Checkmate for Queen of Porn

I'm Colin 60 retired never married, no children at the time. I've always been busy with my career and with no siblings or close family, I had travelled the world work and having a great time. I've had many women over the years and didn't find anyone of them I wanted to marry. So I decided to return home and retire, I bought a 3 bedroom house on 17 acres. The house was in the corner of the property closest to the local town, with a barn and a workshop it would suit my plans for my future. I bought some horses as I like to ride and got chickens and a dog I called Butch. Just as good as any other name, so I started potting around my property and not really trying to get to know my neighbors at first. After a month I got to know my closest neighbor Katherine 62 widow answers to Kathy, she lived with her daughter Emily 37 only child. Not much happen at first, mainly due to the pandemic.

I was doing some minor repairs on my house and Kathy came to the fence and started talking with me. Any excuse for a break, anyway she said her front steps were loose and asked could I look at them for her. I agreed and went over, no restrictions at the time and soon noticed that they needed a spreader bad to stop them spreading and tighten them up. I knew I had some threaded steel rods and went and got one and some washers and nuts and drilled holes and installed the spreader bar fixing the steps. I was invited for dinner that night and soon we started to see each other often and finally I fucked Kathy in my barn after a horse riding with her. Sex then became regular for us and no worries of her getting pregnant. As time past the closer we got and Kathy only having Emily and no other close relatives. Kathy was worried about Emily as she was very quiet by nature and didn't date. Only going to work and then straight home afterwards. Kathy thought she would make a great mother, but would end up alone after she (Kathy) passed away. It was during one of our rides together, that Kathy asked me did I ever want children. I said sometimes I had thought of it but I didn't follow it up and now its too late. Kathy said its never too late, I said how's that. If you and Emily had sex and she got pregnant, it would fix both your problems of being alone. I was a little shocked, but asked why do you think Emily would want to sleep with an old man like me. Kathy said she would do what I tell her and I know she likes you. Your serious I said, yes and if you want I will arrange for you and Emily to start sleeping together this coming weekend. Not sure that she would be able to get Emily to sleep with me, I responded so no more sex between us then. Of course we can still have fun together and I will probably have to be with you and Emily on the weekend as well. So a threesome then I said with big grin on my face, yes and a mother and daughter threesome too boot she replied. The next 3 days nothing was said and I thought it wasn't going to happen. But on the Friday night I was over as was now usual for dinner with Kathy and Emily. Just as dinner was about finished, Kathy said we'll start tonight you, me and Emily can have an early night. I was stunned at first and Emily didn't say anything and after everything was washed and put away. Kathy had us all go to her bedroom and to my surprise Emily got naked straight away and so did Kathy and so I undressed also. Kathy started working on Emily and with my help got her ready for her first fuck, I got three fucks before we all went to sleep, Emily followed by Kathy and then Emily again. In the morning I awoke and was alone in the bed, then Kathy came in still naked and asked was I ready for another one

I nodded and she called Emily who joined me in bed and we had sex again. From then on I got sex every day almost mainly with Emily and Kathy especially when Emily was at work. After a couple of months and Emily not pregnant, I started thinking I was shooting blanks. Just as I was thinking of getting tested Emily and Kathy came over to my place smiling and told me I was to be a father. I was stunned at first and was soon enjoying the party we started having. Now I have a healthy son Colin after myself and Kathy stills sleeps with Emily and me every night. Kathy has also started talking about more grandchildren. Now they are both living with me having sold their own house and I'm adding another bedroom with attached bathroom and it will the master when finished. I married Emily last May 3 months before Colin arrived.