3 Nice cocks

My ex boyfriend was "a very big boy", but unfortunately he thought that because he had a big cock this was plenty to satisfy any woman, why should he have to bother with arousing her or indeed attempting any kind of foreplay, I'd be lucky if I got a kiss before he banged it in and went for it hell for leather! Thankfully since we've gone our separate ways I've discovered a more fulfilling side to one of my male friends, that has taken me somewhat by surprise and led me to the ultimate conclusion that big is definitely NOT better (loving the sigh of relief boys!) it's far more important to have the right chemistry and technique!! At the end of an evening's shift behind the bar of a local club, with the exchanges of sultry glances and secret, stolen kisses I can sense that the crutch of my panties are already somewhat damp. The walk home seems to be taking forever as his hand keeps slipping up my skirt, squeezing my buttock tightly, my head is spinning at the thought of the passion ahead of us, we approach my front door and I turn the key gingerly in the lock. BANG!! It's like an explosion, as soon as we enter the hallway he's pushed me up against the wall, kissing me hungrily, tearing at my top until he's taken it off and pulled my bra out of the way to expose my firm breasts, hard nipples protruding excitedly, aching to be sucked. I reach behind me to unhook my bra and let it drop to the floor.

He pushes my breasts together so that the nipples meet and greedily takes both between his teeth as I arch my back and moan in ecstasy. "Let's go to bed" I suggest eagerly and taking his hand I lead him up the stairs to my bedroom, he's following slightly behind me, trying to work his fingers into my panties as we climb. We enter my room and he pushes me hard, face down onto the bed, beginning to playfully slap my arse, softly at first then building momentum until he hears the guttural moans escaping my lips and takes this as his cue to start kissing, licking and nibbling the inflamed area knowing just how hot he's making me. One of his hands is laid upon my hip, his other moves deftly underneath me and begins to tease my rosebud clit through my panties, making my already wet pussy tighten as I feel the waves already building up at the bottom of my navel. The hand upon my hip pulls me further down the bed and I feel his warm wet tongue begin to circle my tight arsehole and I gasp as his fingers work their way into my slick honey pot beneath my thong. I squirm free to try and remove the damp panties but as I try to throw them to the floor he stops me and snatching them from my hand he barks at me to "lay on the bed" and "spread em!". His dark, sexy, smouldering eyes burning into my quite possibly perfect pussy, waxed into a neat landing strip, trimmed before I left for work and freshly shaved lips pouting at him. I bite my lip in anticipation. He takes my nipple in his mouth sucking at first then rolling it between his teeth the way he knows I love and raises the panties towards my face, pushing the moist crotch into my mouth to give me a taste of my own sweet, sticky, snatch. I purr like a sex kitten as he moves down my body to concentrate on my pussy again, pushing my panties right inside of it, a dirty smirk upon his face as he pushes every last inch of the silky material inside of me and I feel it rubbing against my g spot, with the panties no longer visible he spreads my legs even wider and brings his hand palm open crashing down onto my pussy with a resounding slap, I quiver with excitement. He sees this as the perfect point to remove his clothes, as I watch his cock spring free from his pants I lick my lips dying to taste the pre-cum on the tip of his bellend. I go to remove my boots and skirt but he orders me to keep them on. I turn over onto my belly again, letting him know where I want him to focus, he spreads my cheeks and spits on my arsehole before gently probing it with his finger which presses against the resisting wall before sliding in then been withdrawn and replaced by his tongue flickering in and out my arsehole as I begin to shudder my way through my first climax.

I roll over and begin to suck his cock in eager appreciation as he leans back allowing time for my orgasm to subside and the hunger to wash over me once more, It doesn't take long and as I'm alternating sucking his spittle coated cock and sucking his balls he flips me over and mounts me in the 69 position, forcing his cock right to the back of my throat making me gag as he starts to finger my arsehole hard and fast, I gag once more, hardly able to control the feeling of asphyxiation combined with him finger fucking my arse. He moves to lie next to me on the bed, expecting a kiss I'm surprised to have his fingers that have just been fucking my arse pushed into my mouth, I suck them eagerly and then receive my kiss. "Dirty bitch" he whispers in my ear. I urge him behind me again and he pushes the panties still lodged in my pussy even further up, the squelch of their wetness is audible, I wish he'd just ram his cock deep inside my arse but I know how much he likes to tease. H e kneels behind me and starts rubbing his cock between my arse cheeks and forward over my pussy, even in the semi darkness with him behind me out of sight I know he'll be smiling over the power he has over my body, he roughly clutches my breasts and begins biting my neck and shoulders, one of his hands releases their firm grip of my breast and I can finally feel him guiding his cock to my arsehole, after a couple of nudges his cock slides into my tight ring, his fingers reaching for my hair entwining themselves in it and pulling my head back in unison with every thrust, knowing he's watching his throbbing member as he's driving it in and out bringing us both to a shuddering orgasm........ One of many the night ahead of us holds in store. I sigh with utter contentment, pull the sodden panties out of my pussy, force them in his mouth and smile a silent knowing smile that I've finally found a generous lover.