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I felt Kevin step between my feet and I instantly spread my legs wider. The anticipation was killing me of what he was gonna do. I knew he felt to be on his knees. I shivered when I felt Kevin kiss one ass cheek then the other. When I felt him spred my cheeks apart I thought no. He wouldn't would he. Oh my God. He did and was. I had never had any one lick my ass before. God was it great. It was a feeling unlike any thing I had felt before. I laid there softly moaning as Kevin devoured my asshole. I was holding the blanket I was laying on tight when I came and pushed my ass back towards his wonderful tongue. When Levine straddled my legs and I felt his big prick rub my ass cheeks I knew what was coming next. I had never done anal before. But, I also never had my ass licked or had an affair. So I was game for about anything. When I felt Kevin's amazing cock head pushing against my asshole I did my best to relax. Surprisingly his big prick slid into my open asshole relatively easy enough and the pleasure was intense. Kevin spit a big wad of saliva into my asshole and his cock. Bracing himself on his hands on grabbed his wrists and held on tight as he slowly pushed his wonderful cock into my guts. "Jesus yesss!" I moaned as I gritted my teeth in pleasure as Kevin slowly worked his cock back and forth in my asshole going deeper and deeper into me. When I felt his balls smack my quiver pussy I knew I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard. I wanted to feel his cock being driven into my ass. I wanted his balls smacking my horny cunt. "Fuck me Kevin! Fuck me hard! Fuck me with big cock deep in my asshole!" I moaned in urgency. Kevin didn't deny me either. I held his wrists tight as I pushed my ass back at his cock as drove deep into my guts with every powerful plunge. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. I was over the top with horniness. "Screw my ass!" I grunted in lust. "Screw me hard!" I grunted out as Kevin kept pounding away at my asshole. When Kevin moved and took two hand fulls of my blonde hair in his hands and pulled it back hard started grunting hard I knew he wasn't gonna last much longer. "That's it! Fuck me hard! Fill my ass with that hot cum!" I grunted in pleasure. When he started fucking me with short hard jabs, I knew he was on the verge of cumming which drove me to the brink of ecstacy. "Cum for me!" I moaned with my own need to cum. That's all it took. Kevin drove his hard prick into me as deep as he could get it and released his sweet nectar with a roar drive me over the edge and into a ephoural cloud of lust and orgasm. Each spurt feeling better then the last. "Jesus fuck!" I moaned when Kevin finally quit orgasming filling me with more cum then I ever thought possible. Slowly Kevin continued to fuck me until his prick went to soft to stay in my ass to my pleasure. Kevin leaned in and kissed me on the cheek which I turned into a little make out session. When kevin finally climbed off me I rolled over and looked him with a big smile. "You young man are something else." I chuckled. "Is that so he smiled." Then stood up leaving me setting there. "Where you going?" I asked him kinda confused. "To take a shower." Is all he said. "Hey!" I said drawing his attention. "Not with out me your not. This ain't over." I smiled getting up off the floor. "Your not leaving me hanging like you did yesterday." I finished bouncing towards him. "What do you mean?" Kevin asked with a confused looked on his face. "Well yesterday you screwed me harder then I've been screwed in years. Then you wouldn't touch me the rest of the day. Then, just now. You fucked me in the ass like a demon in heat. Your not getting off that easy mister. We are not done fucking till I say we are." I grinned. "Besides I want to suck that magical cock of yours." I finished and started heading towards the bathroom with out saying another word.

I did suck Kevin off in the shower and the hallway and my bed and his bed and several other places that day. But, that wasn't all I did. I fucked him every way I could fuck him. I did things that day I've never even dreamed of doing before. Like one of the things I really enjoyed was giving him a blow job from the doggy position. That is something I had never done before. It was such a turn on for me. I could suck his dick and lick his asshole and never change position. Giving a rim job is another thing I had never done before. God did I enjoy that. So did Kevin. I could tell by how much he came. I did make sure though Kevin fucked me in the ass a couple more times. I never knew how pleasurable it was having a nice cock shoved up my ass. That is how my stepson and I became sex partners. I still fuck his father. But, not all that much. Usually once maybe twice a month. Kevin though gets all the pussy he wants and then some. There is no asking. I even gave up wearing underwear. I dont want anything to hinder me getting a good quick fucking. Some times we have to get pretty creative when we are both horny and my husband is home. We will sneak of to my art shed. One place my husband despises and has only been in maybe twice sense it was finished. I will also ask my husband if he will give me a hand doing something in my shed. Standard answer. Get Kevin to help you. We both win. I get some nasty sex and my husband gets to watch t.v. for a couple hours uninterrupted.