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My name is Eric. I'm twenty-six old. 6'3" tall well built and 240 pounds. I'm confident and out going. I'm not a bully or anything like that. I won't wrong you and won't be wrong. But, I have a down fall. Woman. I find there weakness and prey on it till I bed them. I have never met a woman I didn't want to stick my big dick in. Married mature women are my favorite. There's just something about watching a forty something house get a cock bigger then she's ever had shoved into her. When I say I have a big dick I mean. I'm eleven inches and very thick. In my youth I had real problems with it. I skipped gym and any sports. I will always remember the horror on poor Amber Johnson face when I pulled my dick out at her house that day after school in her bedroom my junior year. She left her room in such a hurry i didn't know what to do and Amber never asked me back to her house. Wood spred like wild fire about my appendage. But, there was also a up side to it. Mrs. Taylor my English teacher. Now Mrs. Taylor was no beauty queen. I mean she wasn't ugly and she had a nice enough body. But, she was like forty-five and married. She was older then my mom at the time.

Once word reached her. I didn't stand a chance. She knew just how to make do what she wanted and made me think it was all my idea. From her getting me to come over to her house the first time when Mr. Taylor was gone, to me seducing her. I learned I wasn't the only student she bedded. But, I was most definitely the biggest with the most staying power though. I don't know how she did it. But, she was always free when ever I wanted to fuck. Mrs. Taylor also taught me how to please a woman and to use my big dick. I still see Mrs. Taylor from time to time. But, I have moved on to the working world and left my home town behind. That brings us to my stepmother Lisa. Like I said before. I like to have women I've never had and are off limits. Lisa is a 5'3" 36DDD-26-36 freckle faced, green eyed, redheaded ball of fire. Her left arm has a floral rose tattoo sleeve. I can honestly see why my dad married her. My dad like me is tall, lean and muscular. I'm just hung way better the he is. I know this because I have been told from woman with first hand experience with both of us. "Hey, dad. What's up?" I asked when I answered the phone. He explained he had to leave town for about six weeks and was wondering if my stepmother could stay with me while he was gone. Of course I said yes and was already scheming on how to get in between her legs. Two days later they showed up to drop her off. I let things ride for a couple days before I set my plan of attack into motion. Nothing I did was out front and open. From the shuttle little brushes to things like not wearing underwear under my night pants. I took her to a couple nice dinners. Small things. I didn't want to be to forward. It was getting close to the end of the second week when I thought I had things right about where I wanted them. Boy, was I wrong. I came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of long shorts that when I moved just right let the head of dick show. Just as I figured Lisa smiled as setting the livingroom watching t.v. "So, how has Nancy been?" Lisa asked with a coy look taking me off guard. "Who?" I asked truly confused at her question. "Nancy Taylor." Lisa grinned another lewd grin. "I'm not sure who you are talking about." I said still confused. "Don't play stupid with me." Lisa said in a voice that said she already knew the answer. "Don't forget we all come from the same small town." Lisa smiled eyeing me like a tiger about to pounce. "Oh, that Nancy Taylor." I said look at her with a cat eating a carney look. "Yep. That Nancy Taylor." Lisa grinned again that sexy naughty grin of hers. "Well, um." I started when she cut me off. "Listen here. I'm tired of your games. I didn't have your father bring me over here for six weeks to have you pussy foot around about getting in my pants." Lisa said with that patterned naughty grin of hers. "Okay." I gulped being truly caught off guard and not knowing what to say. "Nancy tells me you've become a true cocksman. I'm here to find out if that true." Lisa grinned again with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. "Just like that?" I asked. "Just like that." She smiled again. I set there for a minute processing everything that was going on. Never in my life have I been so taken back with a womans bluntness. I really had no idea to handle the situation. "Stand up. Let's see that big dick of yours." Lisa smiled with a demanding look. "Oh, hum!" Lisa gulped when I dropped my shorts. "I guess I am in for a treat." I had never had such an ardent blow job as the one Lisa gave me that first time right there in the livingroom. It was like she was trying to suck the life out if through my dick. When I came she wrapped both hands around my cock and jacked me off as looked deep into my soul. That night I took her every way I had ever dreamed of fucking her and a few I had never thought of. I never knew a woman in her forties could fuck as much as she could. It seemed as though every time I fucked I charged her batteries up more then they previously where. Some how she managed to coax four big loads of cum out of me. I had never been with a woman that had so much sexual drive in my life. It was three days later I took her anally. From experience I knew I had to go slow and be gentle. But, I was wrong there too. Lisa had other plans and more experience then I did. "Why are you fucking around." Lisa growled. "Fuck my ass with that big cock. I want it to hurt." She finished with a lusty nasty glare. I was on top of her with her legs pinned back ramming her overly stretched asshole with everything thing I had when she erupted spraying us both with more cum then I ever thought possible from a woman. "YES, YES, YES THATS THE WAY TO FUCK MY ASS YOU BIG DICKED MOTHERFUCKER!" Lisa screamed in pleasure as she quivered and shook underneath me as I continued to pound her. After that the sex between us was crazy. Lisa was the that introduced me to fist fucking. It was something I had always thought of been never tried. Apparently Lisa loved having my fist shoved into her snatch while I fucked her in the ass.

Lisa was up for anything. We fucked constantly and just not at home. She road me twice at the county fair getting a pussy full of cum both times. I banged her as she leaned over a stone wall while we watched people ski on the lake. It was crazy all the places we had sex and the ways we had sex. On what what was suppose to be Lisa's last night with me, we where laying in bed with me behind her having a nice gentle fuck when her phone rang. I started to stop and pull out. But, she told me she was to close and not to stop. I knew instantly who it was by the voice in the other end of the line. It was my dad. We had lost track of time and forgot he would be calling. I slowly continued to fuck Lisa as she talked to my dad on speaker phone. Which made her pussy tighter then I thought it could get. She also let me know I better not cum yet. When dad announced he wouldn't be back for another month I thought Lisa was gonna jump for joy. I had Lisa by the shoulders pushing my entire length as deep in her as I could when he asked if I mind keeping her for that time. I erupted in my stepmother just as she was telling my father she loved him. After that trip dad started traveling more and Lisa comes to stay with me every time. We both like tabooness of it. She loves the excitement of screwing around on my father and love the fact she is a married woman and to my dad. Plus she does things with me she would never dream of letting my father do to her.