Anal With Tight Ass MILF

My head snapped back at the slap on my cock. It throbbed and bobbed with a mixture of lust and pain. The lacings were tied tight so that hard cock was thrust forth, giving my mistress easy access. Hands bound, I flexed them in vain. There was no escaping, no running. That was part of the appeal. Things that should not be pleasurable, i found so erotic. The pain was an aphrodiasic that i felt to the tip of my tortured cock. Leather covered hands rubbed oil into my sore flesh, not out of kindness but from the desire to prevent my skin from breaking down. She had much more planned, I could see it in her cruel blue eyes. The same hand slowly poured more musky oil and she reached out for my cock. She rubbed it over the length, paying particular attention to the sensitive head. I doubled over,thrusting further into her hand. I was desperately seeking release, as she had been teasing me for days. Days at her mercy. Days I had been pushed to the brink and not been allowed to come. Moans seemed to delight her, and she bit down on red lips, trying to suppress her smile. This only seemed to add to my lust, seeing a glimpse of another piece of her. I worshipped her. She is my goddess. I would do anything she commanded.

She removed her glove and i felt bare skin on the oversensitive skin of my dick. More moans escaped behind gagged my lips as I let my body beg openly for release. She leaned in and whispered, “Not yet…you’ve been a very…very bad boy. And bad boys deserve punshiment…” I closed my eyes as the words sang through my head. She mights as well have spoken directly to my cock. I glanced down at it, huge and purple. I could see it pulse and throb. She laughed throatily. “Mmmmm…I’m having a hard time controlling myself. Look how nice your cock looks. I’m tempted to ride it…” She sat in a burgundy velvet chair across from me. She leaned back, admiring her work. “Damn, I’m just so wet right now…I don’t know if I can continue in this state. Its so distracting…” She uncrossed her boot covered legs and I realized that under her black skirt and garter, there was nothing. Nothing to stop me from seeing her wet pussy. I wanted to lick my lips but the gag prevented it.She leaned back, casually laying a leg over the arm of the chair. She was completely exposed, I could even see how wet she was. She began lazily rubbing a hand on her bare thigh, seeming to contemplate her next move. Her other hand draped across the top of one breast, which was still mostly contained by a corset. She drummed her fingers, as if bored, but I knew better. I watched fascinated as she pretended to be oblivious that her slow movements were maddening to me. I love that she was putting on a scene for me, knowing that it adds to more torment. Knowing I want nothing more than to bury my face in her, lick and suck her senseless. Knowing I want to to drive my hard cock deep inside her, over and over, ripping an orgasm through her body. I twitched and moaned, pulling on my ties. She began massaging her huge breasts, and it made its way free. She reached over, and released the other. She began massaging both breasts, rubbing and kneading. She watched me intently for reactions, reading my body. She reached to the table, finding the bottle of musky oil she used on me. She slowly drizzled some over each mound of breast, taking care to hit each nipple. She put down the bottle and went back to her massage. She began rubbing her nipples and pulling out on them. She moaned with pleasure, sighing and almost purring. She looked at me as she did this, not stopping for a second. I knew she saw me watching beneath my lashes and for a second, I was scared. I did not get permission to look at her. She continued on though, finally saying, “ I want you to look at what you have done. You have made me so hot, I can’t even punish you. Naughty boy…now I will have to punish you more.” She thrust her chest out, as she pulled on both nipples, moaning loudly.She drew her hand down her body, gliding over lace and leather. She reached both hands down, pulling open her lips. “Look how wet this pussy is. How big my clit is. This is your fault.” She began lightly rolling her clit with a finger, sighing. She reached lower, inserting a finger inside, saying, “How I wish this was really a giant cock….” She looked up at me. “Your giant cock.” I shuddered and whimpered. She stood up, reaching out and whipped my legs with a riding crop. “I’ve decided. I’m going to ride that cock until I explode, but if you so much as have one drop of cum, I will beat you senseless.” I nodded furiously as tears pooled in my eyes. She grabbed my by the cock and led me to the bed. She released my hands. She liked to be spanked and touched while fucking, so I knew what was expected. She laid me down, but not before spanking my ass.. I flinched as she hit welts but my cocked danced. I lay on the bed, watching her stand at the foot. She circled the bed, slowing undoing her skirt. She then bent a leg, unzipping her boot. Then the other. She then stood in corset, garter and stockings. Her glorious tits were still out, I was tempted to squeeze on but though better of it. She climbed onto the bed. She slowly crawled towards me, placing a stocking clad leg on either side of me. She grabbed my cock, steadying it beneath her. She slowly lowered herself onto my begging dick. I threw my head back. “No cumming you bad boy.” She grabbed my hair, raising my face to hers. “Understand?” She then threw off the gag. “I want that mouth.” She grabbed me again, thrusting her tongue onto mine. I grabbed her hips and ground into her. She pulled back and slapped me. “No. I will tell you when to move!” She leaned back, placing palms on my thighs. She began to ride me, rolling her hips on my cock. “Touch me. NOW.” I placed my hands on her hips, then moved a hand so that I could rub her clit.” “Oh, yes. You love my pussy don’t you?” She said breathlessly

I nodded, rubbing her clit more. “ She moaned and rode harder. “Your thick cock feels so good. Mmmmm…oh.” I could feel her tremble a little, and I could feel myself getting close. I started to sweat with the effort of trying to not to explode inside her. I started to grunt from the need. She grabbed my hair again, “Oh, does the bad boy need to come?” I nodded and she fucked me harder. She started to come and screamed, “Come hard for me! Now!” that did it. I drove hard into her 3 more times and when my cock let loose, I about passed out. It felt like the shuddering would never end. It was pleasure, pain and everything in between. She lay on top of me, panting. She got down next to me, stroking my chest hair. I smiled at her, feeling complete. I looked at her, expecting a sweet smile. Her eyes were still hard and smile cruel. “Who said you were done?” And she grabbed my cock again