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It was days before my trip to the Caribbean, my boss came to me and asked if it was true that I had some spare paving I was trying to flog, I said yes I had quite a bit so he offered to take the lot. I told him the best time was once I return from holiday but he insisted on having them before I left even worse he wanted me to deliver them to him, I told him he had no chance but he offered me more money 'spending money' for my holiday, reluctantly I accepted and we arranged it for the following morning before work. When I pulled up I called him but he apologised and said he had to go into work early but his wife would help me, I thought to myself 'great his miserable whiny wife who has a problem with everything and everyone'. I knocked on the door and she answered and then showed me to the garden pointing to where I should leave the paving, I started carrying the paving slabs through the front of the house to the garden but clearly Gary didn't tell her how many slabs I was bringing because she began to complain about how much space it was taking up, I was making the last trip from the car just bringing in the last two when I saw her doubled over in the conservatory looking in a lot of discomfort... I asked her if she was alright and she descended into a expletive ridden rant about how incompetent I was and that she tried to move the paving herself and hurt herself. I dropped the paving slabs I was carrying and called Gary, he didn't seem amused but apologised and said he can't leave work and that I should deal with her and come in when I can. 'Just great' I thought, I tried to get her into a comfortable position to which she protested to every second of, strangly it was her side that was hurting, now I know lifting injuries usually affect the back so that confused me, I called the non-emergency doctor and they advised that I give her pain killers and she should rest so I complied with pain killers and made her comfortable. I'd now done all I could so I tried to leave but she kept needing things like pillows, tea, the remote, a back rub... This last request left me very uncomfortable, Kelly is a 30 something, 5ft6, slim, dark haired, pale skinned, self entitled woman who I have never looked at in a sexual way, purely because I don't particularly like her; she talks down to everyone including Gary quite openly, as if she wants to belittle him at any given opportunity, I told her it wouldn't be appropriate and her reply was, "Don't be a pussy I'm asking you to rub MY body, you don't need Gary's permission, anyway it's your fault I'm in pain so you need to help me". She smirked a little so I was perplexed, here was a woman laying there in a flowy kimono style gown asking aggressively for a back rub, apart from the attitude there is nothing aesthetically wrong with her at all, and yet I'm declining? I back track and ask her where she need me to rub, she points at her left side so I grabbed the footstool to begin and she abruptly stops me, asks what I'm doing, and then orders me to get some body oil from the bedroom first saying

If I'm going to do something it's got to be done properly".What a cheek I thought, but I went to get it anyway I was thinking 'I'll fucking show her!' I returned and there she was laying face down on the sofa minus the kimono, wearing just the matching shorts... She who protests too much... I thought, for a person in agony she assumed that position remarkably quickly, I'm beginning to think she had nothing more than a stitch at that point because I was only gone for a moment! I washed my hands, strolled over to her and she looked up at me in approval then rested her head back down facing away from me, I oiled up my hands and began massaging the area she had earlier indicated. After the initial silence, she began purring softly and even complimented me, she began directing me to the other side, then to her shoulders, then to her legs... As she lay there with her body now glistening in oil, the mood turned definitively sexual, I was now looking at her with lustful intent, the softened tone of her voice, her deliberate wiggles and the way she parted her legs as I began to rub her thigh, I consciously began to test my boundaries... I edged all the way up her thigh, by now I could see that she was not wearing anything underneath her shorts, I rubbed some more and could hear the moisture of her pussy as her lips parted and closed. I continued up to her arse and then to the other leg with no objections, her purrs had turned into hums and her wiggles turned into her arse circuling as I rubbed the top of her her inner thigh, the sound of her moistness got louder and her breaths turned shallow. I then adjusted the seat of her shorts so I could clearly see the parting of her vagina and leaned forward close enough for her to feel my warm breath on her exposed pussy and instinctively her hand reached out behind her, cupping the back of my head and pulling me in to her salivating pussy. I kissed it with closed lips repeatedly tracing the lips of her vagina from the opening to her clit and then repeated it again more forcibly pushing her lips apart letting her juices lubricate my lips before I went back a third time opening my mouth and teasing her with a gentle stroke of my tongue. She let out a laboured "oh fuck" and pushed her hips back while still holding my head tight making me lick her increasingly moistening pussy with more intent. I then positioned myself onto the conservatory sofa directly behind her still with my face between her legs, her back arched inwards and her arse now in the air after pushing it back on me, I moved my hands still slick with oil up past her waist and beneath her torso, cupping and squeezing her wanting breasts. She then filled the air with more of her filthy words and feverishly sprung around removing her shorts simultaneously and presenting me with her now completely naked body... The sight of her smooth pale skin, small waist, curved hips, shaved but not bald pussy, pink nipples and full plump breasts had me completely entranced, I got one glance at her full nakedness before she was grabbing at my head again to continue where I had left off. This time I concentrated on her clit, it took pride of place in what was a beautiful vagina I only broke contact with it momentarily to lick the length of her pussy a few times, I squeezed and pinched her breasts and nipples as I went to work on that cunny; licking and tongue flicking it, signaling my delight by humming into her mound with my low muffled groans, suddenly she gasped as she pulled my head up, looked me directly in the eyes and said authoritatively 'FUCK ME'...! The bitchiest of bitch faces could not stop me now, I sat up and began undoing my belt, she sat up and practically dragged my trousers and boxers down with one motion, pulling my ever stiffening dark meat towards her while laying back down, I hadn't even removed my trousers fully but I could already feel my tip of my cock rubbing and then beginning to penetrate her walls. As it entered her opening, her body began to tremble, I could feel her trying to maintain control but as I slowly started building up enough momentum to penetrate her fully she let go, her legs were up by my lower back with her feet crossed, her hands were squeezing my buttocks firmly. I tried to keep going but she squeezed me tightly, her words turned into inaudible grunts and my cock edged deeper and deeper inside of her... Her juices were slickening my shaft so I could slowly push further making her trembles turn into quakes and when I finally reached the depth of my balls she was having full on body shakes, I held it there for what felt like an eternity, when I felt her grip loosen I lifted my body up above hers, looked her right in the face again and before a word was spoken she grabbed my face and began to kiss me deeply and passionately. The moment took over me and we were all over one another, my hands slid beneath her arse holding her in place while I fucked her deeply, my thrusts went from steady; meeting her hips with every push, to a furious pounding, battering her sweet little pussy into submission. She fought back however, pushing me onto my side and biting on my lip riding me with fluidity with her thigh on top of mine, I sat up pulling her with me so she was kneeling over my lap and she rode my cock like a maniac. I couldn't help but get carried away, rising to my feet and holding her up in mid air with her knees astride my elbows as I continued to fuck her like a jackhammer, our moans echoed through the conservatory so loudly she hushed me then growled the word doggy to me. I lowered her down gently and she knelt facing away from me pushing her face into the sofa cushions with her inviting arse and pussy pointed upward towards me to have my way with. I cheekily licked her from clit to slit and slapped her arse before I pushed my cock back in and fucked her loudly filling the air with the sound of our clapping bodies, muffled screams and primitive grunts until I could feel my end was near. I leant over to tell her I'm going to cum and she flattened herself out parting her arse cheeks with her hands, I couldn't contain myself much longer and she knew it, suddenly she pushed me away and latches her mouth onto my cock just as I spurted my first load. She greedily laps up every drop as she sucked the absolute life out of me, I lost control of myself flopping onto the sofa while she never broke contact, her suction kept my cock from going limp, I regained my composure and looked down to see her laying on her side and finishing me off, I took the initiative to do the same putting my ankles still bound by my trousers onto the sofa above her head sliding myself down towards her body. I practically bear-hugged her waist and tongued her clit relentlessly and it wasn't long before she began to stiffen up and involuntarily shake her whole body again as the reaction to what I was doing took over her senses... After a few substantially jerky spasms she flopped down, no longer sucking and licking her juices from my cock and balls, she was spent and so was I so we lay there for a while, and then she slumped onto the floor, lazily looking over to her gown and asked me to pass it for her, I did as she asked and then she said to me, "I think my side is okay now". I stood up and began fixing my clothes and she stood by the doorway, I walked past her to leave the house, grabbing my things on my way out and she slapped me on my arse and remarked,

"You can do some things right then". As I turned around the door closed and I felt guilty as I drove all the way to work. When I got in my boss called me into his office and asked me what happened, I explained the incident to him and said I think it was only a stitch in the end but I suspected that she was being a little dramatic to make me feel bad, I assured him that she is alright now and that she said she would go to sleep when I left. He said she was on the phone to him complaining about me but she always does this so he is not surprised, he gave me even more money than we had agreed and said that it was for putting up with her.