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You want me to do WHAT?!!” I exploded at Susan, my wife of twenty-four years. “There’s no reason to shout at me, Russ. It’s a perfectly reasonable request,” she whined. That was the scene in our kitchen barely a week ago, when my wife brazenly asked me to grant her a ‘hall pass’. When I asked her just what she meant by a hall pass, she calmly explained that she wanted, for a day or two, for me to allow her to freely have sex with anyone who she found attractive, with no questions asked, without getting angry, and without divorcing her. Then she would return to our marriage and be a loving wife. I was astounded, flabbergasted. I’m Russell Benson, Russ to my friends. After what Susan had just asked, she was rapidly exiting my friend zone. I couldn’t comprehend why she would want to do what she’d planned. I started to mentally search for reasons for her request. I began to doubt myself as a man. I figured that she must find me inadequate in some way, but couldn’t think of where I might be lacking. Nothing made sense. So I started grilling her. I asked her which fuckwit I needed to bust up for putting the moves on my wife behind my back. I asked how many men she had already fucked, without my knowledge, and she assured me that no one had touched her yet, and she hadn’t planned anything either. I had trouble believing her. I challenged her, asking why she wanted to cheat on me, and her response was, “It isn’t cheating if I have your consent.” I told her that she would never get my consent. Susan was a second-grade schoolteacher. She taught, mostly, 7- or 8-year old students. Summer break was coming, and she wanted to bring strange men home to fuck in the spare room, assuring me that she would never do anything in our bed. Not a great role model. I told her, “Like fuck you will.” Her attitude just about killed me. I walked around in a daze for several days. I didn’t know who to confide in, so I just kept her insane plans to myself. In hindsight, I really should have spoken to someone. We argued for days before she admitted that her best friend and colleague, Kathy, had recently divorced and that she’d been going out and picking up men for sex. Kathy had been telling Susan all about her adventures, and Susan had become excited at the idea of having sex with random strangers.

Susan reasoned that, “When I start having sex with other men, I can bring home what they teach me and make our sex life even better.” I told her that all she’d bring home would be STDs. Next she tried the “I-won’t-stop-making-love-to-you card. I will fuck you any time you want for the whole time I am on the pass…” I told her that I wouldn’t be touching her cheating pussy. Then she tried, “If you love me, you will let me do it.” I told her, “If you loved me you wouldn’t even ask.” Then she tried cutting me off from sex, hoping to force me into agreeing to her request through desperation. I told her that I would go without sex rather than give in. Then she started to become overtly sexual, promising me things she knew I craved. I told her that I’d rather use my hand than submit to sexual bribery. Finally, I’d had enough of the arguing. I realized that she would never give up her insane plan, and told her that if she went ahead, there would be severe consequences. I told her that if she brought a fuckbuddy anywhere near my house, then I’d fuck him up. She didn’t like that, and started to argue, but I told her that she could pack her things, take them to Kathy’s house and fuck her pickups there, for all I cared. She made a grave error in assuming that I had, therefore, given her permission. She hugged me and said that I’d made her the happiest woman in the world. I didn’t respond to the hug, or say anything, just seethed. She danced around the house for the next few days, getting ready for her ‘hall pass’. I avoided her. Seeing her so happy, and knowing that I wasn’t responsible for that happiness, just about killed me. I was becoming depressed, and just wanted to cut myself off from friends and family. I was ashamed that my marriage had come to this pitiful state. I returned from work on the Monday evening following our week of arguing, to find Susan already packed, with her bags in the car. She tried to kiss me, but I refused. I told her, “Please don’t go. If you go through with this, it will be the end of our marriage.” She replied, “No, honey, it’s just for a few weeks, or a month at the most.” “It went from just a few days to a month?” I asked. “I will definitely be home by the end of Summer,” she guaranteed. That was three months. I told her that she was delusional. She had just ended her marriage, but I didn’t bother repeating myself. She tried to kiss me as she walked out the door, but I turned and walked away. I just sat in the living room, aghast at what had transpired, worrying about my reputation in the community when it became known that my wife was fucking anything with a penis. I hadn’t been completely impotent during all the turmoil that Susan had caused. I had hired a private detective to keep an eye on her activities, so that I would have proof that she was, in fact, doing what she had said she would do. I had also hired a locksmith to change all the locks in the house and the garage. On Tuesday, I had one hell of a time getting up and going to work. My accounting practice was seasonal, and June wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t do much at work. What can I say? I felt like shit. On the Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from my private detective. When I reached his office, he gave me all the proof I needed, in living color. We decided that he would continue the surveillance for two more weeks. I had proof of her infidelity, but I wanted to know more. Then, maybe, I could understand how I had failed. I knew that she didn’t want me anymore, because she was out hunting for other guys, so it was clear that I wasn’t ‘man enough’ for her. On Friday evening, just as I was leaving work, Susan called. She said that she had some spare time, and wondered if I wanted her to ‘take care’ of me at my house. “No. I’m good,” I told her. Not wanting to see Susan, I went to a bar called ‘Joe’s Place’, instead of heading home. There was an occasional fight between inebriated patrons at Joe’s and, if I was lucky, maybe I would get into it with someone. I was disappointed that the only drama, that evening, was an argument between some dude and his girlfriend, over him kicking her out of his apartment. I finished my beer, walked out to my pickup, and heard some sniffling. The recently evicted girlfriend was sitting in the parking lot with tears in her eyes. I introduced myself, and learned that her name was Maria. She briefly repeated her tale of woe and, not being somebody to leave a damsel in distress, I offered her the use of my daughter’s old room for as long as she needed. Maria was a few years younger than me but, I thought, what the hell, at least she was someone to talk to. I had had a lot more to drink on Friday night than I thought, because I woke up very late with a splitting headache. I heard noises in the kitchen and thought, “What the fuck?” It was Saturday, my sleep-in day, and I normally didn’t get up until at least 3 pm. I staggered into the kitchen and was handed a plate of food. Eggs over easy, toast, potatoes, and sausage. I hadn’t eaten breakfast like that in years. I smiled at the cook and said, “Thank you.” As I sat at the table to eat, I asked, “Are you going to eat something?” She smiled as she brought me a cup of freshly made coffee then said, “I never eat breakfast, but I knew that you could use some.” I looked at her properly for the first time. She was way too skinny, short at about 5’2” tall, and maybe 102 pounds. She didn’t have a big chest or even much of an ass. She wore torn-up baggy jeans and a baggy T-shirt that had seen better days. Looking at her more closely, I saw high cheekbones and the most beautiful blue eyes. Her most attractive feature was her lips. They looked like they would taste great, and feel great roaming over my body. I momentarily got carried away, before remembering that I was a married man, even though my wife was fucking anything and everything that she could. CHAPTER 2: CHANGING OF THE GUARD “Russ.” Maria looked at me with all seriousness, “The front yard needs to be mowed, edged and trimmed. If you do that, I can start cleaning the house. I’ll start in the kitchen and living quarters but I need to clean the whole house. So, if there is anything you don’t want me to see, you might want to hide it.” She was right. I had put off all the yardwork, and everything else, after Susan asked for her hall pass. I looked at her, “You know I’m married, don’t you?” I asked. “Yes, and I know your wife and her best friend are currently fucking any cock that comes their way.” I was shocked. How on Earth did she know that? So, I had to ask. “That is all you talked about when we got here last night. To be honest I thought you were telling me this, trying to get into my pants. But I figured out that you were telling me the truth this morning.” I was surprised at myself. I only blacked out a few times when I was drinking. I must have done it last night too. I swallowed and asked. “I didn’t do anything offensive or inappropriate, did I?” “No. You were a perfect gentleman. That’s partly how I knew you weren’t lying.” Thank God, I thought. “Ok, thank you. I really don’t remember much after we left the bar … but I’ve never driven drunk … so how did we get home?” I asked, puzzled. “I drove your pickup home. You pointed the way.” “I’m so glad you got the keys away from me. Thank god for that anyway,” I said. “But did I really tell you about what Susan is doing right now?” “Yes… yea. Well I knew it was bothering you a lot, so I sort of worked it out of you,” Maria explained. I had always been a keep-to-myself sort of guy so, hearing what I said last night, I thought I might want to stop drinking, or something. I mowed the lawn and did the edging. I came back into the house covered in sweat, exhausted and ready to clean up. Completely forgetting about Maria, I went into the big bathroom, stripping on the way, and climbed straight into the shower. I soaped up, scrubbed, then rinsed off, enjoying the hot water running down my body. Then I got out and began to dry myself off. “Dinner is in the oven,” spoke a pleasant female voice from nearby. Startled, I looked around, and saw Maria in the bathtub. She was just sitting there, as if nothing was amiss. I was in shocked. It was surreal looking at her, until Russ junior started to notice that her tits weren’t all that small. They may have been an A-cup, but they had great shape and her nipples were hard and large, with silver dollar size areolas. ‘Don’t embarrass me Russ junior,’ I thought, but it was too late, so I quickly turned away and started to dry off. “What’s for dinner?” I tried to nonchalantly ask. She laughed at my awkwardness, then got out of the tub, walked to me, and took my towel. She then casually began to dry herself, in front of me, as if it were perfectly normal. Dinner was delicious, and I was pleasantly surprised that she liked to cook. We did the cleanup and the dishes together. After dinner, Susan called me and offered to come over, and ‘take care of me’. Again. “NO. Thank you,” I told her. Again. “But I promised that I would take care of you.” “It's ok. I’m good. Thank you.” Maria had the house looking like it had never looked before. It sparkled. As a ‘thankyou’ for all her housework, on Saturday night I took her on a shopping spree to a Tanager Outlet Center. With much encouragement from me, she managed to choose some nice things. It didn’t cost a fortune and she really needed some new outfits. I wondered about the reason her old man threw her out, because I could not find fault with her. Later that day, Maria took my pickup to the store to get some groceries. I spent the time reading ‘loving wives’ stories on a web site, wallowing in self-pity, and wondering why Susan had turned into a slut. I heard rattling at the front door and, thinking it was Maria struggling with the groceries, I went to help. I opened the door, momentarily confused to see Susan standing there. “My key isn’t working,” she complained, a little dazed. “I know. I had the locks changed,” I stated matter-of-factly. She looked at me with a blank expression on her face. “What do you want, Susan?” I asked curtly. “I thought I might stop by and take care of my husband. The only man I love, and the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with,” she said, trying smile lustfully. “I’m really not in the mood, Susan.” “Come on Russ. I know you can’t go without sex for more than a day or two. I am more than willing to take you to our room.” I shook my head and just walked to the kitchen. Vindictively, I took out a beer, popped the top, and guzzled a mouthful. Susan hated when I drank, and especially when I drank beer. She had followed me to the kitchen, but hadn’t noticed the beer, because she was too busy checking out the state of the house. She seemed mesmerized by the cleanliness and neatness, and was clearly disappointed that I’d managed to maintain it without her. “Russ… What’s going on?” she asked. “Let’s see. Humm. What is going on is … my wife is ruining our marriage by fucking everyone she can ... because I am not enough for her. My wife is seeing what it’s like to be a fucking slut, and is opening her legs for anyone who wants to fuck her. Does that cover it?” She looked at me, annoyed. “I mean, what is going on in the house Russ? Something is different.” “None of your business Susan. You live with Kathy now, and are presently fucking other men. As long as you’re doing that, what happens in this house is absolutely none of your fucking business.” I was as nasty and heartless as I could manage, trying to hurt her, but it was like water off a duck’s back. She tried to hug me, but I pushed her away. “Have you finished slutting around? Are you coming home today?” I asked. “Oh honey no. I just came by to take care of you, and let you know that I am going to be home soon. Like in a month or two. I wanted you to know that I’m okay and doing fine too.” I didn’t tell her I had weekly updates on her activities, and knew how ‘fine’ she was doing. “Well okay, I can see you’re still alive. Anything else I can do for you?” She put her arms around me, and tried to kiss me, but I stiff-armed her. “Look Susan, I don’t know where that mouth has been, and I don’t want sloppy seconds, or filthy fourths, either. In other words, I’m not touching you. It’s anyone’s guess what types of diseases you’re carrying. Let me know when this is over, and we will talk about our marriage, and ending it.” “Russ you’ve never gone a week without making love to me,” she said, as if I hadn’t spoken. “I have now. Just get out of my house, and do what you have to do,” I demanded. I grabbed her arm, escorted her to the door, pushed her outside, and slammed the door closed. Maria came home shortly after Susan left. She knew I was upset, as I kept grabbing the bags of groceries, deliberately overloading myself. She kept probing until I explained my issue. “I feel so frustrated Maria. She has no idea what she is doing to me. Just looking at her, my heart feels like it’s breaking. What should I do?” “A lot of people would tell you to divorce her, and let her go fuck herself.” I couldn’t believe my ears, and it must have shown on my face. She smiled compassionately as she explained, “The fact is, you still love her, don’t you?” I could only nod my head in the affirmative, unable to speak. She put her arms around me and said, “The bad news is, you won’t be able to move on until you’ve got her out of your system. The good news is, I am here to be your friend. I can listen, I can hold you. I can even fight with you. But… I won’t give you advice or tell you what to do, you’ll have to work that out for yourself.” Maria was a real gem. I just could not understand why her man had rejected her. CHAPTER 3: GETTING BACK TO NORMAL? I woke on the Monday morning, feeling rested and having a more positive outlook. I drove Maria to the hospital where she worked as a nurse. My opinion of her just kept getting better and better. I went to work at my accounting practice after dropping her off. Surprisingly, I was able to complete almost a full day’s work. I suppose it was therapeutic to immerse myself in the spreadsheets. I was just finishing up when my cell went off. “Hello,” I said. “Uh, hi. Uh, this is Maria. Are you going to come get me or should I take an Uber?” “Oh, yes. I can pick you up from work no problem. What time is it, about three?” “Uh no. It’s after five.” “Oh, shit, I’m so sorry. I’m on the way right now. Sorry, time got away from me. Be there in ten.” I could hear Maria laughing on the other end of the phone. “It’s ok honey. I’ll wait out front where you dropped me off.” ‘Honey’, I liked the sound of that. I drove as fast as legally possible. After all, she finished at three and had been wanting to leave for two hours. Even so, she was in good spirits as I pulled up and opened the door for her. It made my day to see how flustered she became each time I treated her like a lady. As we drove home, I apologized profusely for keeping her waiting. Then, suddenly I realized how I could make it up to her. She’d once mentioned that her favorite restaurant was Landry’s Seafood House. Unfortunately, Landry’s was in the next town over, but there was a local restaurant, called ‘Pier 51’, that served fantastic seafood. I turned up Highway 51, heading for Pier 51. Maria realized that we were not going home, and was giving me funny looks. Not wanting to spring the surprise just then, I tried to avoid eye contact. We pulled into the Pier 51 parking lot, parked, then I got out and rushed around to open Maria’s door. We were both still dressed for work, but the owner was a good client of mine, and I knew he wouldn’t mind. We were shown to a very nice table. I pulled Maria’s chair out to help her sit. Again, I enjoyed her flustered demeanor. Then I sat. Maria ordered the ‘Shrimp Landry’, a specialty of the house. I ordered a dozen oysters on the half shell and another dozen charbroiled. “You know, oysters are an aphrodisiac. Is there something you’re trying to tell me?” Maria asked, with a lustful grin. I was shocked, having never considered the significance. I was still married, after all, even though my slut wife was doing half the men in town. Ok, it was a stupid attitude, but I was old-fashioned in some ways. It was my turn to be flustered. “I’m kidding, Russ, really. I’m just joking.” Relieved, I started to feel less embarrassed. We had just finished our meal when two familiar faces walked into the restaurant. Maria saw the color drain from my face, and my demeanor change, from upbeat and fun to dead. The maître d’ escorted both my wife and her date, who was about to become an ex-customer of mine, to a nearby table. That fucker knew that I was married to Susan. There was no way in hell I would ever do his taxes again. Susan didn’t notice us at first. I signaled to our waitress that I needed the check. She came over and asked if I wanted desert or to-go containers. “NO. Just the bill!!” I said angrily. “Mr. Benson, there is no bill. Your meal is on the house,” she said, a little too loudly. I smiled in appreciation, but noticed that my wife had spotted me. Fucking waitress … I guess she didn’t do It on purpose, but now I was flustered again, and having trouble thinking straight. I wanted to leave a good tip, so I pulled out two twenty-dollar bills, and left them on the table. I got up and tried to ignore my wife and her date. My heart was breaking because, it was one thing to know that she was seeing other men, but it was a completely different matter to have it thrown in my face when her betrayal was still so raw. “Russ, honey, I didn’t expe…” Susan began apologetically, but suddenly stopped as she saw Maria. Her expression changed, and she adopted an aggressive posture, about to challenge Maria. It seemed that she didn’t like me keeping company with another woman. Talk about delusional double-standards. Maria came to me, took my arm, and pulled it to her tightly, in a claiming embrace. She smiled brightly up at me, and leaned into me, like we had been intimate for weeks. The color drained from Susan’s face, and Maria pulled me along to quickly get me away from the adulterous couple. Susan didn’t follow, just silently watched us leave. I guess she thought she could do what she wanted, and I would just stay home and be miserable. Well, fuck her! CHAPTER 4: THE NEXT DAY I woke to the sound of someone pounding on my front door. I got up, threw on a robe, and went to answer the door. When I opened it, Susan walked in. Behind her was a man, different to the restaurant date, who tried to follow her. I put up my hand quickly, and forcibly shoved him back out of the house. He nearly landed on his ass. “If you set one foot in this house, you will have to be carried out!” I yelled. Susan raged, with her fists on her hips, “You’re fucking some bimbo here, so I have the right to bring men home to my house too.” Actually, it wasn’t her house. It was my house. I had received a large inheritance, and bought the house before we started dating. “You walked out on our marriage, and this house, Susan. You forfeited all ownership. Also, I am not fucking anyone. You remember twenty-four years ago last March? I vowed that I would keep myself only to you, forsaking all others. Oh, how stupid of me… Of course, you don’t remember that, because you’re the one fucking anything with a hard on.” I could tell that I’d cut her with that statement, but she recovered quickly. “Then who’s the fucking slut that you were out with yesterday?” “She’s a friend that’s down on her luck - not a slut - you tramp. She is staying in Lorie’s old room for the time being.” Lorie was our 22-year-old daughter, currently away at university, completing her bachelor’s degree in finance. Susan looked towards Lorie’s bedroom door and saw Maria standing in the doorway, leaning against the door jamb. While this exchange was taking place, Susan’s fuckbuddy had regained his composure, and looked like he was preparing a challenge. I reached up and pulled down my favorite ‘Star Trek’ memento, a Klingon bat’leth, from its hook on the wall. Fortunately for fuckbuddy, he backed off. As he walked away, I heard him say, “Hey, I’ll wait in the car.” ‘Smart man,’ I thought, then returned my attention to Susan. “Look, I told you what I was doing, and I told you I would still take care of you. It’s you who has been rejecting everything. But I want that skank out of my house, NOW!!” Susan demanded. I looked at her and shook my head in the negative. “It isn’t your house anymore, Susan. Get that in your head. You walked out of this house, and our marriage.” “I told you that I just needed to do this to get it out of my system. It’s only for a couple of weeks. Maybe a month or two.” “Or a year, or ten. Listen Susan, you walked out of our home with full intentions of shattering our… OUR!! … wedding vows. This is no longer your home. Go home, Susan. Get out…” I watched Susan lose all her color, as she began to realize some of the consequences of her actions. She stared at me for a long moment, then started to tear up. I shook my head and repeated, “Go home, Susan.” She slowly turned and walked away with her shoulders slumped. I shut the door, locked it, then fell to my knees, and leaned against the door. Goddamn it… I must still love her, or she wouldn’t affect me like this, I thought. Almost immediately I was wrapped in Maria’s embrace, as she tried to comfort me. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you still love your wife Russ,” she softly whispered in my ear. “I do love her, Maria. I absolutely hate what she is doing, and my love for her is slowly dying, but it hasn’t gone away yet. It’s too soon.” I resolved to work on regaining my self-respect. I phoned my lawyer and had him start the divorce process. I’d approached him a while ago, and he had already set everything up, and was just waiting for my go ahead. When we weren’t at work, Maria and I spent the much of the time packing Susan’s things. When that task was completed, I put her stuff in a storage container not far from where she was staying. Susan was served on the following Friday. I took the day off work, locked up the house good and tight, and headed to a friend’s lake house, with Maria, for a long weekend. Maria, fortunately, was able to take three days leave at short notice. I deliberately left my cell phone at home, and there were no phones at the lake house. We brought in the luggage and settled into the quiet lake house. Even though there was a fully stocked kitchen, I didn’t want to abuse my buddy’s hospitality, so we chose to eat out whenever possible. I took Maria to an Italian restaurant the first night, and we had a good time. When we mentioned that it would be nice to go dancing after our meal, our waitress directed us to a popular weekend venue. There was no live band on that Friday, but we danced to an excellent selection of country music from the jukebox. When I took Maria’s hand to lead her to the dance floor, I felt tingles run up my arm. Maria and I danced, flirted, and touched each other. It was a very enjoyable evening. It was late when we got back to the lake house. I sat on the sofa and waited as she snuck off, to the powder room, I assumed. She returned with drinks for us both. I smiled, took the drink, and patted the sofa beside me. She sat and laid back against me. She felt totally different to Susan as I wrapped my arms around her, leaving my hand on her belly. I needed to know some of Maria’s background, and hadn’t been game to ask before. So I bit the bullet. “Maria, I have to know, what led to the scene on the night I found you?” I asked gently. I heard hear her swallow before speaking. “You know I am a nurse, don’t you?” she asked. “Yes.” “Well I’m a Practitioner, which allows me to write prescriptions.” “Ok…” “Doug demanded I write him a script for some pain relievers, but I refused. It would have cost me my license, but he didn’t see it that way. We’d only been together for a short time, but he thought I would break down and do it. I just couldn’t.” ‘Damnit. There is nothing wrong with this woman,’ I thought. I knew that I could fall in love with her. Then a song lyric popped into my head, “It’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.” Fuck. I didn’t know what to do. Should I try to seduce her, and see whether there is a romantic attraction? As it turned out, nothing happened. The long drive, the walk around the lake, and the playing and having fun had tired us both, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms on the sofa. CHAPTER 5: THE PERFECT DAY I woke-up alone on the sofa. Disoriented, I felt as if I had been deserted, until I heard Maria working in the kitchen. Back home, she normally fixed breakfast for us, but we had agreed to go out for all our meals, so I wondered what she was doing. As I shuffled into the kitchen, Maria handed me a cup of hot coffee and a sausage biscuit. She smiled at me with her tantalizingly sensuous lips, and I felt my morning wood tenting my pants. My Dockers were not helpful in hiding an erection. As I accepted the biscuit, I saw her glance down at my pants, and her facial expression freeze. Embarrassed, I turned quickly, stuffed the biscuit in my mouth, and immediately spat it out. “OUCH…” Dammit, it was hot. I had made a complete fool of myself and figured that my day was ruined before it had really begun. As I sat eating the rest of my biscuit, I noticed Maria was wearing an old pair of jeans and one of my T-shirts. I stifled a laugh. With her A-cups, she looked like she was 11 years old, but she was so cute. “I need you to be ready as soon as possible. I saw lots of fish jumping on the lake, and I’m craving fish for dinner,” she said with a smile. I loved to fish, but hadn’t for a long time, because Susan hated fishing, hated the smell of fish, hated the taste, hated everything about fish. I had snuck out to fish a couple of times over the years, but Susan demanded that I not bring fish home, and that I wash my clothes before I got home. It sort of ruined the experience. Now, here was Maria dragging me out to the lake to catch some fish. Yea, I could do that. My friend had a 16-foot aluminum boat with a twenty-five-horsepower motor. We got it started and drove the boat out to where the fishing looked good. “Waa-Hoo,” an excited Maria called out, as she reeled in a two-pound trout. “Well done,” I enthused, as she brought it into the boat. I was expecting to have to unhook it, but she did a great job, and put it in one of our live wells. I went back to fishing but, a few seconds later, I heard another, “Waa-Hoo.” I turned, just a little jealous, to watch her pull in a second trout, slightly smaller than her first. She again put it in the live-well, and rebaited her hook. “Waa-Hoo,” sounded out, again. I turned in time to see her, once again, pulling a good size fish into the boat. “One more, and you’re going swimming…” I teased. “If you throw me out of the boat, I’ll make sure you come with me,” she teased back. “Oh, just catch one more fish before I do and we’ll see who gets wet,” I said, then felt a tug on my rod. “Yea, it is my turn,” I said loudly as I reeled in the fish. When it broke the surface, I looked in disbelief. It was, at best, 5 inches long and maybe a .25 pound. “You really need to throw that one back,” she said, laughing. I started laughing too. It was so funny. Here I was getting out-fished by a woman. I just couldn’t help but to keep laughing. It was the first time, since Susan asked for her ‘hall pass’, that I truly felt happy. We brought back four fish for dinner that night. I managed to catch one, and yes, we threw back the small one. Maria cooked them up and we feasted, which means we didn’t go out to eat at all that day. Nor did we go out dancing. I turned on some music in the house, pulled her up, and danced. We were still wearing our fishy-smelling clothes, but neither one of us cared. As we danced in the living room of my friend’s lake house, I lowered my head and sampled her beautiful lips, something I’d wanted to do for weeks. They were soft and a little moist. I ran my tongue over them, tasting her for the first time, and she tasted even better than I had imagined. She wrapped her arms around me, and squeezed me tight. I responded by wrapping my arms around her and hugging her to me. She felt wonderful. She opened her mouth, and her tongue attacked mine, with a passion I hadn’t felt since Susan and I were newlyweds. “I’m sorry, but you’re still married, and still love your wife. I shouldn’t do this,” she said emotionally, then suddenly pushed me away, and ran from the room in tears. My heart sank. I was miserable because neither Susan, nor Maria, wanted me. I was too busy wallowing in self-pity to get up and go to bed, so I fell asleep on the sofa, again. CHAPTER 6: TIME TO GO HOME In the morning, I felt her sit next to me on the sofa. She bent down and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back, but wondered why she would do that. “Good morning, sleepy-head. I have breakfast ready,” she said, kissing me again, before returning to the kitchen. I stretched, then climbed off the sofa. I walked to the kitchen, and was handed a cup of coffee. Then I noticed two pancakes on a plate. Yum.

After breakfast, we walked around the lake for a while, before we headed home. Neither of us mentioned the previous night. I was confused when Maria slid across the bench seat and leaned against me. She felt really good there but, like she said, I was still married and, although I hated to admit it, I still loved my wife. When we got home, I unloaded the pickup. Maria helped carry everything into the house and, for the first time ever, fish was put in the refrigerator. I smiled at my act of rebellion. The telephone message machine was blinking, indicating that several messages had been left. I hit play and the messages started. “Russ where are you.” “Why did you file divorce?” “I need to talk to you.” “Call me back as soon as you get this.” The messages went on and on until the tape was full. When I looked at my cell, I found numerous text messages and voicemails. I read a few texts, and listened to some voicemails, but deleted the rest. Maria watched me with concern on her face. About an hour or two after we’d settled in, the phone rang. “Hello,” I answered. “Where the fuck have you been! What the fuck are you doing! You can’t divorce me just because I wanted to have some fun for a few days!!” “Whoa, Susan. First of all, you’re committing adultery - not having fun. Second, it’s been almost two months now - not a few days. And finally, you’ve made me realize that I can no longer keep you happy. Sign the papers, Susan. Let's part as friends, and you can go find someone who you love enough not to screw around on. I wish you luck. With your reputation, you’re going to need some.” I hung up, but I was still hurting. Twenty-four years gone. What a waste of my life. Maria helped me get through the night. As usual, she didn’t give me any advice, never judged my actions, just comforted me. The next morning, Susan pulled into the driveway. She got out and carried her suitcases to the door. I went to the front door and opened it, with a look of incredulity on my face. “Honey, I decided to come home today. Let’s work on our marriage now,” she greeted me. It took most of my willpower, but I stepped in front of her, and stopped her from entering the house. “Susan, it’s over. We’re through. I can’t do this. Like I said on the phone, sign the papers and go be happy somewhere else. I’ve given you half the savings and … ” I pulled out an envelope, “… I packed and put your belongings in a storage container, not too far from Kathy’s place.” I handed her an envelope containing a key and the storage contract. “It’s paid in advance for six months.” Susan was stunned into silence. She didn’t know what to do. She tried tears to play on my sympathy, but her wailing left me unaffected. I refused to let her into the house, instead, carrying her bags back to the car. She continued to beg, for almost two hours, for me to reconsider, but I wouldn’t relent. I walked back inside the house with my heart aching. I was hoping that Maria wouldn’t try to comfort me again, because I needed to experience the pain to help me get over Susan. I went into my home office, actually a converted bedroom, and opened the files prepared by the private detective. Previously, I had only glanced at their contents, but now I studied the men that she’d chosen to fuck. The detective had managed to get a camera inside the bedroom Susan was using for many of her liaisons. As I looked at those painful photos of her fucking other men, I realized that some of them were clients of mine. Well, by god, they could bloody well find another accountant. In addition, most of the men who I recognized were married. The next day, I called the detective and asked him if he could identify some of the men I didn’t know. He told me, “No problem.” Three days later, I had their names and addresses. They were all married. Five of the assholes who’d fucked my wife were clients. They were sent letters advising them to find another firm to do their books and taxes. With a client list of over 1,000 people, they wouldn’t be missed. Some of them called me at the office, begging me to reconsider, and were unceremoniously told to ‘fuck off and die’. They’d all been to my office, would have seen the many photos of Susan, and known that she was married to me. I composed a letter addressed to the wife of each guy, letting them know that their husbands had been fucking a herpes-infected slut, and included photos of their husbands in action. Of course, I wasn’t sure whether Susan had herpes, but thought that was a nice touch. There were eight letters in all. The bitch had fucked eight different guys in less than two months. I mailed the letters, and then the shit hit the fan. Divorce lawyers in our town were doing a roaring trade. Susan lost her job, since a couple of her sex partners were fathers of her students, and their wives made complaints, as well as divorcing them. Maria and I continued to develop our relationship. We went out for meals, danced at clubs, spent quiet nights on the couch at home, and socialized with friends. There was nothing too sexual, but we were happy to be seen as a couple. Time passed and, eventually, I got a letter containing my divorce decree from my attorney. Naturally, I knew that it was coming, but the finality of ending 24 mostly happy years of marriage still hit me hard. I thought that we’d had a strong, romantic relationship but, obviously, I wasn’t enough for her. Perhaps I hadn’t been a good enough lover, perhaps she didn’t respect my line of work, perhaps she was no longer attracted to me, perhaps I didn’t romance her enough, perhaps I didn’t take her on enough vacations. I felt like such a failure. Maria, as always, was attuned to my emotions. She found me and comforted me as was becoming a habit. It helped. My sadness left me, and I felt relieved, loved and … aroused. I picked up the letter and held it out to her. “I’m single now, so you’ll have to find another excuse….” Maria looked at me strangely for a moment, noting my lustful gaze and smile. Her eyes widened briefly before she grabbed my hand, yanked me to my feet, and pulled my eager, newly single self to the bedroom. My cock started filling with blood. The moment we entered the room, we began stripping the clothes from each other. I was naked and fully erect in moments. She shoved me onto the bed, started kissing my lips, then my neck, then worked her way lower. Maria used her mouth in the most erotic way as she kissed my chest, then lower to my stomach, then even lower to my cock. Her hand encircled my cock as she kissed and licked it like a lollypop. “Oh baby,” I moaned. I watched as she took my cock and put it into her mouth. Her lips being wrapped around it felt even better than I had imagined. Her cheeks hollowed, and she started to bob up and down, as she tried to suck the cum from my balls, using my cock as a straw. After no sex for months, and being teased by this small-boobed goddess for so long, I wasn’t surprised to orgasm prematurely. “CUMMING NOW!!” I called out, trying to warn of the impending flood coming her way. She held on for all she was worth, as I started to send rope after rope of cum into her mouth. When I thought about it later, I figured out that it was about five months’ worth of backed-up jizz that she took. When Maria couldn’t take any more cum, she pulled her mouth off my cock, and the remaining jizz shot onto her face, into her hair, and onto her neck. She opened her mouth and let some drain out over her lips, looking like she had been to a bukkake party. It was the most erotic sight I’d seen outside of porn movies. Then we started to laugh, although neither of us knew what we were laughing at. We laughed so hard we began to shed tears. I guess we were filled with relief and joy. After calming down, we showered together, and I started to get to know her tiny body more intimately. Even with A-cup breasts and a tiny ass, she was all woman. She seemed as light as a feather, as I picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around me. My cock was already rock hard, so I lowered her, and impaled her with my seven inches. She moaned repeatedly as I started to raise and lower her, over and over. I felt her become rigid, then quiver, as she succumbed to her first orgasm, soon followed by a second. That set me off, and I came inside her, amazed that there was so much cum left after her fantastic headjob. Even though Maria seemed satisfied with the sex, I was still feeling inadequate and emasculated, after Susan leaving me to slut around with strange cocks. Maria assured me that the sex was good, and that Susan was an idiot to have thrown me away, but I wasn’t totally convinced.