Horny Dog Whisperer

My adopted son Lane has the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. I mean he is fucking huge. My ex-husband is a solid seven inches and thick. But, he is a toothpick compared to Lane Lane dwarfs him in length and girth. Lane is right at ten inches long and just over eight inches in girth. His dick is shaped like a torpedo. It starts kinds of smallish then gets huge in the middle then tapers back down. He is also veiny. Big veins everywhere. Lane also has stamina and control. For being only nineteen he has more control than most thirty-year-old men. He can give you a five-minute quicky and pump you full or he can fuck you for an hour before he fills you up.

Some it depends on me and some of it depends on our time frame. If it's in the morning before work and we are short on time it may only take five minutes. If it's a Saturday afternoon it may take all day. Yes. I love having Lane inside me. There is nothing better than getting my pussy stretched up by a young big cock. If something were to happen. I'm sure I'd never had a man fill me up the way Lane does. I always liked fucking my ex-husband. But, I always wished he was bigger. His seven inches was nice. But, I was always left unsatisfied. I even had a couple of affairs with guys that we're supposed to be big. They were bigger than my husband. But, not huge. I knew Lane was thirteen when we adopted him. So I never got to see him as a baby. But, I did walk in on him a couple of times. When he was fifteen he was bigger than my husband was. But, I was still in love and married then. Three years later I was divorced and single when I walked in on Lane. I almost passed out when I saw his dick. I was in heat instantly. I went right to my room and destroyed my pussy thinking of Lane"s meat. I was so horny I stuck my whole hand in my pussy and first fucked myself. That was on a Wednesday. That Saturday afternoon was the first time I fucked Lane. Luck would have it the weather turned to shit and a thunderstorm moved in and it poured down rain all day. I'm thirty-four years old 5'5" with a very athletic build. Six pack abs, very perky 34D tits, and a 33" ass you can bounce quarters off of. Long golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes and a perpetual tan. I knew Lane wasn't a virgin. But, I also knew he wasn't very experienced. I had also caught him checking out several times. But, who can blame him? Lane and I lived alone. And well I don't always dress as a mother should. I show a little extra. So as the thunder crashed outside. I seduced my stepson. It wasn't that hard. Especially when I took off my clothes and started fingering myself right in front of him. I knew I couldn't swallow Lanes full length. But, I knew I could suck him off till he came in my mouth. Lanes' young cock was deliciously full of nut honey. When it came time for me to take his cock I mounted him. I didn't really trust him and I wanted to get used to his size before he just went to plowing away at me. I was gonna let him plow away at me. I just wanted to get stretched out a bit first. Jesus did his cock feel good ripping me open to accommodate his size. I think I came three times before I got him fully inside me. But, once I got his entire length in me. I was the one doing the plowing. There wasn't any easy, gentle sex. No, I was to far out of control and he felt so good inside of me. I fucked him with everything I had. Lane was as horny as I was too. I would fuck him till I came then I'd suck him clean while Lane ate my bald gaping pussy. Then he started eating my asshole and fingering it while I sucked him off. I love anal play. My ex fucked my ass regularly. Lane was decent at eating pussy. But, he was excellent at eating my asshole. So before my pussy got to sore he couldn't fuck me anymore. I ran to my room and grabbed my lube. Getting down in the middle of the living room floor I stuck my ass in the air and told Lane to lube me up and stuck his big cock in my ass. He did hesitate. He squirted a large amount of lube on and in my ass held by the hips with one hand and his cock with the other a shoved his dick into my guts. Sparks flew and the room spun and my pussy juice flowed freely down my thighs as Lane hammered away at my asshole. He knew just what to do. He was slow at first until my asshole got relaxed then he took me with everything he had. I was a sweaty cum filled, gapping mess when he was finished with me. I absolutely loved it. "I need a shower." I smiled laying on the floor as cum seeped from my asshole. "You are a mess." Lane chuckled at me. "I hope to be a mess again later." I smiled back at him rolling over and spreading my legs inviting him in. Which he took the invitation and fucked me again. Don't worry. He washed his prick before he stuck it in me. Twenty minutes later he gave me another nut. Not, a big one. But, still a nut.

I sucked him off in the shower and gave him some more pussy. "You need to feed me before you fuck me anymore." I giggled as we dried off. "Delivery, take out, or set down?" Lane asked me as he pulled me to him. "Dine in." I grinned wrapping my arms around him smiling up at him. I knew it was gonna be a bit before he would be hard again and my pussy needed a rest. Besides I wanted to talk with Lane. He didn't take me to any of our regular places. Which was good. Not that I didn't want to be seen with him. Just not at the moment and not the way I looked. I looked like a woman in heat. And our waitress could tell I was. At dinner, I explained the rules to Lane. I also informed him I was bisexual. But, I told him I would never sleep with another woman without him being there. I also told him I would never fuck any of his friends. I was a one man woman. "Jamie. I'm kinda stengeie. I won't share my woman with another man either. That's my pussy." Lane grinned at me. And that's when I dropped the bomb about me bisexual. "What about sharing your pussy with another woman?" I asked Lane smiling. "Well, that's a whole new ballgame." Lane chuckled. "Good because I like eating pussy." I grinned at Lane. That was three years ago. I am Lanes woman. I get all the sex I want and then some. Lane always keeps me satisfied. I am wondering how he is going to take it when I inform him he is going to be a father.