Blessed Blowjob

It was my fault,I should have known better than to have made a bet with the teen daughter and her bestie as she was after all my bosses daughter,and like her mom,a force to be reckoned with.I winced as the ropes around my wrists and legs held me firm, trussed up my arms behind me,legs spreaderbar apart,the rope from my wrists through the ring in the roof as Talia,the bestie smiled,I was half bent over andy wet panties were a giveaway of what was really going on

As I said,I had agreed to let them do what they wanted,they pinned me down for 5 mimutes,I lost,and now I was theirs. I heard Ally on the phone, "Yes Mom we will see you tomorrow no of course Ginni doesn't mind staying" I trembled and nearly came as drool trickled past my mouth gag as Ally walked in, The girls were naked except that each of them were wearing a massive strap-on each,and I was about to learn how good they were at using them. Talia smiled and whispering to Ally made her smile. Talia pulled the leather belt fromy jeans,,,and folded it in half,as I shook and mumbled into my gag, They took turns six each at a time as I squealed and cried,shook and came,, Talia and Ally both fingered my dripping pussy "Mmmm.what a slut,Mom said you were a slut"

Ally laughed as I cried and they took to my pussy then ass hard and mercilessly. They left me there,coming in,fucking me,together,one at a time. Talia was brutal and when Ally had finally crashed Talia came,back whipping my pussy until I pissed myself crying. She whispered as she left me strung up, "Wait until tomorrow,,,this is just a warm up.