nipples, so I knew we came across our weak spots for each other. I felt her licking both of my nipples even more, and she couldn't resist, but to finger me again too. I saw him unleash his load all over her butt, and I felt her twitch a bit every time some of it landed on it. Needless to say, as she did, I got the same effect due to the brief, intense pleasure as he shared the best form of affection. He let out four streams, which all landed on her butt, and once he was done, she let out her hand. He took it and came down with her to my other boob. I set a hand on his head as well and watched them both lick and suck on my nipples slowly. Penny kept her fingers on my slit and fingered me hard, but he opted not to rain on her solo finger fucking parade. I let my eyes go back and forth several times, and I felt my knees getting weaker by the minute. I got the bed beyond drenched because I was already getting rather pleased by Penny on my nipple, but then Anthony joined her as she kept fingering me; I was in cheating hell or heaven. Both sounded wonderful, but I could only label it as one. Either way, both Penny successfully got back at our cheating husbands and certainly loved it. We both knew it was wrong, but still, we weren't regretting it, fearing that inevitable chat coming soon or anything else. We just looked at each other and lived in the moment. We cheated right back and loved it. Maybe we weren't any better for doing it, but we did it, and that was that. I heard Anthony moan more and more, so I had to lean to peek at his cock. "Yes, you're one lucky bastard, Anthony, you're getting one mean handjob too." He nodded, and then he joined Penny in fingering me. I couldn't see their hands, but they seemed to share my cherry and give me co-op finger loving pleasure. I tried my best to stay upright again, but of course, they weren't making it easy at all. I trembled, but I felt a hand from each of them on my thighs to hold me tight. So, Penny couldn't please us both and hold me, but I got the long end of the stick there. So, I felt the love oozing out nonstop, and I even let a couple of tears form. "If I ever get married again, it'll be to you, Penny." "Now that would be rubbing it in those fucker's faces. They wanted to see us fuck other ladies, but to marry each other and they know that they can't see us? Wow, that's diabolical," she commended me for that plan, coming up to me. We wrapped our arms around each other and made out again, but Anthony stayed busy on my tits. Needless to say, my twat kept leaking out, and I shook so much, I almost thought I might have a seizure. I certainly didn't know what to make of our great affection and love, but it was definitely something to be dealt with indeed. We certainly didn't kiss each other as friends or anything else, but lovers. I knew I never kissed a woman before besides my mom, but it seemed like she had. I wasn't sure of her sexual history, but she certainly proved to have some chick on chick experience. Either way, she set the circumstances to make me think I could handle being married to her. We made out for over five minutes, but Anthony got down on his back with his cock towards my crotch towards the end. Once we saw him, our lips came apart, she turned around, and we got over him. I let his member go back into my pussy yet again, and he got his crack at eating her out as well. We both placed our hands on our hips and enjoyed the pleasure. I let my snatch thrust off his wood, and she felt his tongue in her slit too. I couldn't see it too well, but he had a better angle there to make her feel good indeed. I couldn't resist, but to reach over and touch her tits. They moved as I kept my twat thrusting off his wood and rubbed them a bit in the process. No one uttered a word for over five minutes that time, and just let the sex do all the talking. I surely knew she wanted to comment on his pussy-eating style, but she kept her words silent.

I felt his cock vibrating more and more again, but I didn't push him too far; I still wanted to make him last yet again. The moral side of my brain still wanted me to make the cheating right if I was going to cheat. I moved my torso around, too, making his cock move simultaneously. I also added my own crotch clenching, so to speak. I felt him tense up even more, and therefore, rattle more in the process. I clutched her melons more and more and even used them for leverage. I didn't make her feel uncomfortable, but still held them hard. I used them the best to thrust my pussy the best I could and woo his dick to the most significant effect possible. After another couple of minutes, she moved her hands to my thighs and rubbed them for me. We still didn't speak, but let the lust and chemistry talk for us. I saw her eyeballing him, but I didn't try to get her to look at me. I let her relish the sight in front of her, but I still tried to disrupt them by still fucking him with my cherry. Although, all my efforts seemed futile because I couldn't get either of them to get off their games. I even heard licking sounds, so I knew he meant business. I never thought he'd be willing to eat one of us out, but he not only did it, but made her feel good too. Her head did move a bit, so I got to see her face from time to time as she was being pleased beyond belief. After another few minutes, I leaned forward and smooched her neck a few times before I got a look at him fucking her. My eyes widened as much as possible, but I didn't let a word drop, though. His eyes were closed, and he was moving his head all around too. I caressed her jugs even more and rubbed mine on her back. I felt my lesbian side getting stronger and stronger by the second, but even if it was traced back to love, I still couldn't help, but relish it. I kissed her neck and shoulders numerous times as well, all just to express love rather than lust. If nothing else, I wanted to walk out of that room, knowing that if nothing else happened between us sexually, I still loved her dearly. That did show when she turned her head to mine and kissed me. "I love you." "I love you too, harlot." "You're cheating too." "I know," I giggled, before kissing her. "I was just calling you out, woman. How's his tongue." "So much better than Todd; I think he ate me out once our whole relationship. Holy shit, I'm just flabbergast now. Yes, lick that pussy for this cheating skank as she gets back at her piece of shit husband, Anthony, and share the cum with Vivian too." "Trust me, she's milking me with her pussy," he made clear, before wrapping his arms around her legs. "Damn right, I am. I'm gonna get every single drop of seed I can get from you, mark my words, horndog. If you think you're walking out of here with any cum to spare, you're wrong. Our dipshit husbands cheated on us, and we intend on getting revenge all night long if need be. Oh, I love your pecker in there, too; it's so much bigger than Ron's too. So, you're one-upping him all the way around, dude. We're bitches in heat now, so you better take care of us. If you don't, then you won't be able to brag to all of your friends that boned us. If you mess it all up, then it's all fucked; you have to woo us right." "I got you, Vivan," he moaned, grabbing my tits. "Believe it or not, I've thought about how I'd take care of each of you individually, but you two decided to come at me together, so I'm improvising." "Well," Penny said, dropping to his face. "You're doing pretty good so far," she added, before kissing him. "If I do marry my best friend, will you come to visit us?" "Oh, fuck, yes. I'll move in if you want me to, Penny." "No, don't move in, but keep your cell phone on, though," she told him, before leaning back up and turning around to me. "I'd marry you, Vivian. I'd never let you go unsatisfied either; I don't care if I had to eat you out for hours to get to you to scream. I'd make it happen for you, mark my words. It's not like we're just gonna let those bastards get away with cheating on us, so it's something to think about, do you know what I mean?" "Yes, I do, but I do love the idea of inviting Anthony along from time to time, though. We'd make him cum rivers every single time, right?" "Yes, all the while, those fuckers can't do a damn thing about it either," she mentioned, before kissing me. "I fucking love you, Vivian. I already knew it before today, but shit, this guy has definitely made it clear now. Give me another kiss," she ordered me, before pasting her lips to mine. I kept my pussy thrusting off his schlong, and I heard him going to town her twat like mad. We both felt the vibrations off each other rather well, all because of him. We fed off him and seemed to gain so much more chemistry for each other. Neither of us ever stopped moving, but kept our lips together and let our jugs clash the whole time too. I knew my lesbo flag waved more with every passing second, but of course, it had a picture of her on it. I knew we both still rather enjoyed cock, but considering our friendship, we turned over a rock to find something rather hot. The one real fact that remained was that we didn't want our cheating husbands to feast their eyes on us fucking each other. Despite Penny loving his pussy-eating so much, she didn't let t distract her from kissing me or rubbing my shoulders. We sucked each other in, even though we didn't plan on it. It just happened, but of course, we owed it to our cheating husbands again. We pushed our lips together at a medium speed and kept our hands on each other's arms and tits from time to time. We had to keep moving them all over, but we both had our hands on our arms towards the end of our make-out session. We soaked in each other's souls, so to speak, and didn't look back. Anthony kept going on us all the while, but it didn't stop us for even a second. I wasn't even sure who would crack first, but I was more than curious to find out, though. After another five minutes, we felt Anthony moan. "Oh, I gotta cum." We both hurried off him and allowed him to get up too. We saw him stroking his rod, but I got right next to her and put my hooters up, as did she. "Soak these four boobs, dude." He nodded as he smiled and did just that. Neither of us spoke a word or even peeked at his cock; we watched him as he performed the sexiest action imaginable. He had to lean his head back and surely jolt a bit too, but from one second to the next, he unleashed white stuff again. He made sure to dole it out as evenly as he could too, but of course, we drained him a bit, so he couldn't let us have another powerful load, but still a sexy one, nonetheless. We had to jolt a bit ourselves and push ourselves onto each other too, but it was for the best reason possible. After he couldn't let out another drop of seed, he calmly dropped to his knees with us and kissed both of us too. After that, he grabbed his phone again and took a picture of our cum soaked melons. "Now that's a keeper." "Yep, but I hope you're ready for oncoming bullshit from those two assholes." "Oh, I can handle them. The prize outweighs the bullshit." "Good to know, but we need some time to get to know each other better now, Anthony. We have some decisions to make together, but don't worry; you'll be in the loop," I told him, before kissing him again. "Okay, if you say so," he added, before kissing us one more time and rising. "Well, I'll get out of your hair, but if you need me to help you in dealing with the fireworks, just let me know." "We will," Penny added, before kissing. We lied down and began making out as Anthony got dressed. It took him a moment to get out the door, but he knew if he wanted action in the future, he better listen. "See you later, I guess." "Don't worry, your phone will ring," she made clear, peeking his way. He nodded and walked out the door. We didn't speak, but kissed each other yet again. It seemed like neither of us knew what to say, but something definitely needed to be said. After five minutes, her lips jumped off mine. "Fuck them, they cheated on us, and we both deserve better. I'm not gonna ask right now, but I'll buy you a ring because I want you in my bed full-time now, and I won't ask you to do that without something big." "Wait, you're just assuming I'm the woman here?" "I love you," she stated, before kissing me again. "We can buy each other rings, fair enough?" "Yes, but I'm willing to grant you one night with me in your bed without a ring." "That's nice of you. Who doesn't love a good double revenge fuck?" "No one," I answered, before kissing her yet again