Pretty Ashley and her Nice Tits

I bet those night terrors haunt you every night. They creep up on you while you sleep dreaming of those vampires digging those fangs night terrors right into your soft neck. Do you feel that pinch? Now stop and feel that warm blood oozing down your neck, my sensual tongue goes and licks it up. In those night terrors you become one if us the undead. You wake up feeling panicked with your blood still trickling down your neck. I lean over you soon by the next full moon you will be mine. I have made you one of us those night terrors will be just a faded memory. You will hunger in the night just as me we shall worship the moon and howl in rhythm.night terrors

We are one I know you feel it your body has already began the changes I cannot wait until you are fulfilled. My mind body and soul will be yours and we will rule the world together. I know these night terrors have been vivid almost terrifying but it was necessary to prepare you. I have tried to make them a familiar part of your nights. I cried when you hesitated to go to bed. Don’t you want me?

I have been watching you for a while you’re a strong one. I love how you don’t let anyone bother you are holding your own. Working long hours, I’m hot thinking about it. I have snuck into your house smelling your clothes being intoxicated by your scent. I visited you in your dreams, to make me seem familiar, to embed my face into your subconscious. Don’t be scared these night terrors will fade and my image will become more real. I love how you dive into everything you do.