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My lips immediately parted from his. "Shit, Dwight, we got busted again, in the same room," I giggled softly. "I noticed, dear," he added before kissing me again. Then I turned around. "Oh, there you are, Ms. Watson, only roughly forty-five minutes late." "What the hell are you two doing in here?" she whined, putting her hand up. "Why are you two naked, did you shove all my stuff off my desk and have sex on it?" "Yes, we got bored, plus this room has a history with us, Ms. Watson," I spoke, closing the gap between us. She couldn't see me, but I knew she heard me walking towards her. Then I stopped right in front of her hand. I failed to glance back at Dwight, who I knew was eyeballing us. "Would you two just put your clothes back on, do it before I tell the principal about this. She'll call the police on you two, this is a public building, and you can't just have sex in here. What if a student came in here?" she asked before lowering her hand. Neither of us answered, and then I placed my hands on my hips. "Dare I ask, Ms. Watson, do you like my older body? What are you, twenty-nine, or thirty?" "I'm twenty-seven actually, but what is it to you, and I ask my original question again, What the hell is going on in here?!" I went back to her desk. "Well, you might be a sexy redheaded fox, but if you hadn't taken so damn long to get here in this room, you could have avoided seeing us and us finding your pictures here," I added, picking them up and waving them. Her eyes just widened, and she bit down on her bottom lip too. I couldn't help, but grin and come close again. I didn't exactly know what Dwight was doing, but I was sure he had his hand on his cock and stroking it too.

"Maybe Al hasn't been on his best behavior, but you've definitely been naughty yourself," I mentioned, prior to bringing one picture up in particular. "That's you licking Mrs. Dawson's nipple, correct? You know she is married, right?" I asked before a small pause. "Oh, now you're shaking and biting your bottom lip. Dare I ask, is this something that you don't want to get out here in the school? I never met Mrs. Dawson's hubby, but I still don't think he'd like this. Is there anything you want to say? Maybe like, 'I'm sorry for making you two wait for so long.', Ms. Watson?" She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry to you both for making you wait. I was busy." "Were you just having sex with the principal, Ms. Watson?" Dwight pondered, coming up behind me. "You may call me Tiffany, and if you must know, yes, I was. Will you please not tell anyone about this?" she pleaded, bringing her hands together. "I would greatly appreciate it. Is there anything I can do for you two so you can just forget about those pictures?" "So, now you're not even upset that we had sex on your desk, Tiffany?" I asked as Dwight placed his hands on my stomach. She leaned her head forward and took a deep breath. "I guess not, Mrs. Fuller. You just presented a much bigger issue." "You may call me Monica and him Dwight, Tiffany Watson. Now, dare I ask, does anyone else know that you're having an affair with other than Mrs. Dawson? A janitor, a student, or another teacher? Are we the only ones?" "Yes, you're the only ones, now that we got all that out in the open, could you two put your clothes back on, please? I'm just a little uneasy now," she moaned, rattling around. "We can tell, but don't worry, we can keep a secret, can't we, hun?" I asked, failing to peek at him. "Damn right, we can, just as you won't tell anyone about our sexual adventure back here in this classroom. Believe it or not, we got caught in this room twenty years ago. This angel gave me a blow job, but son of a bitch, we got caught by the principal." "You did, really?" Tiffany chuckled. "Yes, but we didn't even get to finish. Not that we were planning to go all the way in here, but still, it happened." "What happened when you got caught?" "Well, we had no priors, so we just got suspended for two weeks. Literally, no one else saw us, and we did tell the principal that we loved each other, so she went somewhat lenient on us," he explained. "No kidding, wow, that's stunning. I never heard of that story before, but shit." Then Dwight and I turned our heads to kiss each other for a few seconds. Then we just looked at each other for a moment as no one uttered a word. Although, after that minute, Tiffany stomped her feet. "Are you two going to get dressed or not?" "Tell me you want to have a threesome with her, Dwight," I whispered. "All I have to do is say, 'Go.'?" I nodded and kissed him again. "Go." "I love you." "I love you too, babe, now go get her." I nonchalantly went back to her again. As I got closer to her, she shook more and more and backed away. After a few seconds, she walked behind her desk. "What, do I scare you, Tiffany?" I pondered, stopping in front of her desk. "I saw checking out my husband's schlong, go ahead, look, I don't mind, you horny perv." "Would you please just get dressed and leave, so we can all just forget about all of this?" "No, I think we can let our naughty flags fly," I proposed before I came to her again. "I mean, if you want to have sex with your boss, you can do the same with the parents of a student, can't you?" "You want to have sex, Mrs. Fuller?" "Maybe," I answered, bringing up another picture. "We both can already tell that you're a beauty, even with those black glasses, but you aren't even wearing them here. So, this picture tells me two things: you know how to eat pussy and you look even better without glasses," I put on the record before I put it down and brought my hands towards her face. "May I?" "Am I guaranteed that everything stays in this classroom?" "Yes." "Fine." I calmly grabbed onto the legs of her glasses and slowly took them off her. "Oh, wow, I think you are ravishing, and I'm not even the one with the hard cock." She grinned and broke eye contact. "Thank you," she said, backing up. "This is still inappropriate, though; I'm not supposed to get involved with anyone associated with the school, another teacher, a student, or parents of a student." "The principal is alright to fuck, though? We have the proof right there, Tiffany. Are you afraid it'll get out if your students and colleagues knew that you've been intimate with Mrs. Dawson? I don't know how that happened between you two, but I know you're beautiful," I complimented her, bringing my hands to her blouse. "We already know what you are hiding under here, but let's see it up close and personal." "No," she objected, backing up again. "I'm not doing a damn thing with you two. I'm here for a conference about Al, that's it." "And if we just happen to tell the superintendent about your affair with Mrs. Dawson, then what, Tiffany?" Dwight inquired, coming up behind me. "You'll just bust me like that? Fuck you, do what I say, or you're screwed?

"Oh, come on, Tiffany," I said, undoing her blouse. "Don't be reluctant, just have some fun with us," I proposed, prior to pushing the two ends of it apart. "Wow, our son has one sexy teacher, babe," he moaned, placing his palms on my melons. "And I haven't even done this yet," I announced before I undid her skirt as well. "Oh, a matching pink set, how alluring," he let out, caressing my tits. We both checked her out for a moment in silence, but after that, we both saw her face again. Without mentioning a word, Dwight came out from behind me and went to her. Neither of them spoke for a moment, but he brought his hands to her back. She failed to protest, and then he took it right off her. Her exquisite breasts came into the light for a second before she covered them up. We glared at her, and she couldn't make eye contact with either of us. I wasn't sure what his intentions were, but I found myself more than intrigued. I stayed back and watched them as he slowly brought his hands to her matching panties as well. He placed them both on there, but calmly brought his lips towards hers. I could see her looking right into his eyes for a few seconds, but I just stayed back and silent too. I couldn't resist the urge to play with my beaver. I played with it as if I had just discovered the concept of masturbation. I did that at the moment just before I saw her slowly push her lips onto his. My heart rate immediately skyrocketed, and I felt chills too. Their kiss only lasted for a few seconds before his lips drifted off hers. They glared again for a few seconds, but then she peeked down at his johnson. That was when temptation won, and I had to get a closer look at them. I moved right in between them at only a couple feet away.