Get wet inside your mouth

I thought I was happily married for four years when my wife Janice starting to change on me. I loved her more than I could say. I wouldn’t have married her if I didn’t. We had a good life together. We met at a fundraiser I had attended. It was a charity auction, and I was dared by my best friend to buy her. I won’t tell you the small fortune I payed to have her for the night. Even though I didn’t even get to second base, it was the best money I have ever spent in my life…. Janice was a dream to be with from the very moment we started. We where married less than a year later and attended the same function wearing our wedding rings. Janice was harassed to no end form the people who remembered that I had bought her the year before. It was a lot of fun. We had the time of her life. And even Though I was not allowed to buy any more women. A few years later I thought that life just couldn’t get any better. Janice didn’t have to work, but kept a part time job she enjoyed very much. We spent every moment we could together and seemed to get a long great. Our sex life was great too. We would make love two or three times a week without fail, though if I was really randy, she would take the extra day for my pleasure. It all changed overnight. I was at a seminar out of town for the second week in a row. I came home and saw my wife. I ran to her and tried to seduce her. She pushed me away, she kissed me and was polite but there was no way I would get her up stairs naked. This was not normal for her, and I figured that something was wrong. I haven’t been there for her in a while so I guessed that she was upset over that. As the days went on, our sex life didn’t. it was the third week and nothing. This has never happened before. I was at work, very frustrated and I finally got up and told my boss that I need a few days off. He didn’t hesitate, I make him a tun of money and he knew something was wrong too. I went home and was a little surprised that there was another car in the driveway. Janice had a large family and there was nothing abnormal about it. I pulled beside it and went into the house. Janice had music on and she evidently didn’t here me come home. I looked around and couldn’t find her. I went into the kitchen and got me a huge glass of sweet ice tea. I took a big drink and headed upstairs to change forgetting that Janice might be home. I walked into our room and froze as my heart literally stopped. Janice was naked on her hands and knees in our bed being taken from behind by a man I saw several times at the fitness center we belonged to. He was her trainer. They both where facing away from me and didn’t notice or even start to slow down. After I had a second to recover, I threw the contents of the large glass of tea at them, Ice and all. The screams where ear-piercing as Janice had suddenly noticed I was there.

I stayed with a friend for a few days, another friend found a two-bedroom house even closer to where I work. There where five pickup trucks in my driveway the day I moved out and I didn’t ask anyone for help. I had great friends. Fortunately, the house we lived in was a rental. I wanted to buy but we talked about moving to the wormer south several times which stopped us from making the plunge, thank god…. I filed for divorce two days later. I guess her boyfriend moved in with her. I was just starting to sort things out when Janice called me. she had the Guts to ask me if I could pay the house rental for her for a few months. I almost couldn’t speak. Seems her boyfriend didn’t make much money, and the money he did make was his and his alone. I just told her that she should be a little better picking her lovers. She couldn’t afford the house with her part time job, so she moved in with her sister. Janice’s sister Patricia or Pat, is a jewel, Pat looked a lot like my wife. Some people have thought them twins they look so much alike even though they are a year apart. But they each had her own personality. Pat was a super house keeper, and worked in real estate. She believe it or not was single. Her husband cheated on her and of course she caught him. After what Pat’s husband did to her, she didn’t have a lot of compaction with Janice, cheating on me like she did. But she was family and what can you do. The three months where long and trying. No divorce is painless and this one was certainly no exception. The second month I had an unexpected visitor at my front door. “Hay Pat, what brings you to this side of town?” “You have to take her back. I can’t take her any more…. She is driving me crazy… Come on Roy, you can take her back…. Can’t you?” I laughed. She didn’t mean what she was saying it was nothing but sarcasm. “She is your sister….” “She is your wife…” “You had her first.” I laugh, then I hold out my arms. She comes into them and I fold her in. I held her for a long time. far longer than either one of us expected she would need to be held. “Roy? invite me in, get me drunk and take advantage of me, would you please?” she invited. I reached down and picked her up. I carried her into the house to the sofa. I gently set her on it and kissed her cheek with a smile. “I will begin to ply you with liquor now. I will be right back. I went to the kitchen and made her a whisky sour. Her drink of choice. I brought it to her with a sweet tea for me, “here you are my future sex slave…” She giggled and held her glass up to toast. We talked for a while before she got to the point. “She is really sorry Roy…. she feels really bad and wants to start again…” I shake my head. “Not in this life time. she cut me off for three weeks and fucked him in my bed. Our bed. That is pretty much unforgivable. Maybe I could handle her cutting me off for the month. But in our bed. And how much of a fool did they make of me while they did it. I don’t even know how long it has been going on. how many times have I worked out in the gem with him laughing at me behind my back….?” Pat smiled, “I know… I know… Sam jilted me much the same. It wasn’t in our bed but I suspected they were on the way there. I don’t blame you for this.” She smiled and looked down, she was so adorable I don’t know why I did it but I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. This took both of us off guard, to the point that I just starred at her. WOW. It was some kiss. “Tell me that it wasn’t just me that felt that??? Please…” I watched her smile. “No, it wasn’t just you.” she paused for a long time. I didn’t know what to do. I just kissed her in fun but this was more than just fun…. There was something really powerful happening. “So, are you going to take advantage of me know?” she asked. I just breathed for a moment then I answered her by kissing her again. The first kiss wasn’t a mistake, the electricity was still there. Moments later I had her in my arms and started to carry her to my bedroom. I stopped and looked at her. “Are you sure?” She nods and I continue to my room. She was a lot the same as my wife, as I said before, they were almost identical, but there were differences too. I concentrated on the differences. I laid her on my bed and begin to unbutton her top but she stopped me and almost ripped it off herself. Then she hopped up and pulled her skirt off with her panties. She was naked in seconds; I had a hard time keeping up with her. As I pulled my boxers down, I couldn’t help but notice her smile. “Janice said you where hung. OH MY.” She said with a glowing smile. I smiled at that and crawled onto the bed and beside my sister in law, I kissed here and quickly cupped her breasts and began to play with her large nipples. I continued to kiss for only a short time before my lips found their way to her breasts and on down to her pussy. One thing I know is how to eat pussy. I began to exert my god given pussy eating talents between her legs. It didn’t take long before she started coming all over my face, screaming her orgasms throughout the house.

It was almost forty-five minutes later that I fell beside her spent. “My ‘sister is a fucking moron!!!!!” She screamed. “Cheating on a man like you…. my god Roy, Sam never, not even close, hell, NOW I know what sex is supposed to feel like!!!!!” I smiled at the complements. Snuggled to her. I knew she was bull shitting me some, or maybe completely but I still loved it. I am a sucker for complements and was able to get it up again. So, for the third time I was ready. I took a lot of time with my new lover. Pat was great, her orgasms where loud and powerful. We held each other for a while after the third time we made love. She started kissing me then what do you know. I haven’t been able to get it up four times since my teens. But by god she did it. it wasn’t quite as hard but she didn’t mind. It took a long time before she finally had enough. I didn’t come the fourth time. I fell asleep after that. I woke with a very pleasant feeling at my groin. I felt her head bobbing up and down as she fucked me with her lips. I felt the climax coming so I tried to warn her. “Pat, Pat I am going to come. Please I am going too……” it erupted. She made choking sounds as she swallowed my load, every bit of it. “Wow… you can wake me up like that any time…” I said as I laid back on the pillow… Pat rose from my crotch and looked at me. My heart stopped. I lost my breath and my thoughts. I started to climb up and out of the bed but Janis held me down smiling at me, looking straight into my eyes. “What the hell Janice?” “See there… You CAN tell us apart….” “What the hell Janice?” I say again. I heard laughing at the bathroom door that was attached to the master bed room. I looked up to see Pat. “Ok, what is going on?” I ask. No one answered me. Instead pat came to me taking off her blouse as she came close. She then crawled on the bed pushed me down on my back and straddled my face. Her musky sent picked my dick right up and my tongue wanted to taste it more than ever. I knew I just came in that pussy three times but I wanted to taste it again. I stuck my tongue in her and began to lap and suck her pussy. She started coming fast and mildly at first but it wasn’t long before her orgasms became much harder. I felt Janice start to suck my cock again. It was hard again in no time. Janice straddled me then and began to ride me. Her sister right in front of her as Pat rode my mouth and Janice rode my cock. I held off a lot better than I thought I would. Both girls came really well before I shot my load into Janice’s pussy. Both the girls got off me then and switched places. But instead of starting Janice stuck her boobs in my face. After sucking them for a wile she started kissing me, then pat started kissing and then all three of us where kissing at the same time. My dick rose again to the occasion and was ready for what was next… I don’t know how long it took before I couldn’t get hard anymore. But when it happened, we all three got up and showered. I didn’t know three people could fit in a shower. But we did nicely. I am glad I had a large shower. We cleaned each other very well. The game was that you can’t clean yourself. So, I had two wonderful women cleaning me. WOW. Later that day we started getting hungry. We all three got up naked and stayed that way wile we fixed a late lunch. We fixed a big muffuletta, it was fantastic. Again, we played a game, you can’t feed yourself, I got to feed two beautiful women and as I fed both of them, they both fed me. Finally, I asked. “Ok. Janice, Pat.” I looked at both of them. “What is this all about?” “I told you she was sorry Roy.” Pat answered. “I am sort of.” Janice snuck in. I looked at her. “Sort of???” “Well yea…. You see… I need to be fucked sometimes…. You just wanted to make love to me. I like that but I need to be treated by a slut too. you would never do that to me.” She was right. She had asked me several times for some rough sex and name calling. But I respected her too much to call her anything like a slut, whore, or something along those lines…. So, you want rough sex? I ask. “Not rough so much as dirty…” pat answered for Janice. “So, if I grabbed your hair and dragged you to the kitchen raised your dress and ripped your panties off. Then bent you over the table and ram you till I was done…. You would like that?” “Please…” Janice and Pat both answered. “What if I started fucking your pussy and then pulled out and shoved it up your ass?” I continued.

“I need warning on the ass thing, but yes, yes, yes…” Janice answered this time. “Warning?” I ask. “Yes, please I have to use but plugs to get my ass ready for a cock. Usually two to eight hours before you fuck it. “And if I do these things could you stay faithful?” I asked. She didn’t answer for a long moment. “I would like to try… but you might not want me to stay faithful? What if you want me to fuck other men for your pleasure??” I honestly didn’t know how to answer that. “So, you want to be my slave then?” I asked “Not a slave so much as… well…. More of a whore… something like that I wanted to be your slutty little whore for years Roy. I want you to treat me like I am your cum dump with three pleasure holes.…” I stare at Janice fore a long moment then I look up at Pat. “What is your part in this.” I ask. “I am here to help start the journey for your two. I am the same way though and I was hoping you might want to take me along.” She said. “I have three holes too and can fuck just as good as my sister. You can use me like a freak if you want.” I look at Janice. “And you are ok with all this?” “You stop the divorce Roy I will do what ever you want. I won’t say no to anything. And I will try to stay faithful. But you have to do your part. By fucking me like a cheap slutty little whore I will be for you and not as much of a lover.” Just what dose a man say to that?