The Victory of My Ass

Knowing that Brenda got a bit uncomfortable when the subject of fantasy came up (perhaps trying to suppress inner thoughts that she felt was a bit tantalizing); One night during a massage session I decided to ask her whether she was somewhat attracted to any of our male friends, and if she had ever fantasized about him? With a bit of hesitation, she said there was one person she had thought about in that manner several years ago but she had pushed it out of her mind. Intrigued by her answer, I asked her who he was. Not wanting to reveal who he was, she resisted answering the question. Curiosity was killing me, but I chose not to push the issue at the present moment. As I continued massaging her, she began to get extremely turned on. I couldn't help but notice that her love spot was beginning to get extremely wet. She could hardly keep her hands off my cock as I was giving her a good rub down. As time went on, she began breathing very heavily, with soft moans coming out from time to time.

Without any warning, she grabbed my cock and forcefully pulled me toward her open mouth, sucking with a passion I had never experienced with her before. It didn't take me long to explode all over her face! Not 100% sure what caused this newfound passion while she sucked me, I thought back to our earlier, relatively short conversation. Could she have been thinking about our friend? It didn't matter to me! It was the best damn blow job she had ever given to me! Over the next few days, Brenda just couldn't keep her hands off me! Enjoying all the attention she was giving me, but reluctant to ask her what brought on this newfound touchy feely behavior, I decided to ask her about it. She was a bit apprehensive to answer me, but she finally decided to give me the answer I had been looking for. She told me that our conversation the other night really got her thinking about things she hadn't thought about in years, and she hadn't been able to get those thoughts out of her mind since then. Then she blurted the name JASON! Jason had been our friend for 30 plus years. I never really thought much about how she would dress a bit more provocatively when we would get together with him, nor did I put much stock into the fact that she had a tendency to drop things more frequently when he was around (giggling as she would bend over to pick them up). But it was all beginning to make sense now! Considering the fact that she decided to re-visit this conversation, I decided to ask her if she would like to fulfill her fantasy and mine at the same time. Then she asked me what my fantasy was? I told her that having another man help me give her a night she would never forget was always on my mind. I wanted to take her to levels of ecstasy that few women have ever experienced! After all, I want nothing more than to give her the best that life has to offer!

After having told her this, she promptly told me that she had never considered having me and another man at once, but she was intrigued by the idea. So I told her to think about it for a few days and let me know what she decides. Over the next couple of days, her sexual aggression seemed to intensify. She was literally wearing me out to the point that I had difficulty achieving an erection! (As a side note, we have been married 35 years, and have never been with anyone else in a sexual manner.) It's obvious that bringing up the idea of having this new experience somehow flipped a switch in her! Who is this woman I thought?!! Whoever she is, I want to keep her! I thought "Today is the day! I can't wait for her answer anymore!" So I sheepishly asked her whether she had made a decision or not? To which she replied "We gotta do this!"