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"That's it just like that." Jason moaned softly as I worked my pussy back and forth on his rigid cock. We was on his couch with the lights turned down low. Usually we go to his bedroom. But, we had been drinking and I was horny and I wasn't waiting till we got to his room. I wanted fucked right that minute. So I pushed him down on the couch. Stripped him of his pants and mounted him. When I've been drinking I get very loud when we are having sex and tonight was no different. I was moaning and groaning and saying all sorts of dirty things. We was having a very good time, when I felt a hand on my back. I looked over my shoulder and there stood Jason's room mate Matt naked with a raging hard on bigger then Jason's. I was so horny at that point I just smiled at him and reached for his big cock as I bounced on Jason's hard cock. When Matt stepped up on the couch so I could suck his cock Jason opened opened his eyes. I looked at him and smiled as I shoved my pussy down on his cock hard and ground it around. Jason looked at me and just shrugged and started sucking Matt's cock. When he was good and lubed up. I leaned forward on Jason and poked my bubble butt out and slowed my fucking. Matt took the hint and got behind me and lubed my my little hole up with his syliva.

Good that feels good." I moaned into Jason's ear as I ground my cunt hard on his cock as Matt fingered my asshole loosing me up. Good thing I had been drinking. Because my inhabition was gone. I was gonna take both cocks. When Matt's big cock head popped passed my rubbery ring of my asshole I cried out in pleasure. "He's in my ass Jason." I moaned. It took a bit for Matt to get his entire length in me. But, it was worth it. Looks where decieving. It turns out Matt was quite a bit bigger then Jason. Or at least it felt that way. For the next 15 minutes or so Matt drilled me in my ass as Jason screwed my pussy. To say I was in heaven was an understatement. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life. It was Jason's idea to switch. He wanted in my ass too and I thought it was only fair. After all he was my boyfriend. But, he didn't fill me up the way Matt did. But, I let him continue to fuck my ass. I was enjoying Matt reaming my little cunt out to much. I leaned forward and pulled Matt to me "stick your cock in my mouth." And leaned back to where my head was right next to Jason's head. Matt didnt hesitate. He stepped up straddled us both and fed me his cock and fucked my mouth as Jason continued to screwed my asshole. I was I extacy getting used like this. When I started tasting Matt's precum. I grabbed him by the balls and started jacking his cock wanting him to cum in my mouth. He didn't let me down either and filled my mouth with his tasty cum. It must have been to much for Jason. Because he rammed his cock deep I to my ass and emptied his nuts filling my guts with his cum.

After that we took a break. Both boys needed to pee and I needed a drink and clean up myself. When I came back to the livingroom matt was setting on the couch stroking his big cock. So I backed up to him and slid him back into my ass. Matt had me laying on the floor holding my own ass cheeks apart when he gave me my second load if cum in my ass. Jason never came back that night and the next morning when I woke. He was gone. He left me a note by the coffee pot saying he didnt want to see me anymore. I went to Matt's room and found him laying in bed naked. So I figured why not and spent the rest if the morning getting screwed like a who're. Jason moved out on his own a few days later and has never spoken to Matt sense. It was good timing to. Because the lease was up on my apartment and I moved in with Matt. Now he gets all the pussy he wants from me and I'm more then willing to let him stick his big cock in me anyway he wants. I'm not against another threesome. But, Matt says only if it's with another woman. I've been kicking the idea around.