Feeding a skinny Vegan

Two weeks after Brenda had decided she was ready to pursue our fantasies, I arrived home from work on a Friday night. Normally, our house is dark when when I arrive, due to the fact that I get home rather late, but tonight was different. I could see a soft flickering glow of light coming through the window as I pulled into the driveway. Thinking that Brenda had waited up for me (which she never does anymore), I entered the garage door into the laundry room. From there, I could see a cozy fire going in the fireplace, and I could hear some giggling coming from the living room. As I entered the kitchen, I noticed a half empty bottle of wine setting on the breakfast bar, and an empty bottle in the trash. As I was putting away my keys, Brenda came around the corner from the other side of the living room wearing her favorite "I'm a little tramp" lingerie. Damn she looked hot! Even after 35 years of marriage this girl made me hot! Carrying her glass of wine with a slight stagger, she came and layed a big wet kiss on me and welcomed me home. Then she whispered in my ear that she was so horny, and that I was in for the surprise of my life. Taking me by the hand as she grazed my crotch, she lead me around the corner of the living room. There sat Jason, drinking a bottle of my beer, with a big grin on his face.

Jason: Hey buddy! How was your day? Me: Not too bad! What you been up to? Jason: Just taking in the view brother! (While winking at me.) With that being said, my wife walked over and sat down in the middle of the sofa, sitting right up against Jason. (I really couldn't believe this was happening!) It's one thing to fantasize, but this is entirely different! Man, I was getting horny, but I had to get a shower after working all day. So without a word being said, I headed to the master bath to shower. It wasn't long before I saw the door open, and the two of them entering the bathroom. As I was showering, my wife embraced Jason grabbing his ass while giving him a deep passionate kiss. Once they had finished, she knelt in front of him and proceeded to open his pants. Once opened, his 8 to 9 inch cock sprung out for everyone to see. As my wife gazed into his eyes, she began slowly stroking his cock. I could tell by the grin on his face that he was totally into it. After a few minutes of stroking him, my wife told him to sit down on the closed toilet. Once sat down, she began sucking his cock with the same vigor that she had sucked mine the day I suggested this whole fantasy. It didn't take long before Jason covered her face in cum! He must have unloaded nearly a quarter cup of cum on her face! Getting up to clean her face off, she told me: "You better hurry up, I can't wait much longer!" With that being said, Jason and Brenda walked out. So needless to say, it didn't take long for me to "hurry up"!

Putting on a pair of boxers, I exited the bathroom and entered the bedroom. There layed my wife, face down, on the massage table still wearing her lingerie. Jason, fully clothed, hands full of massage oil, was in the process of massaging her feet and calves. I waisted no time filling my hands with oil, and moving in to massage her hands and arms. (She loves every inch of her body massaged. It really gets her going.) As we continued to thoroughly massage every inch, Jason managed to work his way toward that special place where her legs met. Gently massaging her inner thighs, he slowly slipped two of his fingers into her without any resistance. Holy shit, she super wet! (Jason said.) With that, Brenda rolled to her back and spread her legs wide, telling Jason to eat her pussy, and for me to take my boxers off! Needless to say, I couldn't get them off fast enough! As Jason worked his magic while eating her, she grabbed my cock and engulfed it, biting and sucking me (moaning the whole time) until I unload my cum into her mouth She was an animal! Having to recuperate a bit, I turned my attention to her rather large breasts, licking, nibbling and sucking them just the way she likes. While I was paying special attention to her breasts, Jason managed to make her cum two times. After he was finished, he removed his clothes and offered his huge cock to her waiting mouth once again. As she slowly sucked him, I lowered my hand to her dripping pussy for a little finger play. It didn't take long to find her g-spot, and it wasn't long before she came for a third time. Stick around for the final finally, this gets really messy!