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Until recently, my girl had always been rather reserved with her sexuality. But lately, she has really begun to come out of her shell (so to speak). If I had to put a label on what she has become, I would say she's somewhat of an exhibitionist. I think she gets off on the idea of other men seeing her naked body parts, and rather enjoys making other men horny. I've always thought that she's extremely sexy, and have often encouraged her to dress rather provocatively, but she really never has (except a couple of times when we were younger). Over the past year or so, things have really begun to change though (not that I'm complaining). Surprisingly enough, there have been times that she has flashed me her titties in public places, and has even pulled the leg of her shorts up revealing her naked pussy. There has even been a few times that she has walked out on our back deck bare naked. And I'll never forget the time that she knelt down on the back deck and gave me a blow job. So with all that in mind, let's get on with our most recent escapade. So we were down in Tennessee around the Gatlinburg area for vacation, and we had decided to make a day of hiking, so we could visit a few waterfalls in the area. Needless to say, it's a tourist area, and the waterfalls are a very popular tourist attraction. So to say that there were a lot of people around would be an understatement. As Brenda got ready for the day, I was surprised that she had put on a somewhat short skirt with no panties on, a pair of tennis shoes, and a loosely fitted spaghetti string tank top with no bra. I gotta say, she looked pretty tasty! As we got to our first trail of the day, I had noticed that there were a few cars in the parking lot, so I knew we wouldn't be alone on our hike. Not long into our climb toward the top of the trail where the waterfall was, a small group of young men had caught up to us. If I had to guess, they were probably college boys.

As we continued to climb, I could hear them whispering amongst themselves, and could hear them laughing from time to time. Wondering what they were up to, I turned around to see what was going on. As they were jockeying for position to be in the lead, I noticed that they were looking right up my wife's skirt, as any horny college boy would do! Trying to hide the fact of what they were doing, they simultaneously looked in other directions (momentarily). When they returned their gaze, I smiled and gave them a nod in approval. A short while later, the terrain got a bit more challenging, and Brenda had lost her footing causing her to fall backwards. As one of the boys noticed, he quickly reacted, and was able to catch her before she fell. In the process of catching her, one of his hands went right up her skirt, while the other reached around her and ended up on one of her breasts. As she regained her footing, the the young man released her and apologized for where his hands ended up. She just laughed and thanked him for catching her, then continued up the hill. Once we reached the base of the waterfall, the view was magnificent! There was a rather large pool of water that several people were wading in, and a few were even swimming in it.

Not wasting any time, Brenda removed her socks and shoes and entered the frigid water to wade around for a bit. As the coldness of the water began to get to her, I noticed her nipples were getting really hard. Then the boys began splashing each other, and in the process they managed to "accidentally" splash my wife, getting her white tank soaking wet and revealing her pink nipples as her shirt clinged to her breasts. None of them could keep their eyes off her, and you could tell by the bulges in their shorts that they were thinking some pretty naughty thoughts about my girl. Needless to say, my wife noticed how much they were getting turned on, which only caused her to tease them even more. As she intentionally bent over to pick up something in the water, her skirt raised just enough to reveal her naked ass and shaven pussy, while they drooled at the sight. Turning her head toward them she bit her lip seductively and gave them a wink as she giggled a bit. Now I know that a lot of men would get jealous over stuff like this, but strangely enough, I take it as a compliment. There's just something about the idea that other men find my wife sexually attractive that gives me a little pride. The idea that other men want to fondle her body and have sex with her really turns me on! What's even crazier is, that the thought of me and another man working together to bring her to heights she has never experienced before, makes me even hornier! And if that ever happened, that story would be a fun one to share. Now getting back to where we were at; As Brenda stood back up, she made her way out into the deeper part of the water, and by this time everyone but the group of young men and ourselves had left. So Brenda decided to take her clothes off and toss them in my direction. After she had swam around a few minutes, she exited the water and I handed her a towel to dry off with. As she took her time drying off her shivering body and getting dressed the boys never broke their gaze from her. Once she was finished, she winked at them, said goodbye, and the two of us headed back to the car where she changed into some dry clothes, and we headed off to some more waterfalls. Unfortunately, our luck wasn't as good the rest of the day. But I did get pretty lucky when we got back to the cabin (wink wink)!