Fucking after training

My parents New Years party was over and me and buddies were downstairs in the basement in dads Man Cave shooting pool and drinking up his whiskey. We had managed to avoid the entire party. I mean who wants to hang out with a bunch of old rich drunks anyways. "Eight ball right corner pocket." Kyle said calling his shot. He shot and missed and we all started laughing. He scratched which meant I was the winner. He dropped the pool stick on the table and threw his hands up into the air."Fuck it!" "You win again Toby." Jack said and slapped me on the back. "Yeah your a regular pool shark." Max said taking a drink from the bottle of Jim Beam. I took the bottle from him and turned it up myself and finished it off. After finishing off two bottles of Jack Daniels and now the bottle of Jim Beam the three of us weren't feeling much pain. In fact we were laughing and cutting up like the four college buddies we were. "Damn man!Does your dad have anymore booze?" Kyle ask. I smiled and nodded,"Yep!" I said pointing at him. They all three looked me waiting for me to answer. Max slapped me on the back,"Where?" "Oh?" I turned around and pointed up the basement steps barely able to stand."Up there in dad's study." "Well what are we waiting on?" Jack laughs and suddenly were quietly climbing the basement steps,like a bunch of drunken ninjas. I open the door and peep out. It was quiet and most of the lights off which meant my parents were in bed. My dad and Stepmom Beverly had been pretty sauced so they were probably in bed. I stepped out into the hall and wouldn't you just know it there was light on in dad's study. "Shit!" I suddenly stopped. "What?" Kyle asked bumping right into me. I pointed to the study,"Dad must be up." "Come on dude,just go ask him for a bottle."Max said. "I don't know guys,he might get mad if he finds out that we drank up all the whiskey downstairs already." "Stop being a pussy Toby and go ask him!"Jack said slapping me on the back of the head.

I turned around and slapped across the head."That hurt you dumb ass." He started laughing,"Pussy!" All three of the guys were laughing now. "I am not a pussy!" I snapped looking at the three of them. "Then prove it and go ask your dad for some more whiskey."Kyle said getting in my face. I shove him back and started down the hall to the study all three of them on my heels. I was so pissed that I just walked right on into the Study. My Stepmom Beverly was asleep on the double leather chaise lounge. "You guys be quiet and don't wake her up." I said walking over to the large mahogany mini bar. I grabbed two bottles of Jack Daniels from beneath the bar and when I stood up I saw the guys gathered around the chaise lounge looking down at Bev. "Man dude she's fucked up!" Kyle whispered motioning me over. I walked over and looked down at her. My Stepmom was lying face down half on the lounge and half on it. Her hand was on the floor and right leg was hanging over like she was about to fall off. "Why did your dad just leave her laying down here like this?" Jack ask. "That's pretty fucked up if you ask me, just leaving his pussy laying around like this."Max laughed and reached down and raised the bottom of Bev's dress all the up past her little white lacy thong. I looked at him and he laughed at me,"What? It's not like you haven't thought about fucking her." I looked away,"Yeah but she's past out,Max." I said and then I pushed his hand away. "Whatever." he took a bottle from me and turned around and walked over and sat down on the couch. Jack and Kyle walked over and sat down with him. "Guys we need to go back down stairs." I said. They all shook their heads. I sat down in Dad's leather wing back chair and uncapped the whiskey bottle and turned it up and drank down a hefty swallow.And I looked at Bev just laying their.She was still quite beautiful at 60 years old. With a nice set of tits and a tight ass. I smiled remembering the time I walked in on her taking a shower. "What are you smiling about,Toby?" Max ask. "Yeah let us in on the joke." Kyle said and turned up the whiskey bottle." "Yeah were all getting bored here,Toby."Jack smiled drunkenly. I just shook my head."It's nothing." Max started laughing and we all looked at him."You know what I was a watching a porno one time..." "One time." Kyle laughed interrupting him. Max slapped him on the back of the head,"Shut up and let me finish,dick weed! As I was say it was a porno and this guy walks up to this passed out girl and he whips his dong out and begins rubbing it on her lips and she just opens her mouth and gives him a blow job. The bitch didn't even open her eyes she just goes to sucking him and he's drilling her throat like a champ and blows one right down her gullet." "And she didn't wake up even after he cum in her mouth." I asked. "Nope she just swallowed his load like it was the most natural thing." "Bullshit! That shit was staged." Kyle laughed. I just looked at him and shook my head."It don't sound very true." "You mother fuckers thinking I'm a dumb ass or something." Kyle and I just looked away. Jack was asleep he wasn't saying anything. Max suddenly stood up and walks over to Bev and heaves her over until she's flat on her back. She didn't even groan or move or make a sound. He started unfastening his belt and I stood up. Kyle got in my face,"Let him do it,or you'll be giving all three of us a bro-job.Understand?" He grabbed my arm and hauled me over to where Max was now pulling his hard throbbing cock out of his underwear. I couldn't believe how big his cock was. It was ten inches and fully erect and thick. He grabbed his cock and turned Bev's face toward it and he placed the head against her pouty lips.At first nothing happened. He moved it around on her mouth,and his precum glossed her lips."Come on baby open up. Come on Mommy open up that pretty little of yours, Or I swear your son is gonna be sucking our dicks. "Your a bunch of fucking assholes. I can't believe I thought you were my friends!" Mom pushed the tip of her tongue out and licked her lips. Max pressed the head of his cock on her tongue and she opened her mouth. Max looked at me and smiled and winked,"See I fucking told you motherfucker. Bitches suck dick when their asleep." We watched in amazement as if Bev's tongue had a mind of it's on. It flicked this way and that. Kyle clapped me on the back,"See Toby your Mommy is wanting that dick in her mouth.At that moment Max brought the tip of his cock against her lips and she opened her mouth and he pushed it deep into her mouth. Bev began slowly bobbing her head back and forth on his shaft, taking him to the hilt. "Oh...My...Fuck!" Max gasped, his knees trembling. Kyle started laughing and clapping me on the back with excitement."Fuck yeah!Do her Max." I watched and I couldn't believe I getting excited myself. I could feel my dick growing hard in my pants just watching my Stepmother sucking that cock. Max didn't last but about two minutes before he shot his load in load gasp. and Bev swallowed it all and he lips pulled into a smile Mmmmm! Kyle was next he took out his cock which was small maybe five inches and not very thick and unceremoniously jammed it between Bev's lips and began humping it in and out of her mouth. "Yeahhh! Ohhh..yeahhh! Take it bitch!" He didn't even last a fucking minute before I saw his nut sack jerk and spasm. Bev's lips pulled into frown and almost laughed. Kyle stepped back and almost fell over me. I had to grab him before he fell. Max and Kyle walked over and collapsed on the couch and they looked over at me. "Your turn." Max said "Yeah you know you want to,dude so do it." I looked down at Bev's now open mouth.Yes I wanted to do it,I wanted to stick my dick in her mouth so fucking bad! But I didn't."You guys need to leave. Your not my friends anymore."

"What?" Max ask standing up. I walked over and got in his face,"Pick Jack up and get the hell out of her, right now!" And with the look in my eye he backed off. And I watched as He and Kyle hefted Jack up. I made sure they were gone before I walked back to the Study. I found Bev sitting up now with her head in her hands. She turns her head and looks at me. "Are they gone?" she asks. I nodded and walked over and sat down beside her and took her hand. "I heard them tell you that they were gonna make you suck their cocks if I didn't." I nodded not knowing what to say. "Please don't tell your father about this." "If I did,he'd sure be pissed,wouldn't he?" Bev looked at me,"Your not gonna say anything are you?" "No." I said and stood up and began unfastening my belt. "I did it for you Toby." "And now your gonna do it for me,right?" I said and slid my pants down around my ankles. She smiled and nodded,"If I must." I flipped my dick at her, "lay back,Mommy."