Happy Horny Couple

Even though I was divorced from Susan, I still wanted Lorie to have a good relationship with her mother. However, when Susan eventually told Lorie that her desire to sample other men had caused the rift, Lorie had a fit and, if they were face to face, I think it would have gotten physical. Lorie had not talked to her mother since she found out about the ‘hall pass’ proposal. I begged Lorie not to shut her mother out of her life, telling her, “She’s still your mother, and has never stopped loving you. She raised you well and, apart from the recent problem, hasn’t done anything to harm you.” However, Lorie refused to do as I asked, and I hoped that, for her sake, she would not regret it one day. Lorie would no longer talk to her mother, and had actually blocked her number. When Susan’s mother found out about her daughter’s activities, she nearly had a stroke. She outright cussed Susan, and slapped her a couple of times too. I must confess that it was I who told her mother about Susan’s crazy request but, in my defense, she had called soon after Susan had walked out, and I needed to vent.

Susan moved out of Kathy’s home not long after signing the divorce papers. Apparently, they weren’t getting along so well. I didn’t know the details and really didn’t care either. I discovered that Susan had moved in with one of her fuck buddies, and that he wanted her to ‘entertain’ his friends. Susan was certainly the person for the job. Maria and I were happily courting and, thankfully, Lorie liked her. Maria and Lorie’s first meeting was interesting. Rather rudely, I thought, Lorie walked up to Maria, looked her over, then looked at me and said, “I thought you preferred women with bigger tits.” Maria was very self-assured and comfortable with her body image, and reacted by bursting into laughter over Lorie’s audacious remark. She knew that Susan had DDs, and could see that Lorie took after her mother, in that respect. Lorie followed her remark by hugging Maria, and surprised me by saying, “I am so glad daddy has you. You are so good for him.” Maria replied, “I’m the lucky one. I’m so glad I have him.” Then Lorie kissed her cheek, and a bond of friendship was established. About five months after the divorce, Maria and I were asleep in bed, when we were woken by someone pounding on the front door. Grabbing my baseball bat, I went to the door and looked through the peephole. A strange man was standing outside, ready to knock again. “What do you want?” I shouted through the door. “Thank god. Thank god,” he replied, sounding relieved. “Hey, do you know a Susan Benson?” he continued. “What about her?” I asked tersely. “I’m Hank. I’m an Uber driver. She’s waiting in my car. She’s been badly hurt. I tried to persuade her to go to the hospital, but she insisted that I bring her here, because she knew that you would help her.” I turned to Maria who was standing at the door to our room and we shared a look. She said softly, “Go get her.” I opened the front door and followed the Uber driver to his car. He opened the passenger door and, as the dome light came on, I saw an injured Susan. “Oh, my god, she needs the hospital,” I called out. “NO.NO. NO…” Susan screamed from her swollen mouth. She had been beaten badly. Her lips were swollen and cut, one of her eyes was swollen shut, and there was blood all over her. I reached inside the car and gingerly touched her. “You need the hospital Susan.” She grimaced in pain as she shook her head and murmured, “No, please, no.” I looked back over my shoulder at Maria who was standing at the front door looking concerned. I raised my hands and shrugged my shoulders in a ‘I have to, please forgive me’ gesture. Maria called out softly, “Bring her in - we will see what we can do.” I helped Susan out of the car, then picked her up and cradled her, with my arms beneath her. I carried her to the house, noting the difference between my little 102-pound Maria and 165-pound Susan. It was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to carry her inside, and follow Maria down the hall, as she led the way to my daughter’s old room. With relief, I placed Susan on the bed and Maria took a good look at her. At first, Maria insisted that we call an ambulance, but relented when Susan kept begging to just let me fix her. Still delusional, I noted. As swollen as her lips and face were, Susan could still speak clearly. Maria called a doctor friend and described Susan’s injuries. Even though it was quite late, the doctor arrived quickly and started treating the patient. He had me bring in a portable X-ray machine from his car, emphasizing that it was prohibitively expensive. Naturally, I carried it very carefully. The doctor took X-rays to determine whether Susan had a fractured skull, which she didn’t, but she did have a significant concussion. The doctor would not guarantee her welfare if she stayed at the house, and said I could be held responsible if she died. He finally departed, after starting an I.V. drip in her arm, and leaving a variety of medications, including anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and some sort of steroid. Thank god Maria was there and knew how to administer the medications. I stayed up with Susan the first night, since I’d been informed that concussion victims shouldn’t be allowed to sleep for several hours. I had a hell of a time keeping her talking, until I started discussing all the men she fucked after she left me. She became very agitated and stayed awake. Unexpectedly, discussing the topic proved to be therapeutic, relieving some of our mutual hatred. I hated her for breaking our wedding vows, and she hated me for ending our marriage. I found out that several of her lovers verbally abused her when I refused to do their taxes. She didn’t think that I would be so vindictive. I also discovered that, after I’d sent letters to the wives, most of her lovers stopped seeing her. Then Kathy threw her out, because I’d sent letters to the wives of her married lovers too. In desperation, Susan had moved in with a guy that wanted her to fuck his friends. After a month or two, he brought a couple of black men over, and she refused to have sex with them. All three of the men had beaten her, had their way with her, then threw her out. She didn’t want to go to the hospital, so she came to my house, as it was the only place she felt she could go. About 6 am, Maria took over from me, checking Susan’s temperature, blood pressure, pupils, and reflexes, while I fell asleep. As we’d taken some time off work to nurse Susan, between Maria and me, she had 24-hour care. After the second day, when Susan began to improve, the doctor wasn’t needed, however he still visited daily, and continued to supply her with medication. I realized the reason for the good doctor’s dedication, when I left to go to the store but had to quickly return because I’d forgotten my wallet. As I walked into the kitchen, the doctor and Maria were locked in a passionate embrace with their tongues down each other’s throats and their hands caressing intimate body parts. Obviously, the pair had been romantically involved for a while. Without noticing that I’d returned, they broke their embrace and whispered ‘sweet nothings’ in each other’s ears. All the pain from my ex-wife’s betrayal flooded back, and I felt my heart being squeezed hard. I let out a small moan. Maria turned, with a shocked look on her face, in time to see me bolt out of the house.

My ego had taken another massive hit. First, I hadn’t been ‘man enough’ to keep Susan, and now, Maria had found a better match. I was devastated. I checked into a motel, called in to work, and told them I wouldn’t be in for a few days, maybe even a week or two. When I was asked for a reason, I told them that I had a traumatic personal issue to work through. I couldn’t admit to anyone that I’d lost yet another woman. I sat and drank, feeling sorry for myself, for a couple of days. I knew that Maria was too responsible to abandon Susan, so she would have proper care. And, of course, the good doctor would be around …. I decided to do some research and called the doctor’s receptionist to enquire about the costs of the medical care he was giving my ex-wife. I totaled the costs and sent a certified cheque for the full amount to his clinic, along with an invoice detailing the services and medication costs, together with Susan and my names. I marked it ‘Paid in Full’. I drove by the house a few times, wanting to check on Susan but, seeing Maria’s car there, didn’t stop. I decided to get Matt, a mutual friend, to visit Susan and ask her to call me. Susan called soon after Matt’s visit and told me that she was feeling much better. She also said that Maria needed to talk to me. I replied that, after what I saw between the doctor and Maria, I had no desire to speak with her. However, Susan insisted that I listen to Maria’s explanation. I was tempted to tell Susan that I wasn’t man enough to keep her satisfied, and that I wasn’t going to start a relationship with another woman I couldn’t take care of but, before I could say the words, Susan said, “Please talk to her Russ. There is more to it than what you know. Please, you owe it to yourself to hear her out.” I had no idea what to say or do, but I did know that I couldn’t survive another ‘hall pass’ request. CHAPTER 8: THE END OF WHAT WAS MAGICAL I held out for three days before gathering the courage to knock on my own front door, more concerned about Susan than Maria. It sounds pathetic, and I suppose that it was, but my self-image had been seriously damaged. A nurse, who I had never seen before, answered the door and let me in. “Are you here to see Susan?” she asked. When I answered in the affirmative, she introduced herself as Kim Blank, an R.N. who specialized in home care. She led me to Lorie’s old room where I saw Susan sitting in a chair, reading. I was glad she was out of bed, but she still looked like she had gone three rounds with a heavy-weight boxer. “You’re looking better, I see,” I said, forcing a smile. She smiled, seemingly glad to see me, and said, “Where have you been? I had everyone I know looking for you.” I sat on the bed. “Have you?” I responded, flatly. “I see you’ve replaced me,” I added, pointing to the nurse. Susan shook her head. “No, she replaced Maria. I no longer need nighttime care. I’m able to get around pretty well now. The doctor said that I was very lucky. The steroids and anti-inflammatories kept my brain from swelling, so there’s no neurological damage. I’ve been taking walks around the block twice a day. Wanna go with me? It’s time for my afternoon walk.” Susan held my arm as we walked around the block, mostly in silence. After some small talk, I asked about Maria. “She’s back at work, but still stops by sometimes to check on me. I think she’s back with her fiancé now.” I looked at her expectantly. “Doctor Collins and she were engaged for almost three years. They got into a huge argument and they broke up. Shortly after, Maria took up with an asshole, who expected her to supply him with drugs. That’s when she met you, quite by accident. When she called her ex, who happens to be one of the best trauma surgeons in the state, she did it for you. She told me that she did it because you still have feelings for me.” Susan took a couple of breaths before she continued. “Maria told me that seeing her ex was really hard because she was still in love with him. She knew the argument they’d had was fueled by pride and ego, and that she’d never stopped loving him. After you saw them together and left, she arranged all my in-home care and, her now fiancé, Dr. Collins is paying the bills. They’ve renewed their engagement, but she wants to wait a year before she walks down the aisle.” I thought Maria was far too good to be true. Nothing that good ever stayed in my life. I couldn’t blame her for going back to him. She now had a wealthy doctor in her life, and I hoped she found happiness. In truth, I had already started to fall in love with Maria, and was planning on proposing. I had bought a ring, but called and canceled it after I saw her kissing the good doctor. How depressing. I wasn’t man enough to keep any woman. I guess I was destined to be alone. We finished our walk, then had a meal, and I spent the night. I slept in the master bedroom, while Susan stayed in Lorie’s room. I woke early and fixed breakfast for us, and was surprised when Susan walked in and watched me cook. We ate together at the dining table. About a week later, I took Susan to a restaurant she liked for dinner. The evening was pleasant until one of her lovers came and sat with us, uninvited obviously, and started talking to Susan, ignoring me completely. Ignorant prick. I could hold my own in any fight, and started to get to my feet. I really wanted a piece of him, but Susan said, “He’s not worth it honey. Let's just leave, and he can pay the bill.” She took my arm, dragged me away from the table, and walked me out of the restaurant. I was humiliated beyond words, with my ex-wife thinking that she had to diffuse the situation and ‘save’ me. On our way home she said, “I’m sorry Russ. I had no idea this would happen to you.” Her face was full of compassion, but that didn’t change the fact that she’d caused the problem in the first place. Then I had a thought. “Susan, you’ve fucked several different guys. Did you always insist on safe sex?” Her look gave me the answer. “Then I suggest that you go and get tested for STDs.” She turned pale and nodded. Just a few days later, we were shopping in the grocery store when two men approached her. Again, she had obviously been with them. I didn’t recognize either one of them from the photos I received from the detective. I was wondering just how many others there were that I didn’t know about. I thought ‘Fuck this!’ and walked towards the store exit. Susan rushed after me and caught up, apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry Russ. Please forgive me,” she said, taking my arm. That night she timidly approached me, nervously cleared her throat, and said, “Russ, I did what you suggested. I’ve been tested for STDs and …. umm … I’m ashamed to say that I have chlamydia. The doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics and it should clear in a couple of weeks. I’m so sorry.” She sobbed, while I just stared at her. The next day I was getting gas and something to drink at a convenience store, when I heard a couple of men laughing. When I turned my head towards them, they looked away abruptly, but kept laughing. That was the final straw. It seemed that, even when not in the company of my slut ex-wife, I was being subjected to ridicule. Well, fuck that! It was time to leave town. I refused to be a laughing stock. I had always wanted to visit New Mexico, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. I contacted Lorie and told her my plan. Unexpectedly, Lorie was excited for me. “Oh, daddy, that’s great. When you’re settled and I’ve got my degree, I’d love to come and settle there too.” Having my daughter on board with my plan was a great relief. My business was important, but I would embrace the challenge of starting over in a new town. And the house? Well, frankly, the house just held too many bad memories now, so I would happily sell it. Susan no longer required nursing and, although she’d lost her job, she would have to fend for herself. I told Susan that I had decided to leave town for good, and that she would need to find somewhere else to live. First, I put my accounting practice up for sale. It was a profitable business, not hurt by the fact that that I’d fired a few customers, in fact, that probably enhanced my reputation. Gratifyingly, it sold for a good price. Next, I put the house up for sale. The market was kind, and it sold within a couple of weeks. All that remained was to wait for settlement on the sales, decide what I was going to take with me, and say goodbye to a few good friends. I bought a new pickup truck fitted with a topper. I wasn’t taking my furniture, and everything else I wanted to take would fit easily. Susan and I stayed in the house until it sold. We ate meals together, but otherwise kept our distance. Susan was neither looking for a job, or trying to find a place to live. I asked her what she planned to do, as closing was quickly approaching, and all she offered was, “I have my plans in place.” Both the house and the business closed the same week. I had three days to be packed and ready to go after closing on the house. The new owners, a young couple, were happy that I wanted to leave all the furniture. I packed my clothes and a few treasured belongings. Susan picked out a few items for herself, but everything else, besides the furniture, was donated to charity. I wanted nothing to remind me of Susan, or Maria. My items only occupied half the space in the pickup, so it seemed that, in no time, I was ready to leave. As I was walking back to the house to do a final check, Susan was wrestling two huge bags towards the pickup. “Need some help?” I asked. “Yes please,” she said. I took both bags and asked, “Where do you want them?” “In the pickup with yours,” she said conversationally, turning to get her remaining two bags from the house. I stood dumbfounded, for a moment, wondering what she was up to. I placed her heavy bags on the sidewalk to the side of the driveway. Susan returned, carrying her two smaller bags, which she proceeded to toss into the back of the pickup. Then she picked up one of the heavy bags and started lugging it to the pickup. “What are you doing?” I asked, confused. “Getting ready to leave. What else should I be doing?” “Am I taking you somewhere, or dropping you off?” I asked, pointing to her nice brown Honda Civic parked in the driveway. “In a manner of speaking.” She looked me in the eyes, as I stood there with confusion written all over my face. Then she put hands on her hips and, with an attitude of let-me-explain-this-slowly-so-you-can-understand, she said, “I am going with you, wherever you want to go. I know that I’m not your favorite person in the world right now, and we have many issues to sort out. I want you to harangue me, call me names, cut me to ribbons with your words, and vent all your unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I want you to keep unloading on me, until we get all the hate out of your system and then, hopefully, we can start to rebuild our relationship. I want to find my way back to you, and be the wife my husband always deserved. I will love you as you deserve to be loved. I want us to make love every day, and I will spend the rest of my life making up for how badly I hurt you. So? Are you going to open the door for me, or leave me on the curb with nothing?” Rightly, she left the decision up to me. Had she apologized? Was she truly sorry? I didn’t know, but I intended to find out over the next few days. I walked to the passenger door and opened it for her. She got in. We barely made it out of town before I started yelling at her, saying things that I’d previously held back, trying to spare her feelings. It was harsh, but she’d asked for it, and I gave vent to everything that she’d made me feel, and what I thought about her and her actions. She cried, she wept, she sobbed, she took it all, but wouldn’t allow me to ease off. Then I’d take a breather, we’d ride in silence for a while, before I’d have another thought, and start the process again. Each time we stopped at a motel to rest, we’d share a room, but sleep in separate beds. I’d stop berating her each time we stopped, then begin again when back on the road. We had just crossed into New Mexico, when I pulled into an Allsups convenience store to get gas. Susan went inside to pay, and find us something to eat. Her face was stained with tears, but that didn’t stop her. She came out of the Allsups with a bag of food. “What did you get?” I asked. “I don’t know. Some sort of burrito. They come highly recommended. Two of the local men there said they were the best,” she replied. I said nothing until we were back on the interstate, then I started again. “So, you just can’t stay away from men can you, you fucking cum bag slut?” Susan wore the abuse, took a burrito out of the bag, spread sauce on top, and handed it to me. “Here, take a bite, and I’ll put more sauce on it for you,” she said, ignoring my harsh words. I took a bite. “Damn. This is good!” I said, surprised. She put some sauce on it, and took a bite herself. “Damn you’re right. It is good.” “How many of them did you buy?” I asked. “Four.” “Well shit, we’ll need some more. You wanna go back?” She laughed and, as she laughed, I realized that was the first time in years I had heard her laugh. Years ago we’d joke around and laugh constantly. I used to spend time thinking of ways to romance her, and make her life more pleasurable. We used to date and dance. We used to like just being together. “When did I stop?” I asked. “Stop what?” she asked, confused. “Making you laugh,” I elaborated. After a long silence, during which we seemed to travel several miles, she finally answered me. “I don’t know exactly, but it was quite a while before I caused us to break up. I don’t know if it was me who quit responding, or if you just quit trying. I don’t know which came first. I do know that I missed spending time laughing and playing with you.” We had just passed the town of Tucumcari, New Mexico, when it dawned on me that the eighteen-hundred-mile drive, which began with shouting, anger, and hatred, had started to become enjoyable. We laughed and joked about things we observed as we drove, like the silly names of towns or geographical features. Susan leant against my right arm, and held me tightly, as we made our way down Sandia pass. I realized that I didn’t want her anywhere else, and I felt my heart start to open to her again. However, I finally had to ask, “Why was I not enough for you? What is wrong with me?” Again, she was silent for a long time, and I was about to take the exit to Interstate 25 South, when she spoke. “It wasn’t you. It was me. I listened to Kathy’s bullshit, for so long, that I started to lose touch with what was important. I got so excited by the idea of doing what she was doing, that it became an obsession. It seemed that nothing else mattered.” She was silent for a minute and, when I didn’t respond, she continued. “I justified everything to myself. I barely gave a thought to your feelings, or our marriage. I can’t believe how selfish I was. How outright hateful I became. I gave up our daughter, and you, for what? My sick little fantasy? You know Lorie won’t talk to me anymore. She won’t even answer the phone when I call. Mom has disowned me. I thank god dad died before I lost my sanity. I have no idea what he would think.” She didn’t say anything while I took the exit to our hotel and pulled into the drive up. We checked in and Susan went to our room, while I loaded our suitcases out onto a cart. The plan was to stay at the hotel until I found a place to live. I had a job lined up, so income wouldn’t be a problem, although the pay would be significantly less than what I was used to. I thought that we would be ok. Shit… did I just think ‘WE’? I parked the pickup, pushed the cart to the elevator, and pressed the third-floor button. I made my way to our room, and knocked. Susan opened the door, and I pushed the bag-laden cart inside. We unloaded the cart, then I returned it to the front of the hotel. In the lobby, I found a coffee pot and poured a cup each for Susan and myself. I took my time going upstairs, just looking around. Finally back, I opened the door with my key and walked in. Laying on the bed, sprawled out like a goddess, was my ex-wife, almost nude. She was wearing a sheer black nightgown, and might as well have been wearing nothing. She looked at me seductively, then said, “I am going to be your whore Russ. I want you to know that you can fuck me in any hole you want, any time you want. I will never touch another man but you. I’m all yours forever more. Fuck me now, or I’ll blow you if you’d prefer that. I’ll never refuse you.” I stood looking at Susan, with my mouth gaping and astonishment on my face. “You have got to be kidding,” I said, quietly, in a low, deep voice. “No. I’m not kidding. I’m your whore forever more, Russ. Right now, I don’t want to make love to you. I want you to fuck me like a two-dollar whore. Don’t be nice, don’t be subtle, don’t be gentle. I have so much to make up for.” There were tears dripping from her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. “I lost you once, and I won’t let it happen again. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. I won’t ever say ‘no’ to you again, Russ.” I went to her, grabbed her hair, and I brought her to me. “Undo my pants and suck me dry,” I demanded, eager begin our new life together. CHAPTER 9: GETTING BACK TOGETHER: Susan had been the love of my life, and I just couldn’t take advantage of her misguided servitude. Like hell I couldn’t - I fucked her for weeks, in every way imaginable, and every time I felt the urge. She had a lot of penance coming her way, pun intended. We bought a house in Los Lunas, some 20 miles south of Albuquerque, and settled into the community. As part of her penance, I laid out some new rules for her to abide by. The rules relating to her clothing required Susan to wear skirts paired with either tube tops, halters, or button-up blouses. Or dresses which were low cut, or strapless, to allow me easy access to her tits. Shorts and pants were forbidden. In addition, underwear was strictly forbidden, to allow easy access to her pussy, unless I ordered otherwise. At home she was required to either stroke my cock, or keep me entertained with her body. Every time my cock twitched, she had to suck it, or fuck it, to orgasm. She didn’t hesitate to obey my every whim. She even smiled most of the time. We would often go out shopping or to restaurants, and I insisted that Susan dress nicely, but also adhere to the rules. One evening, we dined at Los Cuatus, a very nice Mexican restaurant. I asked the hostess to seat us in a secluded corner. While we were waiting to be served, I had Susan sit close to me so that I could caress her bare leg. I moved my hand higher and higher and, even though the tablecloth hid the action from other diners, I could see Susan was very embarrassed. So I stopped. Like hell I did. I worked my fingers up to her crotch, then I made her spread her legs. She flamed red with embarrassment as I played with her pussy right there in the restaurant. I left my hand on her pussy when the waitress came to take our order. I ordered enchiladas with green chili, and Susan ordered a steak burrito smothered in green chili. In my opinion, New Mexico’s greatest gifts to the country are the awesome green chili and Allsup’s burritos. While we waited for our meal, I drove two of my fingers inside her pussy, and began to finger-fuck her. If she was embarrassed before, she was downright humiliated then. My motivation was to make her feel humiliation of a magnitude similar to what I’d felt when she walked out on me …. and to see how committed she was to her promise of, basically, anything, anytime, anywhere. I watched my wife have a small orgasm with my fingers embedded deep in her. Then I withdrew my fingers, and sensuously licked the juice from one. “Would you like dessert before your main?” I asked, as I offered her the other finger. She opened her mouth and accepted my offering. As her reward, I kissed her, just as our meal arrived. After several weeks of fucking Susan, my rage over her betrayal began to subside, and we started to make love, rather than just fuck. I had never fallen out of love with my wife. Although she ripped my heart out, and beat me with it, I never stopped loving her. So, when we started making love again, I hoped our relationship would return to that of happier times. Susan wanted me to keep fucking her, and treating her like a whore, but I felt uncomfortable doing that. She wasn’t happy. She insisted that we sit at the dining table for a ‘talk’. I got that feeling of déjà vu. “Russ!” Susan started, firmly, then she gathered her thoughts for a moment, before continuing. “Do you remember when you asked me… ‘Why wasn’t I enough?’” she asked, looking intently at me. ‘This is it,’ I thought, ‘it’s going to happen again.’ I just sat there and looked her in the eyes. “Remember, I told you Kathy persuaded me to … you know … well, what I told you that day was the truth,” she insisted. “But analyzing it now, it wasn’t the whole truth,” she went on. My heart was aching again, and I wondered if I could survive another rejection. “Russ. There was a reason I was susceptible to Kathy’s bullshit.” My anxiety and attention both peaked. After a long moment, she said, “Russ, you are the best LOVER. I have ever been with.” I rolled my eyes, thinking she had just lied to me. Seeing my eye roll, she explained, “I said lover, not cocksman. There is a difference Russ.” ‘Do tell …. ,’ I thought. “Russ, you are a fantastic lover, and you are a good fuck too,” she said, trying to convey her message. “But you don’t fuck me… and, until recently, you never just fucked, you would only make love to me Russ.” “What’s wrong with that?” I asked. “Nothing… and everything… You see, Russ, I guess I’m fucked up somehow. I love making love to you, but I also love to fuck. I love to be taken, to be used, to be treated like a cum guzzling whore.” “What?” I asked, confusion written on my face. “For the first few weeks in New Mexico, I was ecstatic, thinking that I’d found the type of sex I’d always dreamed of. Again, you’re a wonderful lover, the best I’ve ever had, and then you decided to fuck me too. No woman could have been happier or more content. If you’d treated me like that throughout our marriage, then I would never have fallen under Kathy’s spell.” “Really, Susan. Well, thanks so fucking much for finally telling me what you needed. You kept that to yourself for twenty-four years of marriage, you fucking useless bitch. So you like a good fucking, do you? Well, cop this!” I raged. I grabbed her by the hair, dragged her into the living room, and bent her over the arm of the sofa. I flipped up her skirt as I was fishing my rock-hard cock out of my pants. Then I impaled her without any preparation. I fucked her until I came, then pulled out, not caring that she was left hanging, and smacked her ass, hard. “How was that, bitch?” She was quiet for a bit, then she said, “That’s what I was talking about, Russ. I love you so much. Will you be ready to go again, soon?” Then she reached for my sticky cock and started sucking it back to life. CHAPTER 10: EPILOGUE She continued to do my bidding, and she hasn’t hesitated, at all, in over sixteen years that we have lived in New Mexico. I’ve repeatedly told her that she didn’t have to be my sex slave, but she just ignores me. I may have to discipline her … hmmmm. Lorie moved down here, met a nice guy, married, and now has three children. There is Rose, Kemberly and Roy. Susan makes a fantastic grandmother, and even though Lorie has not completely forgiven her mother, at least they are on speaking terms now. Recently, we celebrated what should have been our 40th wedding anniversary, and you wouldn’t believe who showed up. Maria came to visit, along with her doctor husband. They had taken some lessons from us, and were able to stick out the rough times, without the problems we had. It was easy to see that they were very much in love. Surprisingly, Susan’s and my sex life is still going strong. I can honestly say that I never fell out of love with Susan, despite how badly she hurt me. We don’t have a perfect marriage, but we get along well, have fun, and laugh. We are happy, although I occasionally have doubts that I’ll remain ‘enough’ for her. Whenever she senses that I’m having a problem, she reassures me