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I started cooking on Sunday's for the up the coming week. I also started putting the laundry on the kids. Oh, I'd still do my husband's and mine. But, the kids had to do there. There where other subtle changes to. Like sex with my husband. Saturday was the day. He got all the sex he wanted on Saturday and some on Sunday if I was really horny. But, none during the week unless it was a slow week and I hadn't found anyone to pick up. Through school functions I learned I wasn't alone in my endeavors either. Sharon my neighbor two houses down was doing the same thing I was doing. But, she had a leg up on me. She had a daughter in college. That gave her easier access to young men wanting to fuck. Like me, Sharon is a curvy 5'8" with a 36-24-36 figure. Sharon though was a double D where I was a full 36 triple D and my ass was a bit plumper. We also differed in the fact I am a freckled faced redhead and she is clean completed platinum blonde. Her eyes are blue and mine are green. Together we are a force. Sometimes instead of going out to find fuck buddies we will just meet at one of ours house and fucking all afternoon. But, like me. We enjoy it. But, we also need to be fucked by a man. Sharon and I have had several threesomes and foursomes sense we met. Basically there is no shame between us. Like the other day we ended up some how picking up four very sexy young men. I had three of them ride to the motel with Sharon and I in her SUV. I climbed in the back seat with and took turns blow them as she drove. Two of them couldn't last and blew there tasty nut right down my throat. Then when we got to the hotel. I climbed on to an ottoman on my hands and knees and just there the hole time as the guys took turns fucking me in which ever hole they desired. The one boy must have really liked Sharon, because he never really fucked me. But, he mounted Sharon and never got off her. I banged her for all he was worth. It didn't bother me any. The three guys fucking me gave me plenty of attention. By the time we had to leave I had two nice loads pumped into my ass and one in my fuzzy cunt.

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