Put your dick in my ass

Ken was very concerned how I was feeling after 14 guys had their way with me in Las Vegas a week ago. It the first time in my sheltered life, from just having a few sexual encounters to enjoying my first gang bang. So, we talked back and forth for over an hour about that fun event. I told him how very sore I was and now worried that I might have caught something. He suggested going to get checked for STD's, because some guys didn't use condoms. Fortunately, I had a doctor's appointment already scheduled for my annual checkup. I also told him that I was still embarrassed for being such a horny slut. And now I'm ashamed of what I allowed to happen. That when he said, "Kathryn, this is all part of your sexual growth and to embrace it. You should be very happy about the event because you had so much fun. This is just a first step into enjoying your sexuality and losing your inhibitions. So accept the fact that you had fun!" I was a little shocked by his comments and answered, "But Ken, I'm still having second thoughts about it. What if my work or my family find out? What if all those photos get put up on the internet? I'm so worried that someone will see how naughty I've been."

He quickly replied, "Now Kathryn! Stop worry about what could happen, but get out there and have some more fun. If you stop now, you'll regret it." Laughing he continued, "What you need is to get right back up in the saddle. Go to a bar, pick up some guy, and let him fuck you right there. Dress sexy, flirt and have fun making guys horny. You have the power to enjoy the sex, but you have to decide on what you really want. Do you want to just think about sex or do you want to accept the fact that you are a sexually active woman. The choice is yours." I knew he was right. I was being my usual overly cautious self. I just had all of those nice guys fuck me and now I was becoming timid. I don't know how many girls would have done what I did, so I decided to take his advice and stop worrying about things that may happen. I told him I would stop being fretful and take his advice. He laughed and told me to keep him informed of all of my conquest. I answered, "Ken you will definitely be a part of my education and I am counting on you for continual guidance." "Okay Kathryn, I want to hear about or read every little detail. You can call me anytime," as he chuckled and hung up. Afterward, I realized how naïve concerning sex I really am. Going to a bar to pick up guys, has never been my forte. I've always been scared of meeting a bad person, so I rarely went. But now I had to conquer my fears. I thought Friday night would be a good time to start. So Tuesday morning I had my checkup. My doctor saw that my vulva was bruised and tender, but said my pain was from having a vaginal infection. So he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and told me to abstain from sex for a few weeks. So now I had to put my new found pursuit on hold for a while. Also, when the STD test came back negative, at least that was good news. So I texted Ken and told him I had to wait a few weeks before I could become sexually activity again. He was concerned for me and when I got home from work, there were a dozen pink roses waiting for me. The card simply said, "To the loveliest woman I know. Stay positive and horny. Get well soon because there are a lot of fun adventures waiting for you." I immediately texted him and told what a nice surprise the flowers were. He replied that I was special and the flowers hoped would brighten my day. They did make me happy and having a nice guy telling me everything is going to be fun was perfect. The next day, he sent me photos from my gang bang to remind me of how much fun I had. At first I was a shocked by the photos, but as I looked at them, I remembered how I felt making all of those guys happy. I started to touch myself remembering all of the fantastic orgasms I experienced. So my slutty side appeared again making me wonder how much self-indulgence I was going to enjoy. I guess in three weeks I would find out.

The weeks went by fast, as work was a nice distraction from my sexual desires. Ken kept in touch and I would become horny reading his naughty texts. After my check up, my little infection was cured. I was very happy and felt like celebrating. So when my friend Geri called and asked if I wanted to go out to a bar on Saturday night, I exuberantly said yes. I immediately texted Ken and he told me to let myself go and have fun. He wrote LOL when he told me not to restrain my desires. I said I wouldn't. So I picked her up at her apartment and we drove to a bar on Main Street in Santa Ana. When we got there around 9 pm, it was somewhat crowded. Since it was in the Hispanic part of town with a reputation of gangs, I asked if she thought we would be safe. She laughed and told me that the cute delivery guy was meeting us at this bar and had nothing to worry about. Well I was somewhat relieved that we had dates, but was still a little uneasy from what we were wearing. I had on my new short black dress with thin straps that barely held the top over my bra-less boobs, black stockings and thong. Not dressing like this normally, I was uncomfortable about wearing it. My 5'5" slim figure with 34C boobs were very noticeable. Geri on the other hand, was in black mini skirt and sheer pink blouse with a black bra on under it. She was taller than me and had smaller boobs. We also both had on black stilettos. Mine wasn't as high as Geri's, because I was afraid I couldn't walk in them. She also was a blonde and I had red hair with blue eyes. Guys always told me that I should be a model. As were going inside this bar/dance club, there was a $10 cover fee, but girls were free. Once inside, we looked around the dimly lit bar and noticed that the girls were dressed as slutty as we were. Guys seemed to stand around watching the girls dancing, although there was still a crowd on the dance floor. There were booths around the walls and tables near the dance floor. It had a bar off to the left with the restrooms located behind it. We noticed two bar stools available and quickly sat down. Jesus, the bartender, asked us if we were in the right place and Geri said she was meeting someone. He smiled and asked us what we wanted to drink. So we ordered Margarita's. As we sipped the drinks, Geri turned around to see if she could find her friend. Looking around, I noticed some guys were staring at us. I smiled at them and they smiled back, although some of the girls were giving us dirty looks. There was a bigger guy in a black polo shirt that I'm guessing was the bouncer. He looked right at me with a nasty expression. I felt very uneasy by his glare. After Geri scanned the room, she turned to me and said, "Kat I don't see him. He said he would meet me at 9 and it’s after that. What should we do?" I sipped my drink, as we discussed leaving if he doesn't show. I was becoming nervous, because the tattooed Latino guys weren't exactly my type. So I drank my Margarita faster than Geri. After Geri finished her drink, we decided to go. Suddenly, her friend walked in with another guy. He saw Geri and went toward us. When she saw him, she jumped off her stool and gave him a big hug. He was smiling at her and said, "Wow! I didn't really expect to see you here, but am very happy you came. Who's your friend?" She introduced me to Juan and his friend Javier. We made small talk as we were searching for a table. When we went toward the back, two guys in a booth yelled, "Juan, Javier, join us!" Walking back to these 2 guys with shaved heads and a few tattoos on their arms and necks, I was guessing that they were gang members or something like that. So the 6 of us squeezed into this booth made for 4. We were introduced to the other guys as Angel and Tito. I sat tightly in between Tito and Javier. Geri was squeezed next to Juan and Angel. As we chatted getting to know one another, I caught the guys starring down at my legs. So I tried to pull my short dress down. Tito grabbed my hand and stopped me. Turning toward me, he kissed my hand and in a heavy Spanish accent said, "Now Kat, I love your legs and would love to see more of them. So don't be so shy." I crossed my legs and allowed my dress to be higher up my thighs then I was comfortable with. When waitress brought over shots of tequila, Javier showed me how to drink them with limes. We each had a round and it was burning my throat on the way down. But after my second shot, it tasted great or was I becoming tipsy. I think that was about the time my slutty side started to fully emerge. I didn't care how short my dress was and what I was showing the guys. After the fourth shot, I was becoming very silly and wanted to dance. Tito was more than happy to get me on the dance floor. I watched the other girls do the Salsa and I tried it with Tito. I was standing with my back to him with my hands in the air and swaying to the music, as I rubbed my ass against the bulge in his pants. After a many songs of me rubbing up against Tito, Javier cut in. So my wild side just exploded with him and I danced a few more songs with Javier. Afterwards, he took my hand we went back to sit down, only Geri and Juan weren't there. I thought they were dancing, so I wasn't worried.