So one day, before lockdown, me and my wife went to a a friends for the evening. Normal chit chat kind of stuff and my wife had a few drinks. I was being the responsible one as I was driving. After we had the normal chit chat it was getting late and we decided to go home. On the way home a really thick fog had set in and I could barely see the road. I had decided to pull over in a car park near a lake and wait for it to pass. 20 minutes later it hadn’t passed and I was getting tired and luckily for us we still had a crate of beer so decided to spend the night in the car not knowing really where we were.

About half hour later a car pulled in, went past us and stopped. Thought it was kind of strange but didn’t take much noticed. He started flashing his brakes. I then knew what he wanted. My wife had her window open and we turned the interior light on to find something. The guy slowly got out his car and started walking over to her side. He said “how’s it going” so my wife being polite said good and then he said “ what are we doing?” Chatted for a spell and we said what happened and he said “ shame, thought you might be here for something else and she has great tits” My wife being a size 10 makes her 36dds look even bigger. She was wearing a low cut top so he was obviously looking at them. He was an older man around 60 we are in our 30s and I could tell she likes it as she slightly pulled her top down and said “oh these things, thank you”. She then leant over and started rubbing my bulge. I knew then she wanted fun. They had a little giggle and he said “ they look amazing” she said “the feel better”. He then leant in and put it his hand right down her top and started squeezing her tits. I couldn’t quite believe what was going on but didn’t say a word. He said to me “ lucky guy, tonight I’m lucky too”. She lifted her skirt up and started to play. He unzipped himself and put his cock through the window, she looked at me then turned around and took him in her mouth. It was dark so couldn’t see anything but I could hear her gagging on it and him moaning. I felt between her legs and she was so wet. After a while he said “ why don’t you stick your arse out the window” so she did. She didn’t even hesitate. He said “ oh let’s have a taste first”.

She was moaning so much as he licked her pussy getting it wet for him. He slipped on a condom and stuck up her. I couldn’t believe what was going on but couldn’t help but be hard. Could hear how wet she was as he fucked her hard from behind. Her telling me “ oh my god his cock is so big” “it feels so good” after a while he said oh I’m gonna cum. He pulled out and she put her head out the window and he came all over her face. He got in his car and drove off. Weirdest thing but what a turn on