Horny Grandma fucked by a thief

It was a long day for me. Went to varsity and my boyfriend let’s just call him Peter... went to work. We had a huge fight the night before. And was not really looking forward to going back to our flat. My name is Sarah. When I walked in I was welcomed by two boxes of pizza, wine and glasses. He greeted me with a squeeze and a smooch. He then helped me out of my clothes then led me to the bathroom and we had a shower all this was in silence. He started massaging my back then moved to my tits I’m a C cup by the way.

I could feel them getting hard. He slowly moved his hand across down to my navel next thing he was massaging my clit. I could feel my peach getting moist he slid a finger then two three. He started pounding me faster with his fingers. I could feel my knees getting weak his warm tongue made its way into my peach he started feasting on me I couldn’t hold it any longer my body trembled and the hunger lingered I wanted his D inside of me. With his fingers still inside of me.

He got up pinned me to the wall lifted my leg up and he went in from behind he pounded me in and out faster I could feel my body giving in and meeting his. I could feel he was ready to blow me up and he did we both care together and the bonus was a squirt. He passionately kissed me then we continued with our shower in silence