Three wet pusy

Ok guys can I get you a drink, tea, coffee, fruit juice cola. I’ll have coffee and Ally will have water Carl said. So you always decided everything Ally wants do you. Yes well err…. He replied embarrassed I had challenged him. Ally you look like a tea drinker to me or something else you say. She looked at me tea will be fine just a little bit of milk no sugar. You’re like me then sweet already. I looked at Carl and said don’t say a word. I pulled my tongue out at him then smiled. Ally smiled too. I went into the kitchen and Ally followed me. I turned the kettle on and got three cups out. Gaynor Ally said why are you naked? I like being naked and it saves on washing. Trying to do my bit to save the planet. Are you not embarrassed in front of strangers? Carl can hardly his eyes off you. What about you I asked, don’t you like, and twirled around. I think you are beautiful Ally replied, so much more than me. Nonsense I said, you have a pretty face and nice legs. Pity I haven’t seen any more of you. I bet under that sweat shirt there is a sensual body all the boys crave. Ally went red. I walked over to her and put my arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead. She put her arms round my waist and hugged me. Her head was resting on my breasts. Are you Ok Ally you seem a bit withdrawn. It’s just that Carl wants sex all the time and he wants to do things that are not natural. Like what I asked just to see what she would say. Like what you did to him. How could you put it in your mouth, he pees with that thing? Yuk. Ally, sex is all about give and take. While I was doing that to him I had an orgasm. It turns me on. What, how? Put it down to experience, I am 38 and have done lots of different things, even in my ass. She gasped up your bum hole. Yes why? Does it hurt you? No, I love it, I can’t get pregnant when they cum in there. They, how many? I have lots of partners both men and women. The kettle had boiled so we let go of each other and I poured the water in the cups.

Ally, do you want to have some fun with Carl? Like what she asked. He has never kissed you pussy has he? No, he says it’s dirty and never will. I bet I can make him eat us both. Yeah right she said. Trust me and do everything I say without question Ok? Ok she replied with a puzzled look on her face. It’s Ok nobody will get hurt just his pride. Ally giggled and we went back into the lounge. Carl was lying on the sofa idly playing with his cock. He sat up and I handed him is coffee. His cock flopped down between his legs onto the sofa. I sat on one armchair and Ally on the other. I said to Carl, hey babe fancy licking my pussy for me; I am all hot and wet. That is gross he said with dismay. Why I sucked your cock. Yes but…. But what you piss out of your and I piss out of mine. It will not kill you. But I might if you don’t. Ally gave a stifled giggle. Fuck off you dirty cow. Was I a cow in the woods then? No, shut up. I stood up and walked over to him. I wiped my hand on my damp pussy are smeared it on his lips. Yuk you dirty bastard he screamed, brushing his hand across his lips. I wiped some more juice from my now wet pussy and licked it off my hand. Grown men and women have fought to taste that and all a little boy says is Yuk. I looked at Ally; she was hiding he face trying not to laugh. Ally do you want to me taste me and wiped some more juice off my pussy. I held out my fingers to her. She looked at me and I winked at her. Ally sat up and put her lips on my fingers. She slowly sucked my fingers as if it was a meal. I knelt down and opened her legs. She tried to keep them closed but I was quite forceful. She looked at me in terror but I smile at her and wiggled my tongue at her. I lifted t sweat shirt up exposing her trimmed pubes. Relax I whispered. And kissed her hair covered mound. Ally’s legs closed on my head so I pushed them open again. I started to lick the tops of her legs slowly moving closer to her pussy. I slide my hands under her butt and pulled her closer tome. She let out a soft moan. I could see her pearl sticking out of its covering. I flicked my tongue across it and she shivered and moaned louder. My tongue was licking and circling her hardening clit. Ally was breathing in shallow quick breaths. I let my tongue enter her tunnel. She froze and went stiff. Her hands were pushing my head away but I held firm. Then my tongue found the little string hidden in the folds of her pussy. No, please she whispered. It’s Ok baby I replied and took the string in my teeth. I slowly pulled on it extracting the tampon form her. God no, I….. It came out and hit my chin. It was warm and damp. I looked up and Ally was covering her face. I let it drop to the floor and started licking her pussy. Why should women stop having sex because of periods, I thought. It’s only a bit of blood and you would kiss a guy after he has been fighting. I continued until Ally shuddered to a climax. She was rolling her head from side to side with sheer pleasure. I looked up at her and she looked back with passion in her eyes. I slowly slide up her body and planted a kiss on her lips. Ally responded by putting her tongue in my mouth. She understood what I had done. Her arms went round my neck and kissed and licked my face. Thank you she said when we broke for air. Tears had formed in her eyes and she blinked sending a tear down her left cheek. I knew then we had a bond woman on woman and she would never be anybody else’s slave. I stood up and looked at Carl. His cock was rock hard in his hand. Come here and kiss me. No way he said. Kiss me now of I will rip your balls off. He stood up and sheepishly came over. I reach around his neck and planted a kiss full on his lips, darting my tongue in he mouth as if I was trying to lick his tonsils. He never tried to pull away but started to lick Ally’s juices off my chin. I pulled away slightly and Carl started to lick my face. His cock was so hard and pressing against my stomach. I reached down and put it between my legs. I thrust my hips forward and trapped his cock on the entrance to my pussy. With one movement I stood on my tip toes and allowed it to enter me. I let my feet fall flat on the floor and his cock was pushed right inside my aching pussy. I place both arms around his neck and Carl grabbed my ass cheeks He started to thrust hard, grunting at ever forward thrust.

I looked over at Ally and she was rubbing her pussy with one hand and probing it with the fingers of her other hand, staring at us as we fucked like animals in the middle of the room. Suddenly Carl grunted loudly and started spewing his hot cum deep inside my womb. I was hanging on for dear life. I was squirting all over his cock and the floor. Ally was screaming with a massive orgasm. Carl stopped thrusting I just stood there trying to catch my breath. Carl bent his legs and I felt his softening cock slip out of me, followed by big gloops of his cum, running down my thighs. He sat on the sofa and I sat on the chair. Nobody said anything.