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I'm a chubby girl and have been for the last forty-five years. I'm 5'6" 180 pounds of chubby girl. But, I'm not a sloppy chubby girl. I take care of myself. Try as I might though. I'm stuck being chubby. Sure I can loose it. But, it's a lot of work keeping it off. So instead of worrying about dieting all the time I enjoy life. I have a Hawaiian flower tattoo sleeve down my right arm which contrasts perfectly with my continual tan. I also have a rose tattoo on my left thigh and hip. I have a diamond stud in my nose and my blonde hair that hangs to the middle of my back is always curled an my blue eyes are always bright and clear. I have never cheated on my husband. Not that I haven't thought about it a few times. I just never did and figured I never would. But, I also never planned on meeting Marcus and Jamal my husband's coworkers. Both of them are over six feet tall and gorgeous. Well built with nice sexy tight asses. From the moment I met them I wondered if it was true what they said about black guys. No I'm not nieve. I've seen plenty of porn. But, that's the movies. The more I was around them the friendlier I got and the more revealing my clothes got. Jamal was the more out going of the two and a hole lot easier target.

I waited till the time was right until I made my move. We was having a party at our place. All night I kept a eye on Jamal watching him. When I seen him heading towards the bathroom I decided that was the time. I slipped around the house and came through our bed. When Jamal opened the door from the bathroom I was standing there with a lewd smile. He did have to ask. He knew and stepped back let me in. I locked the door behind me and went to my knees. He was big. Bigger then my husband by a bunch. I was looking up at Jamal with pleading eyes, both hands wrapped around his cock sucking his magnificent large head when he erupted in my mouth. Shooting more cum down my throat then I can remember ever having shot down my throat. Like a good little cock sucker. I swallowed his entire load never loosing a drop. I was standing off to the side watching Jamal point talk to Marcus. I took a quick note of where my husband was then gave Marcus a wink and turned and headed around the house. I was already on my knees when marcus entered the bathroom. "Damned girl!" He smiled unzipping his pants fishing his cock out "Your ready to suck this big black cock." He finished as he pulled his monster free. I was truly impressed. He had a cock right out of a porn movie. Long and thick. "That's right. I'm a little cock sucking slut." I grinned then dove on his cock. Sucking him hard and fast. God was his cock good. I made a nasty mess as I blew him. I didn't care. I wanted Marcus to know I was willing to do what ever he wanted. "Damned you can suck dick. Know wonder Jim married you" Marcus grinned down at me. "Jim don't have a get that gets sucked like this." I grinned then pushed Marcus's legs apart and swallowed his nuts. One at first then both as I double fisted his large prick trying to coax him to a big nut. I wanted him to cum in my mouth bad. I needed to taste him. "Stand up here. I want some of that white pussy." Marcus growled sexily. I didn't hesitate one bit. I stood up leaned back on the sink and spread my legs wide. "Stick that big mother fucker in me." I growled in lust with a naughty smile. I watched intently as Marcus lined his big prick up with my bald, chubby pussy and entered me. Wow! Is all I got to say. If I wasn't so horny and my pussy so wet. He would have never gotten in me. But, as much as I was enjoying it, I couldn't let him get to carried away. I let Marcus fuck me for a little bit before I pushed him off me and finished sucking him off. "This isn't over with." I smiled as Marcus zipped up his pants. "Is that so?" He asked stepping in close to me. "Nope. I just had more dick in me then I've ever had before." I grinned grabbing him by his cock with both hands and rubbing him hard. "I still had more to go." Marcus grinned. "I know and I want it all." I smiled giving his hard cock and nice good squeeze. "I think someone was having sex in our bathroom last night." My husband grinned as he ate his breakfast. "What makes you say that?" I grinned thinking abouts Marcus and Jamal and there sexy pricks. "Well, I went to go pee and and I could hear a woman grunting and who sounded like Marcus talking." My husband chuckled. "Well, I guess when you got the need any place will work " I chuckled. "Oh, I think me and the boys are gonna run up to the lake Saturday to do some fishing." My husband said as we finished breakfast. Instantly I started planning and a couple messages later the deal was done. I was a little giddy and a hole lot of horny when I showed up at the hotel Saturday afternoon. I wanted fucked by them two big black stallions and I was primed to please. As I exited the elevator my pussy started quiver with anticipation of what was to come causing me to almost run to the room. I gave a shy naughty smile when Jamal opened the door not waiting for him to ask me to come in. The room was alot bigger and nicer then I figured it would be. But, I wasn't concerned with that at the moment. I had other things on my mind and one of them was behind me lifting my skirt revealing my plump bare ass. A sharp breath caught in my throat when Jamal patted my ass cheeks and licked me right in my asshole deep and hard. Jamal held my legs up as I sucked his big dick ass Marcus pounded my bald cunt deep and hard to my pleasure. I knew I had no shame with Jamal and Marcus and could say and do as I pleased and I did just exactly that. "Come on Jamal. You know you want to." I growned as I set on Marcus's lap riding his big stallion cock with my legs spred pulling at my pussy looking at Jamal with a nasty grin.

"Come on Jamal. Let's stretch this sluts pussy out." Marcus chuckled from behind me looking over my shoulder. "Ah fuck." Jamal smiled walking to me. "That's what I wanted fucked." I grinned spreading my legs wider giving Jamal easy access to my horny cunt. "Shittttt!" I moaned with a smile as Jamal shoved his big cock in me right next to Marcus's. "Fuck me good." I grunted when Jamal was I me as deep as he could get. I had never thought about have two cocks in my pussy. But, god did it feel good. I was fuller then I had ever been in my life. The sun was starting to rise when all said our good byes. I was sore and tired. But I felt alive and fresh. We had fucked all night in ever position you could think of and some I had never dreamed of. Like when the boys stood me on my head taking turns drilling me my ass while the other one held me up by my legs. That not only was fun. But, hole fuck did it feel good. There was also some humiliation and race play in there too. But, it was all in fun. I never dreamed a pop can could fit into my pussy. But, it sure did. I was the slut I wanted to be and Marcus and Jamal got all the white pussy they wanted. I told the next time we meet I wanted them to bring a buddy. I figured sense I almost fucked them out. A third might relieve some of the pressure on them. Besides I wanted to be gangbanger. As we entered the elevator a skinny redhead about my age was standing there. There was no denying she had been somewhere she shouldn't have been. The look on her face said so. At first I just smiled at her and didn't say a word. Then I thought fuck it. "If you like a good serious fucking give me your number and the next time we are here I'll give you a call." I said with a crooked smile looking her in the eye as Jamal and Marcus just watched us. The woman looked at marcus first the Jamal with a odd look till Jamal unzipped his fly.