Wild threesome

After we had recovered from our sexual outpouring, I asked Ally if she had ever tasted a pussy. No she replied with shock, I find that a dirty thing to do. Did you enjoy it when I licked and tasted your pussy? Yes but… But what, you are on your period and I still did it. Did you have an orgasm? Yes the best ever, Carl tutted as if he was hurt. I looked over at him and pulled my tongue out. Carl screwed his face up in a silly way. Ally giggled and said it was the best. Gaynor knows what to do to woman, and she took care of you in the woods proper like. I bet that was your best blow job. It was my first and nobody will get close to Gaynor giving head, ever. Thank you Carl I said in my posh voice. Well all started laughing. Ally, would you like to learn how to eat pussy? MMMM yes I would. I want to be as good as you she said we enthusiasm. OK, come over here then. I am not eating you pussy it full of Carl’s cum. Yuk. Don’t be such a drama queen, it won’t hurt you. I have been swallowing cum since I was 13. I must have had gallons and I am not dead, yet. Ally walked over and Carl stood up. You can fuck off this is not for you. Sit and watch you might learn something. He sat down like somebody who has just been told off. You can wank if you want. I spread my legs over the arm of the chair and Ally knelt between them. You can take your sweat shirt off I said, it might get messy. Carl looked at me with a puzzled expression. Ally removed the sweat shirt; she had a nice trim body with beautiful breasts that turned up slightly. Her nipples were rock hard and she was blushing. You are a fantastic looking woman as I touched her breasts. She shuddered and smiled at me. I nodded and she leant forward and flicked her tongue over my wet pussy. I let her do that for some time, getting wetter as she did. Her touch was like a butterfly dancing between flowers. Then she touched my pearl, I jumped slightly. Ally looked up and said sorry. No you just hit the spot, my jewel the one place all women crave to be touched. Let’s lie on the floor, you get on top of me. I will do thing to your pussy and you do it back to mine exactly as I do. OK Ally said and rolled onto the floor. I lay on the floor and Ally swung her legs over my head. I positioned her so her pussy and ass were directly over my face. I asked Carl to pass me a cushion which I slipped under my head. Move slightly so I could get access to Ally’s holes. I flicked my tongue on her clit and she groaned and fell face first into my pussy. I did it again and she groaned once more. Ally babe, your supposed to do what I do not grunt. Sorry Ally said, it’s just that it makes me tingle. Concentrate I said and lightly slapped her ass. I licked the full length of she wet pussy and she did it to me. I sucked on her pussy lips and she repeated it to mine. We went on for a while licking and sucking. Ally’s juices were flowing into my mouth along with her menstrual fluids. I was getting more and more turned on. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and flicked my tongue on her little puckered shit hole. Ally screamed and bit my pussy lips. I kept doing it, pushing my tongue deeper into her virgin ass hole. Ally pressed her face right into my pussy and moaned. She lifted her head and said, Gaynor please stop that I am going to poo myself. So you don’t like it then? Yes it’s fucking wonderful but I need to shit. Ok. And I let her up. I whispered to her go and do what ever but don’t wipe yourself. What she said in disgust. I like the taste of a dirty bottom and I think you will taste wonderful. Please for me. Alright Ally said and ran to the toilet.

Carl was slowly stroking his hard cock. That was fucking amazing. I never thought Ally would lick a pussy. You don’t either scareddy cat. No well that’s different I mean….. What you just want it your own way, Ally tastes fantastic even on her period. That’s what I don’t understand; you still eat her when she is like that. Yes and why not. I bet you still wank when she is on. Yes I do why? Well women have needs too, even at that time of the month. In fact most women are more aroused when they hare on. I taste sweeter just before and during my period. You taste your own pussy juices? The, pity you won’t taste my sweet juice pussy. OK then, let’s have a taste. I sat down on the chair legs open. Carl knelt down and slowly moved his mouth close to my pussy. It smells funny not like I thought it would. It’s like a fine wine you are about to taste for the first time, I said. The first taste is always the best. Carl put his tongue on my pussy and licked it. He pulled back and said, Oh my fucking god that is wonderful, and pushed his face in my pussy. His tongue was lapping at my pussy like a cat lapping a saucer of milk. Ally walk back into the room and I put my finger to my mouth. Her eyes nearly flew out of her head. The look of amazement on her face said it all. His technique wasn’t the greatest but I was still getting wet. Carl stopped and looked up at me, His face was covered in my juices and he was licking his lips. He bent down and kissed my pussy. Thank you so much Gaynor, you are the best woman in the world. Ally coughed and said excuse me. Carl looked at her, mortified. But err.. But emm.. No the damage is done and I don’t think I like you anymore she said. Ally winked at me and turned her back on him. I was trying not to laugh. Carl jumped up and put his arms on her shoulders. Don’t touch me she said and pushed his hands off her. I started laughing and Ally turned round and gave Carl a big kiss on his lips. Have you been eating my favourite pussy she said to him and licked his face? Sorry I had to see what you found so tasty. Gaynor, might I finish what we started? Yes of course and I lay back on the floor. Ally climbed over me again and I said to Carl come down here and learn from an expert. We started licking each other again. Ally had remembered what to do. Biting and sucking as well. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks and spread them. Good girl I thought, she had left her ass hole unwiped. I looked up at Carl and he was looking puzzled. I stuck my tongue out and licked Ally’s dirty ass hole. She groaned and Carl said no fucking way. I licked and probed her butt removing as much of her waste as I could. Carl was shaking his head and Ally was biting my clit. The more my tongue went in her dirty hole the harder she bit. I slipped my middle finger deep into her ass hole and she bit me so hard I screamed. Sorry she said. No it’s wonderful carry on. I was thrusting finger deep and her waste was leaking out. She was biting me hard all over my pussy. I pulled my finger out and offered it to Carl who shook his head in disgust.. So I sucked it clean. I pointed to Ally’s pussy. Again he shook his head. I reach back and touched his semi hard cock. He nodded and moved behind Ally. He placed his knees each side of my head and plonked his cock on my face. I flicked the head with my tongue and it twitched. I stuck two fingers into Ally’s tight ass hole and tilted my head back to take Carl’s cock in my mouth. He slowly pushed it in, me rolling back his foreskin with my tongue. Ally was biting my pussy hard and moaning while Carl was taking deep breaths. He reached my throat so I tilted my head back further so he could slide all the way in. His balls were now touching my nose. This was a first for me. I have never done an up side down deep throat before and I liked it. I started to squeeze him with my throat and his cock started to throb. Fuck he’s going to cum soon I thought, so I clamped my teeth around his cock and bit gently. Still he stayed in my throat. So I bit a lot harder. He winced and pulled out. I took my fingers out of her ass and sucked them clean. I then grabbed Carl’s cock and pressed it on the opening of Ally’s pussy. Carl pushed it in. Ally stopped and lifted her head. She looked round but couldn’t move. She then pushed back hard onto his cock and squealed. Carl slowly started to thrust in and out while I licked the underside on his cock. Ally started chewing my pussy and I was leaking all over her face. I started nibbling his balls and tried to reach his ass hole, but I could not reach. Carl was thrusting hard now. Each stroke he almost withdrew the plunged back in. I was licking all the fluids off his cock, pre cum pussy juice blood. I was in heaven. Ally was now biting my clit so hard I thought might bit it of. She was biting it like a greyhound with the hare. I started to squirt. Carl was pumping his seed deep into Ally’s womb and she started to squirt too. Ally collapsed onto me dragging Carl with her. I could now see his ass hole and not one to miss an opportunity spread his ass cheeks and licked his dark shit hole. He wiggled about but could not escape. The pungent smell sent me over the top and I squirted again hitting Ally full in the face. After what seemed ages, I let go of Carl’s ass and lay flat on the floor. Carl withdrew from Ally’s soaked pussy and rolled away to one side lying on his back breathing heavy. Ally rolled the other way her face covered in my pussy juice.

I slowly got up of the floor and sat down on the armchair. I looked at them both lying there totally spent. Ally covered in my juices with Carl’s cum leaking from her pussy. Carl with his softening but still large cock coated in cum, Ally’s juices and blood. I put my head in my hands and thought what have I done? What the fuck have I done? They where arguing about sex. He wanted it she didn’t. I gave him head to shut him up then brought them here for more sex. She had the taste of a woman for the first time. I bet she never wanted too. He ate my pussy to and he said he never would. I felt so disgusted we myself. How low have I gone with these kids, because that’s what they are? I started crying, tears streaming down my face. Ally spoke first, Gaynor are you OK? I didn’t answer. She got up and put her arms around me. She hugged me, pulling me to the breast. I am so sorry I said. Carl got up and wrapped his arms around both of us. What for he asked in a gently tone? Because I made you have sex and Ally didn’t want to. Ally said don’t be silly. It was just that I am on my period and thought it was wrong, but you have shown me it’s not. I tasted my first pussy so I might give guys a miss from now on and started laughing. Carl said at least if Ally won’t let me I now where to cum for relief and he laughed too. I looked at them both with watery eyes. Thank you I said and kissed Ally on her boobs and Carl on his pubic bush. Careful Carl said, you will get me going again. Ally turned to him and took his cock in her mouth. No, I screamed, you don’t have to do this. Yes I do Ally said flicking his bulbous cock head. I need to do what you did Gaynor. No, it takes years of practise to swallow a cock whole. Show me then you slut just how to deep throat a man. I grabbed her hair and pulled her away. Do not ever call me that and I slapped her across the face. Ally was stunned by this and coward away. I am sorry but I am not a slut, I just love sex, all types of sex. Anything Carl asked? Yes there is nothing I haven’t tried. Come on lets shower and some breakfast. We shower together in the walk in shower, soaping and feeling each other. We dried, and went into the kitchen. Carl said tell me more about what you have done. I spent almost an hour telling them all the sexual acts I have done. They sat there with their mouths open. Ally asked what does anal feel like, does two men in your ass hurt. Carl said what about a dog? Did you take them in both holes? All three, I replied with a giggle. Enough I said. We will talk again sometime. Let’s get dressed and I will take you home.