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My name is Addy. I'm a thirty-eight years old housewife. Redheaded with green eyes, full lips, and a very curvy figure. I measure 42-30-39 with 36F tits and stand 5'8" tall. I'm also a fucking machine. Two years ago my husband decided it was time for us to move. So we moved into a quiet neighborhood on the end of a dead-end street. There was only one other house on the street. We had been there about two weeks when I met our only neighbor Marcus. A very large and very sexy twenty-eight-year-old black man. I knew the moment I met him I should avoid him. But, I didn't have the want or willpower. Being the only two houses on the street there is a lot of privacy. So I used that to my advantage. Every morning I started walking. Shorts and a half shirt. It was the third day when Marcus was sitting on his front porch when I walked by. I just smiled and waved at him. But, I also made sure I gave my ass a good wiggle that I knew he was watching. It was my trip back when Marcus stopped me. I let him chat me up a bit. Kinds playing with him.

You have something to drink?" I finally asked Marcus. Marcus took that as an opening like I had planned and thirty minutes later I was on my back, with my legs spread, clawing at Marcus' tone ass, grunting and growing in lustful pleasure as he filled my mature cunt with his large, ebony rod. I let Marcus fuck me any way he wanted and I enjoyed every inch of his ebony cock. "Fuck me!" Marcus laughed. "You cock better than most girls half your age." Marcus finished. "I've got twice the experience." I laughed as a cum bubble squirted from my stretched-out asshole. That evening I sent Marcus a picture of me in the bathtub. I was spread eagle with a large black dildo stuck in my ass. "You are one horny bitch." Marcus sent back. "I also love that black dick." I sent him. "You wanna cum over and suck my big black dick?" Marcus sent back. I thought for a minute before I answered that. "9:30 in my garden shed." I sent back. I knew my husband went to bed usually by nine and he would never come out to my garden shed. "I think I'm gonna go work in my new garden shed." I smiled at my husband enjoying the feeling of the vibrations in my asshole. "You and your flowers." He laughed. Whoever owned this place before us. She was a smart woman. Her garden shed sits out of sight from the main house and is in the shade. When Marcus walked in. I looked at him with a coy smile as I walked to him. I didn't waste much time. Unzipping his pants I went to my knees and started sucking him off. This was for my pleasure. Not his. I blee him deep and hard, choking and gagging on his cock. "Jesus fuck bitch. Don't kill yours." Marcus chuckled. "Shut up!" I glared at him. "Just stand there and enjoy getting your cock sucked." I finished. Martin took the hint. I guess it was a hint anyway. Because he reached down and grabbed me by my hair and forced my face down on his powerful rod. I didn't fight it. I just let things happen. I was a lovely nasty mess by the time we were done. I had cum all over my face and my saliva caked on my fat tits and my face was flushed. I slept like a baby that night dreaming of the things that I had done that day. For the next three weeks, I gave Marcus all the pussy I could. I was a total slut for his cock and he liked fucking me because if take his load where ever he wanted to out it. Marcus loved the fact I'd let him creampie me. I can't get pregnant. So what does it matter? It's only more pleasure for us both. I'd wake up send my husband off to work then I would call Marcus. I also got to watching a lot of interracial porn. I loved watching mature women get tag-teamed or airtight. "Marcus. You been in a threesome?" I asked one night while we were texting. "Have you?" He typed back. "Two big dicks driving into me would be awesome." I sent him back. "What about three?" He sent back. "Let's keep it even and do four. Lol," I sent back to him. "A gangbang" Marcus typed Back. "Sure. Sounds fun." For the first time in almost a month, I screwed my husband that night. I was fucking horny and his cock was the only one around. He didn't know what was going on. But, like a good boy, he let me have my fun. But, he didn't do near the job Marcus does on me. Two days later Marcus texts me. "I need some of that married white pussy." "Im more than willing to get some of that black dick shoved up my ass.' I sent back. "Then get your slutty ass down here so I can fuck it." Marcus sent. "Let me shower. Be there in twenty minutes." I sent feeling my cunt start to ache in need. As soon as I opened the door I knew I was in for a treat. There stood Marcus and three of his buddies. All black and sexy. "Whos your friends." I smiled at Marcus as I turned into him rubbing my fat ass against his cock. "Why don't you quit worrying about them and get in your knees and suck my black dick." Marcus smiled at me. I didn't need to be asked twice. I knew what was coming. In buttoning his pants, I went to my knees and started sucking him off. As I blew him I looked to the side and there was another black cock just as big and powerful as Marcus's. Then a third. The fourth guy was something else. He was fucking huge. When I say huge. I mean it made a chill run down my spine. "My name is Terry." The man said in a deep sexy voice. "Well, Terry. It looks like the pleasure is gonna be all mine." I smiled opening my mouth wide. I made sure I got Terry's number that day. I was on my hands and knees sucking whatever cock was offered to me when I felt a finger slide into my asshole. Looking over my shoulder to see Terry, I smiled at him. "You better use some lube if you're going to stick that in my ass," I said, making everyone laugh. I loved everything they did to me and welcomed every bit of it. I was on top of Terry riding him hard and sucking off Marcus when guy number two decided he wanted to be in the same hole. 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My pussy and asshole were bruised and sore. I didn't know if I was ever gonna be able to enjoy my husband's dick ever again as stretched out as I was. I felt like my guts were gonna fall out of my asshole and I didn't even want to try and piss my pussy hurt so bad. But, I was happy. I had never enjoyed so much pleasure in. my life. I was sleeping in our bed when my husband came home from work and slept all through the night I was so exhausted.

My husband asked the next day what had happened. Why I slept that long. I told him it must have been some sort of big or something. Marcus gave me a couple of days before he called for me to come over. "Thank you." I smiled as I set on his lapping riding his black love stick. "For what?" Marcus smiled. "The gangbang. That was a lot of fun." I smiled back at him. "We can do that whenever you want. I know Terry will be up for it." Marcus laughed. "Terry doesn't have to worry. He's gonna get some more pussy from me." I laughed at Marcus. "Do I need to be worried?" Marcus teased. "Nope. You can have all the pussy you want." I grunted as I came softly. "What about this hole?" Marcus smiled as he stuck two fingers into my asshole. "That hole too." I smiled letting off his big cock and reaching between us to hold him steady as I slid him into my asshole. "I like having that black dick up my ass." I smiled at Marcus. I still fuck my husband. He doesn't get anal and I don't swallow. That's reserved for black cocks. Since I started fucking Marcus, I've been in several gangbangs. Every time my husband leaves town I'll let Marcus know we need to have a party. When my husband leaves for a week I have the most fun. Usually, I spend all week naked getting fucked continually in one manner or the other. I've taken as many as twenty-eight different dicks in one week and been woken up more than once with some ebony stud plowing me in my ass. I'm a black cock slut. Sometimes during the day when I'm not really in the mood to fuck Marcus and Terry can't get away from his wife. I have a pair of white slutty spandex that have two spade queens on the ass. One on each cheek. I'll slip them on and head down two the far side of the side and find me a stallion or two to fuck. I've also learned if your putting it out there. There is a lot of black wives that enjoy watching their husbands bang a big-titted white bitch and more often than not will join in on the fun. Marcus and I fuck regularly because he is so convenient and I've had several threesomes with him and one of his dates. But, I prefer to fuck Terry. He knows how to treat a slut properly. I never leave him unsatisfied. When Terry is done fucking me. Usually, I'm to worn out to even cook dinner. Terry shows me no mercy and uses my white pussy like it deserves to be used. A cum dump, slut hole. That was designed to be used by big black cocks for their pleasure. If my husband hadn't moved me from a home that I was perfectly content and happy in, I would have never found my one true pleasure in life. Being a black cock slut.