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My body shook with each tick of clock hands. Perched on the edge of the couch, my hands rubbed my thighs. Oh I knew he'd be angry. Those brown eyes dark and serious. I defied him and I knew I'd pay for it. His truck pulled up the drive and I started to shake. I ran to my bedroom, and stripped hoping my readiness to please him would soften him. Kneeling on the floor, hands splayed on my thighs, I waited. It wasnt long before I saw his shoes. I dared not look up, my brown hair hiding my anxious face. Fingers were on my chin, tilting up my face. "Hi babygirl," he said softly. He pulled me up and bending down, his lips found mine. Tongues tasting each other, I melted onto him. His strong hand runs up my back, slowly entwining in my hair. He pulls my head back, making me gasp.

Kisses fall along my jaw, down my neck. His lips are then on my ear, voice low. “Are you gonna be a good little girl for Daddy?” I moan, feeling myself flood with anticipation. “yes daddy,” I breathe out. “He glances down at his belt. “Take it off babygirl.” I quickly dropped to my knees. I unbuckle Daddy’s belt and slide it out of the loops. I shyly look up as I hand it over. He folds in half, running the loop across my pouty lips. “Those lips baby. “ He smirks as he leaves the belt on my lips. “Suck the belt kitten. Show Daddy how you love it.” With surprise, I open my mouth and start tonguing the leather. Drool starts to pool in the corners of my mouth, as I suck and work the belt. His eyes darken as he watches. Now, I want you to take put Daddy’s cock and suck it hard.” Trembling, I lean up fast as Daddy pulls up hard on the belt. "Yes, Daddy!” I murmur as I lean up. I make fast work of removing his pants, and stare a second at his thick dick. Kissing the tip, I look up. Daddys dark eyes watching me as I wrap my lips around him. My tongue starts to move and I hear him moan. His cock starts to get hard and grow in my mouth as I tease his head. " yes baby....like that. Worship Daddy's dick with that mouth." He moans and I feel my thick thighs getting wet... "Ok princess, turn around. Ass up. Just how Daddy likes his little slut." Immedistely I move to obey. I lay my head down on the floor, my backside up, exposed. Suddenly, theres a smack, the belt glancing across my skin. I yelp, feeling it welt. "Babygirl! You know those legs need spread apart!" Daddy growls at me and pushes my knees apart. I whimper, tears forming in my eyes. Daddy is behind me, his hands rubbing my ass. He bends down and kisses the welt. I shiver as his lips touch my skin. Leather soon starts trailing along my skin. It's still warm and wet from my mouth. "Now baby, we need to correct this behavior..." and I know it's coming. Then there it is the crack if leather on my ass. Blow after blow, I try to keep still, the pain building. Hot, throbbing in all the right places. Daddy stops, chuckling. Aw babygirl....look how wet you are. You arent supposed to enjoy your punishment." He looks down, seeing me drip. I feel the leather belt against my pussy, rubbing gently. A little moan escapes. "Does that feel good babygirl?" I don't answer, right away. And I feel a smack against my clit with the belt. I call out, " Yes, Daddy!" as I tighten up. Daddy continues to tease me with the belt, eventually pushing it into me. I groan loudly, trying not to push against it. "You need Daddy's dick don't you love?" I can hear the smirk in his voice. "Oh yes, Daddy..pleeeease....." i moan for him. Pulling the belt out slowly, he unfolds it. "Lift your hair, babygirl." I do as instructed, pulling my dark hair up. Daddy loops it around my neck, pulling tight. “there now baby. All ready?" He doesnt give me a chance to respond. I'm suddenly filled with him, stretching open around his thickness. I cry out, garbled by the belt around my throat. He winds it tighter, creating the perfect arch with my body. "Good girl....take all of Daddy's cock...." He thrusts hard, over and over. My world spinning and starting to blur.

He recognizes my sag and let's go of the belt, he immediately flips me onto my back, burying his cock inside me. "Look at me baby...." My gray eyes meet his brown ones and I tighten around him, moaning his name. "Fuck baby.... want cum for Daddy don't you...." I nod, clawing his back. " He thrusts harder, " I don't think you can cum just yet..." and he begins to move, grinding my clit. I call out. Feeling it build. "Don't you dare cum...." he growls. but I cant help it and I clamp down, my pussy throbbing around him. "FUCK...." He hisses as he cums hard, filling me. He continues to ride me through his orgasm, making mine last. He leans up, grabbing my throat. Unbuckling the belt, he's muttering. "You broke the rules..." He looks at me, and I shrink. He smiles wickedly and says, "Ass up, babygirl.