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As I sat across Sharmini, I took a moment to admire her structure from afar and imagined her busty body in a Silk Blouse with the buttons popped open. Then later on, I pictured her Flaunt the Shape of her Body in a Red-hot Saree while she tying her hair down; truly an irresistible beauty. She felt my eyes undress her from head to toe, yet left me to it. Knowing it was rude, I turned my attention back to the lesson but that didn’t last for long as she surprisingly enjoyed my eyes ogle at her. She noticed that I was no longer looking and with a coquettish smile nibbled on the Stem of her Glasses in a Seductive manner; what a tease, I thought to myself. At this point, it was apparent Sharmini craved the attention of Younger Men, and so I continued to ogle at her beauty a little longer. Our eyes met in a Then, the immense tension in the room was unexpectedly cut short as Kowridas entered Even so, For the first time in years Sharmini felt wanted, sexy, and flattered to have a Younger Man look at her with Such Sexual Desire. Right after Kowridas leaves, she gets up from her chair and takes a seat beside me; I felt

Kowridas observes our exchange and turns envious by Sharmini’s flirtatious behaviour. His envy slowly turns into anger, as he decides to take revenge on Sharmini later that night. She knew that Kowridas was short-tempered, and has a tendency to vent out his anger in a violent manner. But, even Sharmini could not foresee the events that would unfold. That night, Sharmini was forcibly fucked and smacked with his belt for Kowridas’ Pleasure. She cried in agony and even begged for his mercy. Yet, her pleas were never answered as he continued to rain down with even more force. When, Kowridas had finally stopped and walked out of the room, Sharmini covered herself with the bed sheet beside her and cried out in pain. Her soft skin now appeared to be covered in lashes and bruises. The next day, I went to Sharmini’s, but I couldn’t bear to see her in tears with bruises across her body. I asked her, Who had done this to you? But, she immediately dismisses it by saying that it was an accident and wipes her tears away. I knew that it was a lie, as her eyes glanced over to the direction Kowridas was in for a brief moment; and that had confirmed my suspicions. I was absolutely livid; he violated the woman that I loved and showed no remorse at all. I stared at him with a menacing look, to assert my dominance. Then, walked over and told him, if you ever lay a hand on her again, I will make sure it’s the last thing you do. I could instantly see a sense of relief in Sharmini’s face, like she had been rescued from a life sentence. * And, Before I knew what I was doing I leaned in forward and ran my thumb over her lower lip, coaxing her mouth to open. It was so unexpected that her lips parted in shock. Sharmini clutched at my sweater, like I was her Prince Charming as tingles radiated through her arms, over her breasts, and onto her nipples. My eyes shut instinctively and the feeling of her soft lips pressing against mine was pure magic. ‘It's never felt this way before’, Sharmini said, with a tremble in her voice. Then, she took a deep breath and trapped my lip again; more willingly this time. I felt like fainting. She was way too good at this and I was just doing this for the second time. Chapter 2: Guilt from a Taboo Love Screenplay Ideas: As Sharmini proceeds to sit on my lap, her smooth Buttocks rubs on my cock and in an instant, I grab her boobs to fondle with. Her body quivers in excitement as I gently massage her dark but beautiful areolas in a rolling motion. We were at it like a couple of Rabbits, as we both knew that this was the point of no return. Chapter 3: Sharmini Becomes Addicted and Loses her Innocence Previous Chapter requires a Vibrator as a present In Preparation, Shamini Sends Kowridas off on a one-week Holiday and Kids Elsewhere Overtaken by a sudden craving, Sharmini begins to pleasure herself on the couch. Yet, Moaning ever so softly Sharmini still refuses to loosen up and Sets her Gaze on the Vibrator that I gave. Without a second thought, Sharmini decides to use the Vibrator and swiftly closes the curtains as She realized that if one truly desires to Liberate their body then they must let go. I was taken aback by surprise as I made my way in, as this time Sharmini’s moans were heard throughout. In embarrassment, she stops and immediately covers her face yet the Vibrator remained in motion. I put the Vibrator back in, as She was close to Climaxing. Then all of a sudden, I watched in awe as She squirts uncontrollably peeing in front of me. In the meanwhile, unbeknownst to us Kowridas was also having an affair on his Vacation. I comfort Sharmini.

Sharmini purrs in pleasure as my soft lips kisses her Vagina a final time, before I go to lift her up from the couch. She suggests, we keep the momentum going and take it upstairs as her husband won’t be home for another week or so. All hot and sweaty, I carry Sharmini in my arms and head upstairs over to the Master Bedroom; with the palm of my hands wrapped along her curves. It was the first time she felt the touch of a bull, and She moaned softly as I squeezed her waist to get a better grip She continued to clutch onto my shoulder like a baby. She was stunned to see how huge my bulge was, and without waiting any further grabbed my raging cock out of the trousers. From the moment, she unstrapped my belt I felt * Her hot breath was now up against my throbbing dick and