Fuck me you all

My Name is Lena, I am 28 Now, I was in my late teens, early twenties when the events of this story had started. My mother Julia got married, got pregnant and started having kids while she was so young, she had three kids, my brother Emil, myself, and my sister Brenda who is two years younger than me. My mother is in her forties now, she looks as if she is in her late twenties or early thirties, so sexy and very attractive woman, when my sister and I walk with our mother, she looks more like our older sister than our mother. We used to live at another country, Mom’s country, where mom and Dad met each other, started dating and got married. We were all born there, lived most of our lives there as well. Mom and dad were open minded all their lives, they still are as wide open minded as possible, which resulted in all of us having the same way of thinking and living. Being a gorgeous, super sexy, hot woman all her life, Mom had worked in night clubs making lots of money, which allowed us to live a very comfortable life, but that was not easy for her as she worked all night all the time. that is the timing for night girls and women, none of us had ever complained or objected to what she was doing, including our father who looked at it as any other job, having on mind the open mind he had and the open sexual marriage they had all their marriage life till this moment. Once in a while, my sister Brenda and I used to drive Mom to work or pick her up when she is done. Her boss spotted us one day, mom had introduced us to him being her daughters. He thought we were both super sexy and hot, as sexy as our mother is, he admitted the body curves all of us had, gave us the hottest, sexiest looks ever.

The boss suggested, we can work at his club doing easy things other than what mom was doing. Mom had strongly refused at first, but she was convinced at a later stage, especially that we were both willing to try it and the pay offered to us was excellent and irresistible. What should be clearly noted here is that mom, my sister, and I were all bisexuals, we also had had sexual relations with each other for quite a long time, needless to mention Brenda and I used to exchange boyfriends in bed, or else we would share our boyfriends, which had resulted in strengthening our relations together to a strong bond of lovers over and above being sisters. We were very close, and both were as close to our mother as well. When mom has a colleague or a friend over to our house, sometimes she would have sex with him. She would not hesitate to ask one of us or both to join in, pleasing her guest and us as well. Our dad would do the same when having one of his close friends over at the house, yes, he would offer his daughter’s body to his guest, or share it with him as well. My sister and I worked as dancers, and strippers at the club, we did not have to meet any client in person or be touched by clients, but it was all for a show only. Dancing in a sexy way, stripping and showing our bodies to people who were paying lots of money for that, pleasing the boss, the club owner and us as well. We worked on fixed salary and a percentage of the pure income he gets from our show. Things advanced further and we started dating some clients, we ended up doing exactly what mom was doing, if not a little more. True it turned us to being, no different than whores or hookers, sleeping with many men, but it was fine to all of us, including mom, dad, and our brother. All went fine till the boss had connected us to one of his close friends, a porn director, he was very interested in us. The porn director talked to all of us, individually and jointly, he finally convinced us to start working with him as porn actresses. the amount of money offered was irresistible, much more than any of us had expected. All three of us accepted his offer and signed the contracts. We went on a training program at first, we did not need that much training on the job itself, as we were experts by then, but the training was on how to do it in front of cameras and in studios and in front of many people as photographers, actors and actresses, directors, and staff. It was not that easy, completely different than having sex with one person in a closed room or even more than one person, it was also different than having a sex party or an orgy. Most people watch porn, all what we see on the screen is an actor fucking an actress in a private room or whatever. Living or performing it, on the other hand, is a totally different process. A woman is getting fucked by a man alright, but the surroundings are nothing anybody could ever imagine. The room is full of people who do not appear on the screen while watching, photographers getting closer to the act, zooming their cameras in and out. Directors, studio managers…etc. All these people are totally concentrating on the sex act happening, eyes wide open, can anybody imagine how a woman would feel being fucked like that? I would say being fucked in public places is much easier in fact. All of us, three women of the family were fast learners, getting it so fast and becoming almost experts in it, I guess that is the exact meaning of “Money talks”. At the actual work field, we were doing everything that involves sex, all kinds of sex in front of cameras and staff, one on one, threesomes, foursomes and more. We also did orgies, sex parties, gangbangs, and many other types of sex. Our porn clips and movies were getting famous all over the world, of course we were all given new names (fake names) and of course fake nationalities just so we would not be tracked and harassed.

When we objected on publishing some materials that we did not like, we were told we could not object to it as per contract, it was fine, we just let go. The biggest surprise of our lives came when we were told to be ready, dress good and sexy to attend an orgy party at the boss’s house. It was the first time the performance was outside the studios, and at a private house, the boss’s house. We met the boss and asked him, what kind of a party that was, he stated, it was a private party for some of his close friends who came from abroad and he wanted to treat them well and please them. It appeared like our bodies were the treat to his guests and friends, as if we were entertaining whores. On hearing that, mom’s lower jaw almost dropped to the floor, so did ours, we strongly refused of course. His shocking answer came by saying: “The party would be on tapes to legalize it as porn sex material as per contract, but it will not be published for the sake of my friend’s personalities.” Mom answered him in a mad tone of voice, “we are actresses that work for you, we are not some whores you own, to offer our bodies as gifts to your beloved friends.” He smiled, giggling, and saying, “Yes I own you and your sweet, sexy bodies, I can do whatever I want with you, read your contracts sweet ladies, and be here on time or else?” That was the first time we read our contracts fully and thoroughly, we reviewed each, and every letter. The contract was stating literally as if he got the legal ownership over our bodies, minds, and souls, we had no right to refuse or reject any of his orders whatsoever, if it is being filmed and photographed, that is why he was smart enough to legalize it by having it filmed. It was too late to read and understand a contract that was legally signed a long time ago. We had acted just like most people in the world, when a nice job with good pay is offered, anybody would be in a hurry to start working. Signing the contract would be a secondary issue, so it is usually signed without even reading it unfortunately.