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Nathan 36 divorced 2 children who live with their mother. I live in an apartment and since the pandemic lockdowns have preferred working from home. I'm not the tidiest person around and don't like cleaning myself, so I hired a cleaning lady to come 3 days a week. Mary 63 widow and lives alone and needs the work, slender build and okay looking for her age

She was feeling the pain of the lockdown with no work and losing some clients as a result of the coronavirus. I myself wasn't concerned about the virus and thus gave her an extra day work (2 to 3) to help her out a bit. But I found others were concern and getting dates with sex became harder as people I usually dated stopped dating. I was home more and horny and watching Mary cleaning I got a hard-on watching her bum wiggling as she worked. Then one day I decided to asked her for sex, at first she wasn't willing. But I persisted and she gave in and agreed, mainly I think from fear of losing her job. I hadn't used it against her to get sex, but she agreed and I really enjoyed her. The next time she was cleaning I again asked for sex and she agreed and that's all we done that day was fuck. The next time I paid her I paid double for the extra service I told her. That's how it was for several months and then her building she lived in was raided and she wanted a new place to live.

Luckily I have 2 spare bedrooms and thought I could have her stay with me and have a fuck anytime I wanted. She agreed as other places were hard to find and so she moved in. Then a snap lockdown was imposed and she was with me 24/7 and I used her as my personal sex toy. Now months later, she does the cooking and all the cleaning and regularly drains my balls