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"Hey Clara." Michael smiled as he pulled up to the bar next to me. Michael is my husbands nephew. Good looking , strong, country boy. He has a heart of gold and wild streak as they say a country mile wide. Yes, I think he is handsome and yes I flirt with him playfully. "Hey Michael." I grinned back at him sipping my beer. "Whatcha up this afternoon." As we stood there and talked I got to thinking what Michael would be like in bed and if the stories where true about his manhood. My mother told me when opportunity knocks. Open the door and let it in. Well opportunity was knocking and was gonna kick the door open. So I just asked him if he would like to get out of there. Now, I'm a plump little freckled faced, redheaded curvy girl. 5'4" with a thick 32F-25-36 figure. "And do what?" Michael asked with a knowing grin. "We will just have to see. But, it's going to be a full moon tonight and I have all night." I smiled hoping I wasn't messing up. Michael opened the door to his truck for me to climb in as I went to step past him he grabbed me pulled me to him and started kissing me. I matched his kiss as I hopped and wrapped my legs around his waist and ground my hot pussy into his hard member. Good thing it was a short ride to his place. As soon as we where through the door I attacked him. I wanted him and I wanted him badly. "Oh my!" I gasped with a smile when I finally got Michael's cock free and it popped out almost smacking me in the face. What I heard was true. He was by far larger then my husband. In length and girth. I knew right then my chubby little twat would never be the same. "My Godddd!" Michael hissed with an intense look in his eyes as I had both hands wrapped around his massive member jacking him off as I sucked him off hard looking up at him meeting his eyes. I guess the pressure was getting to be to much for Michael because he pulled me up to him and started kissing me as I tugged on his cock hard with both hands. "Come here." Michael growled picking me up. Reaching between us I lined his big prick up with my greedy snatch and started working his girth into me. "Shittttt!" I growled when his large cock head slid past my pussy lips entering me. "Be gentle till I get use to this monster." I moaned. "Fuck your pussy is tight." Michael growled as I wiggled around on his cock sliding more and more of his length into me as we stood there in the hallway. "Motherfucker your cock is huge!" I grunted as I humped hard on his cock. I clung to Michael working my pussy around hard on his cock trying to get him deeper into me as Michael moved down the hall to his bedroom. I pulled Michael down on top of me as he leaned down to lay me on his bed. "Fuck me Michael. Fuck me with your big cock." I moaned in lust as I held him tight. I knew I was in for a good all night fucking. I was to horny not to and the intensity in Michael said the same thing. Inch by inch he pushed deeper and deeper into my fuzzy cunt. Stretching me wider then I had ever been stretched before. When he hit virgin territory I erupted spraying us both with cum. "Jesus fuckkkkkk." I whimpered with my legs spred wide holding onto Michael for dear life. "Fuck me harder Michael! Please fuck me!" I cried shoving my swallowen cunt up matching his thrusts. Thankfully Michael complied and when his large nuts started bouncing off my puckered asshole I erupted again. "MOTHERFUCKER!" I cried in lust.

Michael must have gotten way more pussy then I thought he did. Because he was a cocksman. After I erupted the second time he took control. Boy did he take control of me. He would bring me to the brink of orgasm, then bring me down. Over and over again. He knew everything to do just right. He made me want him in ways I never wanted another man. He kept me in a perpetual state of the just on the brink of orgasm. Michael had bee fucking me for the better part of a hour when I slid down his belly and wrapped my lips around his gooey cock. "Please cum in my mouth!" I whimpered in lust, greed and need. "Suck me like good girl." Michael grinned at me. I thought that is what I had in doing. But, if he wanted more. By God I was gonna give him the blow job of his life. I will be honest. I didn't know a man's cum could taste so sweet and there be some much of it. What I didn't swallow, I liked off my hands and his stomach. It was like a drug for me. The more I tasted, the more I wanted. It also surprised me that his cock didn't go limp. It stayed semi erect. But, that was still harder then my husband's at full erection. "Bring that little pussy up here. I want to eat you." Michael smiled at me. He didn't need to tell me twice. I was in a sixty-nine in a flash. Mainly because I wasn't done sucking big cock. Michael had his lips wrapped my clit doing something amazing with his tongue when he spred my plump ass cheeks and started working a finger into my asshole. Between him eating my pussy like no man ever has and the finger in my asshole I couldn't hold out any longer. "Fuckkkkkkk Michael I'm cumming!" I cried half whimpering in pleasure and growling. Michael instantly shoved a second finger in next to the first one and bit my clit. I had never felt a sensation like that in my life. It was like I was hit with a thunder bolt of ephoural. My pussy was spasming, the room was spinning and I lost all track of where I was at. The next thing I knew I was on my back with my knees pinned to the bed one on each side of head. Michael was down at me with a soft wicked smile as he bottomed out in my overly stretched cunt. "Jesus fuckkkk. You big dicked motherfucker!" I grunted in pleasure and pain enjoying my fucking looking Michael in the eyes. When his big cock popped free of my gaping hole I slapped a hand over my pussy and grabbed his big cock. "I have another hole that would like some attention." I smiled widely as I aimed his rigid pole at my asshole. Spitting in the hand that was covering my pussy. I lubed my asshole up and guided him home. "Fuckkkkk me." I growled as Michael's cock entered my asshole in pleasure. My asshole was tighter then I thought it was. Poor Michael could push hard enough to getting more then just the head in me. So we decided it was a good time for a break. Standing in the kitchen I kept looking at Michael with a playful, flirty smile. "Right here?" He asked when I walked up to him and grabbed his cock and started stroking him. "Right now." I said lustfully giving him a kiss. Michael turned me around and pushed me over the counter. Spreading me ass cheeks he processed to tongue fuck me in the ass. I had never had anyone stick there tongue in my ass before and I will say it was very, very enjoyable. Michael played with my pussy as he continued his assault on my asshole till I came freely. When he stood up behind me I turned to give him a kiss. But, he had other plans and pushed back down on the country. I knew what was coming when I felt the oil hit the small of my back. First he lubed my asshole up with one finger and quit when he had three fingers jammed as deep as he could get them up my asshole. I arched my back and pushed my ass back when I felt his cock head graze my ass. "Do it. Fuck me in the ass. Fuck my ass with that big cock of yours!" I moaned in need wiggling my plump ass back and forth. This time there wasn't near as much resistance and a hole lot more pleasure. I gripped the counter hard as my fat tits swung free as Michael hammered away at my greedy asshole holding a hand full of my hair. "Yes, yes, yes, bang me in the ass. Fuck me deep with your big cock." I grunted and growned in ecstacy as cum ran down my thighs. We where setting in a chair in at the kitchen table with me facing Michael when he erupted in side of me filling my guts with his sweet juices. "God yes!" I moaned aloud leaning back enjoying the filling of his hot lava squirt inside me. "Michael you are something else." I smiled still on his lap after we caught our breath. "Your something else yourself." He grinned kissing one of nipples. "How about a shower and something to eat." I grinned. I fucked him again in the shower after I blew him. I didn't get a nut out of him. Which i didn't figure I would. I just wanted him in me.

I also took him in the middle of the kitchen table. Now that was exciting and i left a very large mess there. I woke him in the middle night when felt his hard prick poking me in the ass. I didn't even try to make him. I just snuggled up tight to him and wiggled till his big cock popped into my horny pussy. Slowly I worked my pussy around on his cock till he woke and pushed me to my belly, where he gave me a nice hot load of his sweet lava. Then he pulled me tight to him and we where out for the night. I woke him the next morning with a nice slowly meticulous blow job. Enjoying the taste of our juices of sex the previous night. I stayed with Michael the rest of the day fucking and sucking at our leisure. He fucked me in the ass three more times to my pleasure that day. Sometimes it was soft, gentle and easy. At other times it was hard, rough and frantic. When Michael dropped me off at home that evening I blew him once more in the drive way once more just for good measure. The clock next to my said 4 a.m. when I woke. I tried to go back to sleep. But, I was up and refreshed and full of energy. "Morning" I typed into my phone. "Up all ready" I read. "Can't sleep" I typed back. "I know how to cure that" Michael typed back. "How about I come over and we try that" I typed. "Backdoor will be unlocked" he typed. Michael filled me with two more hot juicy loads before he finally tuckered out and fell asleep with me curled into his arms. With a little urging I got my husband to take the new promotion at work. It keeps him gone most of the week and me to spend time in Michaels bed.