Big Tits Need A Big Dick

Why did we even come to this stupid ass party!" ".....you never share your toys or communicate....mmhmm..." I hum my recent favourite jam. "Bryn.." "....I guess I am just a play date to you..ooh ooh ooh...." I bat my eyelashes while humming the music and look at Max and wiggle my eyebrows. "We should have stayed at home! Why are we even here!" Max says in an irritative tone. I snicker. "Because, this is YOUR promotion party, in case you forgot." I wink at him. "Yeah...but, this party is a bizzare! Except, there is this beguiling woman..." he says with a lopsided smile. "Oh yeah! And who would that be?" I play along. "She's wearing a really sexy black strapless dress with a thigh high slit which makes me want to lick her thighs," he licks his lips in slow motion and then bites his lower lip. Before I can react, he leans in and licks my red lips. He pulls back and sighs heavily, and gives me a smile which matches my own. "Control, Mr. Walker, now's not the time to," I lick my lips in the same way he did and bite my lower lip too, "you know...." "Control?" He leans in again and whispers in my ear, "Wait for tonight, I've got plans." Shivers run down my spine at the mere thought of him controlling me. "Waiting..." my voice is barely a whisper. He gives me a look that promises SIN. "You never share your toys or communicate, I guess I am just a play date to you..." I sing the song again. He tilts his head to one side, "Play date by Melanie Martinez, what's up with you and this song Bryn?" he asks me in his deep velvety voice. "You never share your toys or commuincate, I guess I am just a play date to you..." I reiterate the lyrics of Play date for the third time to convey my message, let's see if he gets it. "Play date? Seriously! You are my lawfully wedded wife Brynna Walker, in case you forgot."

I shake my head, "That's not what I meant!" I titter, "Think harder, Maximus Walker." "Never share your toys...communicate..." he mumbles. He gives me a knowing look, narrows his eyes and smiles slowly, "You wanna choose the toys?" GOAL:ACHIEVED I bite my lower lip and nod. He leans in and runs his finger from my cheek to my chin, and rests it on my bare collarbone and glides his finger, "You get to choose 3 toys." My face breaks into a smile. "And the night doesn't end until you come ATLEAST 3 times," he continues with a wink. "Why 3? Not that I am complaining..." I ask with a smile. "Because, my beautiful wife gave me the signs 3 times, so, it's only fair," he raises his eyebrow and nods. "Looking forward to it." I blush. He runs his finger on my arm and holds my hand and starts caressing the back of my hand with his thumb. "Tell me the 3 toys you want." "Handcuffs, Spreader bar and..." I stop midway. "And..." he presses me to continue. "The beast." My breath is coming out in short rasps now. "Good choice, Bryn. Handcuffs, Spreader bar and Beast, it is." I feel Max's eyes go feral with lust, "Can't wait to peel this dress off you," this man just needs to talk and he has me gushing. He continues, "I have wanted to do that, since you wore that thing," he rakes his eyes on my body. His gaze lingering a little longer on my thigh. I smile internally and pat myself on the back, I chose this dress for a reason, I know Max's obsession with my thighs. "Ow, Max, Am I giving you," I press my body to him, feeling his crotch, " a HARD time." He narrows his eyes at me, "You'll be punished for that." "Up for it," my reply makes him smile. "You know what, I am gonna rip this dress off you," my eyes get widen at his response. Before I can respond, one of Max's colleague, Stefan shows up and asks him to join him for some meet up with their boss. He looks at me, "Go, I'll wait here," I say before him. "Be right back," he replies and leaves with Stefan. I smile to myself, thinking about this amazing man, my husband, Maximus Walker. It's been 8 years since we have been together, 5 years of dating and 3 years of marriage. This man still gives me butterflies, like I am a teenager. All in all, it's great to be with someone so compatible and loving. My husband is a natural dominant and I am a natural submissive. The way he transforms in the bedroom, being the alpha, all dominating and controlling, just the thought gives me a lady boner! I look his way, to find him looking at me. He resumes talking to his colleagues for a while and then comes back to me. "So, what next?" I ask him. "The Afterparty," he says with a naughty smile. "There's an afterparty too!" I frown and make a pouty face. "Yes, but we are having our own afterparty" I scrunch my eyebrows at him, "In our bedroom where your hands will be cuffed by the handcuffs and your sexy feet will be locked up with the spreader bar....and much more." As if my lady boner was being very comfortable, his words just took up my lady boner a notch higher. "We need to get outta here, ASAP," I say amidst heavy breathing. "That, we do," he agrees. With that, we say our goodbyes and leave the party to get to OUR AFTERPARTY. We drive to home in a haze, just waiting to get home and RAVISH each other. As we get inside our home, Max locks the door and turns around, he leans his hip on the door, facing me. "You chose that dress purposely, didn't you?" he narrows his eyes at me. "Mmhmm....guilty," I reply with a smile, while biting my lower lip. He closes the distance between us and runs his hand on my bare thigh, while his other hand is draped around my waist. I lock my hands around his neck, he continues to caress my thigh with his hand, and now, he uses both of his hands, it feels too good to have his hands on me, I close my eyes to feel his touch, and suddenly, RIPP! My dress is ripped into half, IN ONE GO. I gasp, "THAT WAS EXPENSIVE!" I say shockingly. "I'll buy you a new one," he says smilingly. He doesn't seem to mind, he continues to take off the ripped dress off my body with a smug smile on his face and throws it on the floor. "Buy me a new one! Go ahead, but why RIP the existing one?" I say exasperatedly. I narrow my eyes at him, he leans in and whispers, "You should have known better, challenging me like that," he nibbles on my earlobe making me moan. I should be annoyed right now, hell, I AM, but, I can't deny it was a HOT MOVE. He continues nibbling, right from my ear to my collarbone and I lose my resolve. He looks me in the eye, and keeps his hands on the either sides of my waist and then looks down at my knotted black thong. He runs his finger on the string of the thong and I squeak, "Don't..." that makes him chuckle. "If you say so," I roll my eyes at him because of his sassy reply, he just pulls the strings open on both the sides and throws the thong with on the floor to join my ripped dress. I am completely naked now, except for my black stilletos. Max takes a step back and rubs his hands together, eyeing me while licking his lips. "Ready?" he asks in a breathy voice. "Impatient," I whisper. Max closes the distance once again and kisses me, without breaking the kiss he lifts me up, I drape my legs around his waist. He carries me to our bedroom and sits me on the bed, with my feet dangling. He bows down to remove my stilletos and asks me, "Remember the safe word?" I roll my eyes inwardly, but I nod at him, because he asks me literally everyday! "Mmhmm," I reply. He gets up and goes to open the drawer which has all our kink toys, he takes out the suction handcuffs, spreader bar and the beast, as chosen by me. He comes towards the bed and places the toys in front of me on the bed. "Say it," he impels. While waiting for my reply, he starts to strip, the tie comes off first, followed by the blazer and then comes off the shoes and socks. He starts unbuttoning his shirt, slowly, one button at a time, and I just can't take my eyes off him, he is so RACY. "What is it?" he asks me again in his DOM mode. SEXYY. "Dracarys," I say with a small smile. Yes, we are major GAME OF THRONES fans, why not make the most out of it. "Good," he smirks. He is shirtless now, just those sexy black pants. This man makes my throat go dry. He rubs his hands together and climbs the bed. As he comes towards me, I keep on going backwards till my back touches the headboard. He keeps his hands on my thighs and part my legs and kneels between my legs. "Put your hands forward," he says in his authoritative voice. I put my hands forward, he picks up the suction handcuffs, and fasten each of my hand in each cuff. After fastening, he takes both of my hands and put them above me and sticks the cups of the handcuffs to the wall. HANDCUFFS:CHECK. "You look so tempting right now," he whispers and touches my lower lip with his thumb and starts stroking my lower lip. Then, he pushes his thumb slightly inside my mouth, I part my lips and gladly take his entire thumb in my mouth and close my lips tightly around it. He starts moving his thumb in and out of my mouth, I start matching his thrusts and deep throat his thumb, that makes me moan. After a few more thrusts, I feel him slowing the pace of his thumb, after a few strokes, he stops and takes his thumb out of my mouth and puts it in his mouth and sucks on it. My mouth is slightly open because of heavy breathing. He looks me in the eye while sucking his own thumb, then his attention goes to my lips, he takes his thumb out from his mouth and licks his lips and bites the lower one, and leans forward swiftly and bites my lower lip making me moan. We start kissing ferociously, he pushes his tongue in my mouth and I suck on it like a candy. His hands goes to my breasts, I push myself forward towards his hands, but he pushes me back. He breaks the kiss and shakes his head. "Patience Bryn," he whispers making me sigh heavily. He starts gliding his fingers on my hands and rests them on my breasts. He starts thumbing my nipples, twisting them between his thumb and forefinger. He leans forward and takes my nipple in his mouth, starts grazing it with his teeth and a moan escapes my mouth. He continues sucking on my nipple which makes me writhe. "Don't move," he says in a husky voice and places both of his hands on my thighs to hold me in place. He brings his lips on my navel from my nipple, leaving a trail of wet kisses. He starts sucking the skin just below my navel, he continues to go down till he reaches my left thigh. He looks me in the eye, "And now," he starts licking my thigh, "I've wanted to do this to you at the party," he says while licking my thigh. "Your thighs drive me mad woman..." he continues to flick his tongue on my thigh, all the while tweaking both of my nipples. He brings his hands down towards my cunt and part my lips with his fingers, he uses the middle finger of his other hand and glides it right from my wet slit to my clit, collecting my wetness on his finger, and puts that finger in his mouth and licks it clean. He glides his finger through me once again, but this time he puts his finger in my mouth, giving me a taste of myself. "Ready for orgasm number 1?" he asks me with his finger in my mouth, I nod. He takes out his finger from my mouth abruptly and takes his hand down towards my cunt. He starts rubbing my clit in small circles with his thumb, and starts pumping his middle finger in and out of my wet slit. I moan in pleasure. "You make the best noises love," he leans in and kisses me, and thrusts his tongue in my mouth. I suck on his tongue, HARD. He moves back and I whimper at the loss of his mouth on mine. My reaction has him smirking. He increases the tempo of his fingers, I suck in a breath and feel the build up in the pit of my stomach. "Can I come...pleaseee," I beg Max. "Yes, you can love," he replies. I come with a scream, it feels so ecstatic. I am fully absorbed by my orgasm, I can feel it vibrating through my whole body. When I come back from my state of elation, I find Max smiling at me. He is rubbing himself through his pants, while biting his lower lip. "You look too goddamn sexy, with your cuffed hands, legs wide spread and that sweet honey flowing outta your juicy cunt." FUCK MEE! My breathing gets jagged at his filthy words, and my eyes go where his hand is rubbing his shaft. "Ready for number 2?" he asks with a raised eyebrow. I meet his eyes and nod. "Here comes THE BEAST," he says and picks up the 8 inched, purple coloured vibrator kept beside him. "Your second favourite contentor," he winks at me. I smile at the title 'The Beast,' the title was the main reason that vibrator caught our eye at the kink store and we decided to buy it. I watch him intently as he starts the vibrations of the Beast and glides it through my collarbone and starts circling it around my aerola, occasionally touching it to my nipple. He glides it downward, rests it on my vulva and whispers, "You like it love," I just nod. He takes it downward and keeps the vibrator on my clit which is still very sensitive from my orgasm number 1 and now, these delicious vibrations, Mmmm. He glides it downward and thrusts it inside me in one go. THE BEAST:CHECK. "Fuckk.." I mutter and suck in a breath. He doesn't move the Beast, just keeps it inside me for a while and asks, "Is it as good as my cock," and starts sucking on my neck, making me writhe and moan. "No," I reply in a husky voice. "No? Then, maybe we should..." he starts to take the Beast out of me. "Nooo.." I squeak when the Beast is halfway out of my slit. He eyes me and raises his eyebrow in question, "What do you want love?" "Make me come with the Beast, please," I whisper. He smiles and thrusts the vibrator inside me, and sets a rythm. It doesn't take long for the orgasm to build up. I close my eyes feeling the tension building up. "Come," I hear Max say it and I come undone. My orgasm number 2 is way too intense, my legs start shaking but Max doesn't stop moving the Beast. I am a quivering and writhing mess right now, "Max, I can't..." he immediately stops the vibrations and takes the Beast out of me. I go lax after the orgasm number 2, I am completely consumed by it. But, I recall Max's words "And the night doesn't end until you come ATLEAST 3 times" and I know there's more to come. As I get back to the real world again, Max leans in and removes the handcuffs and whispers, "Now, get ready for me love," he bites my earlobe gently. He continues, "I can't wait to be inside you," he eyes me, "I am gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop." God, I love his filthy mouth. He abruptly gets up and fastens the cuffs of spreader bar to my feet and spreads me wide.

SPREADER BAR:CHECK. He gets rid of his pants and boxers, then abruptly pulls me towards him. He cups my centre and mutters, "Mine." "Yess, yours," I reply. He takes both of my feet, lifts them in the air and gives me a look and I know what's coming next. The next second, I am flipped ROUGHLY. "On all fours," he instructs me and I oblige. I am panting with need right now, the need to have Max inside me. Max leans towards me and I can feel his hot breath on my back. He gathers my hair in his hand and pulls them, he snakes his other arm around my stomach to hold me in place. And then, he enters me from behind, in one smooth stroke. He's inside me, all the way to the hilt. SWEET JESUS, he feels amazing. He starts moving inside me, fucking me raw. I feel his hands everwhere, pulling my hair, around my neck, not quite choking me but, a possessive hold, grabbing my breast and pinching my nipple. Oh god, he feels so good. "You feel so good," he says matching my thoughts. He starts touching my buzzing clit, and I am on the verge of coming again. "Can I please come?" "Yes, you can." With his fingers circling my clit and his cock moving inside me, I come. My orgasm rolls through me. It is so intense, I can't stop screaming. I can feel Max grunting too, I know he came too. But, he won't stop moving. Oh my god, my orgasm continues and continues to roll through me, pleasuring me in ways I didn't think was possible. It's like, I can't see anything, can't think anything, just feel this earth shattering orgasm. Until I can't take it anymore. "Maxxx...Ahhhh...Max, stop...Ahhhh..Oh, fuckkk.." "Beg...me...love..." he says between forced thrusts. "Max, I beg youuu....pleasee stoppp...Ahhh.." He stops moving and I lose my balance and drop down on the bed. Moments later, I vaguely feel Max removing the spreader bar and rubbing my feet. I can't move, I feel completely spent. I feel the bed dip and Max scooping me in his arms. I smile lightly, and sing without opening my eyes, "I guess I am just a playdate to you..." I hear him laugh beside me, "You happy, Mrs. Walker?" "Very," I reply with a smile. I feel him kissing my temple, I just hug him back and mutter, "I should choose toys oftenly..." "Definitely," he replies. He switches the tv on, and to my utter surprise, 'PLAYDATE', is on the tv, making us burst into laughter. "Well, I guess, thanks Melanie for the amazing night," I wink at Max. "Yeah, yeah," he rolls his eyes at me. "I love you though," I say with a smile. "I love you too," he whispers with a smile.