Horny teacher after class

Deep brown chocolate eyes framed her nervous expression when she almost whispered in shock, ‘w-what did you say’. He regarded her unspoken apprehension and quickly recaptured the moment by linking his arm into hers as the moonlight drew ghostly figures around. An atmosphere whereby beauty emerged as the sweet fragrance of nearby planted roses and flowers endeavored gracefully. It was an enthralling picture to remember for eternity. In the quiet stillness of a hot July night, they were parked out in front The National Gardens after watching their first official date to the new fancy restaurant. His eyes returned to hers and the disarming smile caused her to look away shaking her head slightly still baffled. The thoughts raced through her mind, ‘did he really just ask her that, wait, wasn’t he the perfect gentleman so far, wasn’t his entire family so stable and functional, why would he make such an alarming request when they barely know each other.’ ‘Want to share what’s going in that mind of yours’, he said almost with a laugh. ‘Erm, I can ask you the same’, she gazed back cautiously, ‘this isn’t a normal request, Ethan, when we don’t really….’ ‘Nothing’s normal really, ‘he interrupted smoothly, ‘if you want to consider the term practically. Besides, I don’t see you running off into the bushes yet.’ He grinned slyly, his other hand resting on his tie and loosening it. She wondered if it was a dare, because it might be the lesser of the embarrassing choices. Sighing, her mind wandered to when she had willingly anticipated a moonlit stroll through exotic gardens with passionate kisses and delivered home safely. The word ‘safe’ echoed loudly in her mind and she shivered slightly. Ethan removed his jacket and placed it snugly around her shoulders, giving a gentle squeeze and then whispering close to her ear, ‘you are a bit flushed, baby’. Before she could say anything, he kissed her softly on the right cheek. ‘What do you say to a guy who suddenly moved from being polite and gentlemanly to daring? Especially when that guy was a senior manager of the business you are interning. What will….’ ‘Less thinking and more answers, baby’. He interrupted, the heat in his eyes deepening. Shaken by his request and with the butterflies in her stomach dancing madly, she bent down and slowly removed her silky panties. ‘Mm-mmm’ He smiled approvingly, retrieving them from her trembling hand. ‘Good girl, Sara’. She looked quickly away, clutching the sides of a knee-length black satin dress. ‘Please, don’t take away those beautiful eyes from me. I want to know you properly, every thought, every heart-beat’ He placed her panties in the pocket of his denim dark blue pants and stepped closer holding her gaze, removing his neck-tie.

Smiling, he said, ‘hands, baby’. Saraa looked awkwardly into his hazel glinting eyes and stretched out her slightly trembling hands. She knew the attraction between them was strong but everything was happening so quickly it flustered her. Ethan Wellington was by far one of the wealthiest reputable bachelor. And, if that wasn’t enough he could capture the heart of any woman with his charm, wit and humour. But, he wanted her, Saara, four years older and only an intern at his company, what will people say when…. His lust filled voice broke through her thoughts once more, ‘lean back into the hood of the car, hands over your head and don’t move them until I say so. Understand’? Saraa nodded as she carefully positioned herself, bare hands and legs making a chilled contact with the coolness of the steel material of his black Porsche. Slightly she shivered. ‘It’s okay sweetheart, soon you’ll be warm in my arms after we arrive home.’ He paused and continued, ‘and after I fuck you hard.’ He said almost sinisterly, pressing himself on her, his hands roaming her legs and caressing just above her knees, beyond the seams of her mini-dress. He leaned in close, his face almost touching her face, murmuring. ‘Would you like that, baby? For me to fuck you so hard, you beg to stop.’ The nearness of Ethan’s body, his hot breath on her face, as he stroked and caressed above her knees was so intense that Saraa found herself unable to speak, as she felt moisture grew between her legs. She nodded and turned away from him towards the moon and glittering stars above. It was such a beautiful sky sparkling above them. A pristine view to behold meditatively and become engrossed with. ‘Do NOT look away.’ He said with such a stern tone, she immediately jerked her face towards his. Glaring eyes penetrated hers. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t….’ ‘oohhh, Ohhhh’ His hand was pressing on her mound. ‘s-s-sooo w-wet’ He slurred on the words. The contact of his hot hand at her most intimate place, his heated body pressing on her and musky scent invading her nostrils, were all so disarming that she wondered if she was going to cum just from these interactions but instead she moaned softly. ‘Mmm-mmm, yes, moan for me Saara.’ He coaxed as his finger rubbed between her heated pussy lips. ‘Soon those moans will be turning into pleasured screams. You will be filling the night’s air with the sweet sounds of my name on those luscious lips. I will own your desires, Saraa, they will only be mines. comprende, baby?’ His fingers parted her lips and began rubbing the tender skin on the inside. Saara shifted restlessly and parted her legs wider. ‘That’s it, honey, open your legs more, want my touch, and don’t ever forget this night.’ Her body was flaming and even the coolness of steel material beneath her was warming up. His fingers tortured her velvet softness and enthralling eyes seemed to turn dark embers. She moaned and arched her back, her eyes becoming dazed as bounded hands rubbed helplessly against each other. ‘what’s wrong honey, are you still cold?’ His seductive voice almost sounded daunting. She shook her head, eyes glistering. ‘Say what you want.’ His voice and stare both equally icy, as one finger tip pressed itself arousingly on her hole and the next continued tracing her inner pussy lips. ‘P-please, please, ‘She panted still writhing under him. ‘Please what, Saaraa’ came his calm and confident reply, ‘do you want me to stop, is that it.’? She shook her head strongly as tears welled up. With his other hand he grazed the outline her collarbone. ‘So sexy, mm-mm-mm. Say, what you want baby.’ His voice was gentle and quiet. He bent to give soft kisses on her neck and Saara moaned and trembled. At the same time tip of his finger slipped inside. ‘Please, yes, oh fuck’ She exclaimed and closed her eyes. Ethan pulled away his hand and face from her. ‘Noooo’, she almost screamed. They looked at each other for a while, the contrast strikingly different in each. Ethan’s expression was collected and calm , whilst Saara ‘s bewildered and flustered. ‘You disobeyed’ Ethan said simply and began standing up. ‘No, what, how? Don’t go?’ She pleaded. ‘I’m the one in charge and when I give orders you obey. Is that clear? Ethan had spoken harshly. She nodded confused. Nevertheless, he still stood standing. ‘I want you, Ethan.’ She said momentarily, ‘don’t stop, I will do as requested’ He nodded and moved towards her. ‘Good, no more disappointments, now keep your eyes on mines.’

‘No more’ she repeated looking into his eyes, as he leaned in towards her bringing his lips to hers. And, as they shared their first kiss, he cupped her heated mound and inserted a finger deep inside. Saraa moaned against his mouth and lifted her hips as Ethan slowly finger-fucked her. His thumb reached out an encircled her swollen clit as she moaned into his mouth. Both sensations made her giddy and in a state of heady elation. She panted as he drew his mouth from hers and they both took a needed intake of breath. Ethan grinned as he inserted another finger inside her and twisted them. ‘ Saraa, how much do you want me.’ ‘I-I want very much Ethan’. She whimpered. ‘My sweetheart, you cannot want me as much as I want you.’ And, with that he stopped twisting his fingers inside her and began plunging them in and out. ‘You, see my dear,’ He continued, almost nonchalantly as if they were having this conversation over a cup of coffee. ‘I wanted you from our first meeting at your interview with our company directors. And that baby, has been long three months. All my plans us to this actual point can drive someone a little crazy don’t you think so.’ She nodded thoughts only on the fingers probing between her inner thighs and massaging her G-spot area. The stimulation was almost unbearable. ‘You turn me on so much Saraa, I’m very hard right now.’ He grinned as his fingers progressed on her sensitive labia. She inhaled sharply in response and clenched her thighs. ‘Scream my name, baby’ He murmured adoringly, as she writhed under his gaze. She was not able to hold back anymore and began screaming his name as directed. ‘wow, wow, so nice baby, you came. Does it feel good. ?’ He was smiling appreciatively as he stepped away to look at her. ‘Mmmm, yeah that was a-amazing-g’ She responded breathlessly. ‘Don’t worry, I will feel even better in there’. He remarked enticingly. He untied her hands and guided her towards the front passenger side of the car. ‘Oh, don’t forget these’ He said toying with the panties in his hands. Saara was holding her purse from the car seat but in the attempt to retrieve the panties, it fell to the ground and out tumbled her pink diary. Before she was able to snatch the fallen items, they were both quickly secured in Ethan’s hands. ‘Hmmm, what do we have here’ He questioned curiously. ‘It’s nothing, ‘She lied furiously trying to get it away from him. But the pink diary was secured in his hands high above his 6ft 2’ frame. At 5ft, 6’ Saara’s only option was jumping high enough. ‘It looks important. A diary, I’m sure with many secrets’. He grinned nodding at her. And, ‘no better way to know the one I’m captivated with’ ‘Please, it’s nothing’. Give back’ she said irritated, heart pounding wildly. He stared at her for a while. ‘I will, but for now, let’s head home’ and he motioned towards the car. Annoyed she got into the passenger’s side and was sullenly quiet till the ride to his home. ‘Why are we here, it’s late?’ She said both annoyed and amazed at the mansion sized building, ‘I need to be at my home, in my apartment. My roommate is going to worry’. ‘Then call her, because we are spending the night together.’ He stated simply. 'What is love? 'Tis not hereafter; Present mirth hath present laughter; What's to come is still unsure: In delay there lies not plenty; Then, come kiss me, sweet and twenty, Youth's a stuff will not endure.' ‘How delightful, you like romantic poetry’ He remarked, crossing his legs and reading the forbidden diary. She put the glass of wine down and glared at him, ‘those words belong to Shakespeare and yes I like romantic poetry. ‘Yes, I know sweetheart, Shakespeare’s work is my forte’ He grinned, momentarily, before flipping through the pages again. ‘Woah, what do we have here. Oh, my, my.’ Ethan exclaimed startled. Saraa buried her head into her hands, wishing to be anywhere else but here at the moment. Without any doubt he was looking at her erotic illustrations. Drawings from her darkest fantasies that she hoped desperately and now in vain that none would ever find. Sure, the diary had been safely locked but this is Ethan, whose hands now possessed it's contents. Persuading her into handing over it's tiny key soon became a trivial matter. ‘These drawings are very good, Saraa.’ He drawled purposefully. Blushing red, Saraa gazed at the floor, cursing herself for not removing the damned item from her purse. It was only meant to accompany her on the trip to that art museum on the previous weekend. She had wanted to capture the memory of those sensual Greek statues from the display. She hated herself for deciding to go with THAT purse. What an unexpected disaster this night had resulted in. ‘Saraa? Saraa, look at me.’ Came Ethan’s smooth voice. She jerked her head towards him. ‘You shouldn’t have’ …this is…’ She stammered, clasping her hands nervously. ‘Amazing’ he filled in chuckling as he stood to pour himself more wine. ‘Not fair’ she whispered almost to herself. ‘More wine?’ He walked towards her. Saara glared at him, her head spinning from embarrassment.'no thanks' she responded sounding like a strangled cat.Ethan placed the expensive wine bottle down on a side table and picked up a remote controller, he aimed it at a stereo cabinet and Whitney Houston’s song ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ began playing. ‘Dance with me’ He said outstretching his hand. Hesitantly, she responded and soon found herself wrapped in an intimate embrace with warm hands on her back dress. For a while they swooned to the music and silence formed between them. She wondered how it can be possible for anyone to refuse Ethan. A normal date would never dare to take her diary like that or demand the key. But, again this was Ethan. He was quite daring. She recalled his words, ‘If I don’t get that key, I’ll have to open this diary one way or the other. And, Saara, I always keep to my promises.’ If it were anyone else and she would have made a snarky reply, grabbed her diary, kicked them between the legs and barged through a window or door. Ethan Wellington, however was not just anyone else. He was a powerful man, in physique, thought and demeanor. Besides, looking at the bulletproof thick dark stained glass doors, it seemed a sure impossibility to escape. But neither was she certain. Ethan both delighted and scared her. ‘Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.’ Ethan quoted. ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’, Saara responded, looking up amazed at him. He grinned and nodded. They danced rhythmically in a world of their own. The song, ‘When the stars come out’ by Chris Stapleton began playing on the stereo system and abruptly Ethan spun her around, holding her facing away from him. ‘Mmmm, your hair smells wonderful’ He inhaled deeply as his hands gently caressed her hips. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered madly. But suddenly she froze, staring in front of her when someone walked down the stairs to greet them. ‘hello, brother, meet Saara’ Ethan said following her gaze as his hands steadied her. ‘Oh, hey, Saara, lovely to have you over’ came the heavily accented voice. Except for that and his shaven head, the man in front of them could easily be mistaken for Ethan. ‘I’m called, Evan’ he continued smiling ‘and, yes we are twins’. Saara, grew flushed and gasped as Ethan whispered in her ear, ‘what do you think honey, interested much? ’. ‘Ethan, I think we should stop’, she whispered back pleadingly, ‘those were just drawings, it’s art, doesn’t r-eally mean I w-want that.’ ‘We’ll see,’ he grinned in return and continued rubbing the sides of her hips. Evan cleared his throat, ‘Sorry to interrupt you guys, I am on my way out. There was an emergency at the station, so, my return would be mid-day tomorrow.’ ‘Okay,later detective Evan, but that’s just too bad. I’m sure Saara would have wanted you to stay. Isn’t that so, baby?’ And, without waiting for either to respond he began kissing and nibbling her neck. Rolling his eyes, Evan mumbled, ‘I’m outta here’. Grabbing his keys off the table he sped off. ‘You are terrible,’ Saara scolded , ‘Ohh, my heart was beating so fast’. Ethan murmured, ‘why are you always so sweet Saara. I need you wilder. We still Do need to talk about skillful drawings but now it's time for skillful actions. I’m still so hard’. He pressed himself on her to emphasize the point. The song on the stereo switched to ‘If Tomorrow Never comes’ by Ronan Keating. Not saying anything further, Ethan scooped her up onto his hips and held her there kissing her lips softly. ‘How about I fuck you like, If Tomorrow Never comes’. He said finally, gazing at her. She giggled and nodded, there was absolutely no refusing this seductively powerful man.