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Upstairs, their bedroom was adjacent to ours. The bed squeeked badly. None the less we were young and very sexually active.Kathy was a good sport and was a free spirit like myself. I had a fondness for having sex in our Legg's pantyhose. She knew it spiced up our sex life and thought it was fun. A bit kinky perhaps but I enjoyed the look and feel of our legs as we went at it like there was no tomorrow. Mom and dad got a earful to say the least. It wouldn't be the 1st time a couple spent time in a parents home.It was great fun and dad probably enjoyed the sounds of young people enjoying their youths.Role playing was a major activity in our bedroom. I was her "Daddy" and she was my little girl who had been naughty and required disciplinary rule.

If she promised to be a good girl, she would be allowed a little more of her "Daddy's smooth, hard cock.She smiled as I seduced her into a fantasy of being her big strong papa. I'm sure my folks heard us because a few hot novels showed up. She called them hot.... Apparently she had a thing for "Daddy"