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It was a nice sunny day, when I decided to jog in the nearby park, it was a weekday. Most people were at work, almost no body in there. I was in a tight training suit, that outlined my sexy body curves all over. I was 18 years old by then, with a sexy, hot figure. As of a sudden I heard a voice of a man calling me “excuse me miss.” I looked around and saw a handsome man of late twenties, he was dressed in casual clothes. He like a high-class rich man, well organized wearing the best matching, expensive type of sporty clothing. “yes, are you calling me?” “Yes, can I talk to you for a minute please?” I did not know him, but being a naughty teen age girl, looking at some real hot guy, who was trying to talk to me. I would have never said no, so I said “you want to talk to me? Why?” Then I continued “well, yes sure what is it.” He said, “I am a public agent of a modeling company, and to be direct forward an honest, I think you are a gorgeous looking girl. I may have an offer for you if you are interested?” I was shocked, but his words pleased me as it would any other girl. I said: “Thanks, sure, what kind of an offer?” He said, “I need to make an interview with you, may be take some pictures of you and send them to my boss. If he likes them, we could offer you a nice, well-paying job that would lead to making you a famous model.” Of course, I have heard so much of such junk in my life, it is usually guys who are interested in one thing, we all know what it is. Especially with a sexy looking girl, I said: “thanks for your kind words, but why me?” He smiled saying, “don’t get me wrong, I will pay you for the interview and the pictures I will take of you.” He pocketed his hand, took it out with a tempting amount of money saying: “these would be all yours just for the interview and the pictures.” I laughed saying “just interview and pictures?” He nodded handing me the money, which was a lot of money for just that. At that point, as a teenage girl, I could think of many ways to spend such good amount of money and I grabbed the money. We walked to a quitter, more private area between the trees. He asked me a few personal questions, about my age, what do I do and so on, I answered his questions. When the time came for the pictures, he took a few of me posing. He asked me to unzip my top lowering my pants, so he could take pictures of me in my underwear. I did not object to that, true he was a hot, handsome guy, but I also had a hot body that I would be proud to show to him. I was acting lose, easy and flirting with him. I cannot deny liking the guy of course, besides, he paid me a hell of a lot of money just for flirting with me or even taking my pictures in my undies. Using his mobile phone, no professional cameras or anything like that. He said to excuse him for a moment so he could send the pictures to his boss and wait for his replay and we could take it from there. I did not mind; he sent the pictures. While waiting for an answer from his boss, as he claimed, we started chatting and flirting again, I flirted back, loosely, with lots of smiles and giggles. As of a sudden, he looked at me saying: “I have an idea, instead of just waiting and wasting time, would you like to make much more, easy money?” he pulled out another amount of money, which was much more than the first one. I giggled saying, “nobody would say no to making easy money, but what do I have to do to earn this money?” “well, if you consider sucking my cock as a starter, for example?” My mouth opened wide; my jaw dropped. “what? Are you out of your mind?” Although I acted totally shocked but honestly, there were two benefits to his offer, one, the money amount was irresistible, the other he was a very tempting, hot guy. Any woman would want to get him one way or another. I seem to have given him the impression of being easy, especially when I reacted to his offer as shocked, but instead of getting angry, maybe turn around and leave him standing there, I had never lost my smile or laughter while talking to him, he said: “you know, modeling and becoming famous and rich is not all about the figure only, it requires some talents as well.” I looked him in a naughty sarcastic way mumbling and saying: “Talents of what? Talents of sucking your cock?” But I did not wait for an answer from him, I just took the money which he was still offering to me, I hid the money. “OK, I will do it.” “good decision.

He started pushing his pants down, asked me to kneel in front of him, I did as I was told. As soon as he pushed his pants and boxers down, his fully erected cock sprung out. I almost fainted, it was the biggest cock, I had ever seen till that moment, very long, huge, and very thick as well. I held his cock in my hand, looking him in the eyes and saying: “wow, that is a huge cock, how do you expect me to fit it in my mouth?” “Why do you think I have been offering large amounts of money? besides, I bet you like it baby, and I am sure you will manage, won’t you?” Deep inside, I was so happy, I loved his dick, and would never waste a chance to feel, suck and maybe ride such a lovely cock. just for the sake of adding, handling such monstrous dick size, to my slut resume. Even at that age, I was already a slut anyway, besides, any girl accepting his offer for money, would be much more than just a slut. A whore or a hooker would be more suitable names for me by then, I did not give adman at that point. I just started sucking on his cock, wrapped my lips around its girth, pushing it in my mouth, stretching my mouth trying to take as much as I could. I guess I was doing a good job pleasing him, he was moaning all the while I was sucking his cock. Ten or fifteen minutes later, he stopped me, pulled his dick out of my mouth saying: “look cutie, going that far, I guess we could go to a better stage, I want to fuck you, I could not handle it anymore.” I guess, by then, he seemed to be damn sure I would say yes, he knew damn well I had a price, and he had all the money to offer. Any woman who accepts sucking a complete stranger’s cock in public for money is classified as a whore and would not stop there or refuse getting fucked for money as well. He was damn right by the way. The money he pulled out of his pocket this time, was a hell of a lot of money, I would say enough money for him to take a prostitute home for a couple of nights, but why would he pay me that much for just a quickie outdoors? I guess he liked my body, and he wanted to fuck me. He seemed to have had lots of money to give a way as well. I am sure you all have guessed it right; I would never stop there. I had already kneeled in front of him, sucked his dick for some money, and now I am looking at a very tempting amount of money just to spread my legs for him to fuck me. The only thing that made me think twice was the size of his cock, but again, it was a tempting size for the sex loving girl I was. I still am by the way, I wanted to upgrade my fucking talents at that time and go for a bigger cock size. I smiled, still holding his cock saying, “are you for real? Where do you want to fuck me? Right here in the park?” No need for anybody to think hard to realize that my answer was clearly of approval to getting fucked, as if it was where I should get fucked that mattered more at that point. He said, “yes babe, it seems cool, and we have all the privacy we need.” I smiled, took his money, I was still fully clothed by then. He unzipped my top all the way till it swung wide open. He pushed my bra up, revealing my tits. He started rubbing my tits, pinching my hard nipples, smiling, and saying, “I don’t seem to be the only horny person in here, I bet your pussy is wet by now.” I giggled without stopping him from anything he was doing, it was his right, thinking in the mind of a paid prostitute, he had paid enough to do anything he wanted by then. He pushed my pants and panties down to my ankle, and started feeling my shiny, fully waxed pussy, whistling, appraising it, and saying it was a beautiful pussy. He discovered how right he was about my pussy being very wet with engorged pussy lips. On his knees in front of me, his face was inches within my sensitive clit. He began to flick at my clit with his strong tongue. He licked...he sucked, and he even nibbled. His tongue made its way inside my wet pussy and he showed no restraint. That mouth of his was magical…. He was great at this. His hands had made their way up and were fondling my tits. He pinched my nipples and grabbed onto my tits as he sucked on my pussy lips. My moaning just couldn’t stop. I didn’t want it to. He helped me turn around, I leaned on a big tree, bending over, pushing my ass up and towards him. he kneeled again, licked my ass and pussy for the second time, his finger made sure I was coated inside and out. He stood up right behind me and started teasing my pussy with his cock. Massaging it between my upper thighs first, under my pussy while being rubbed to my pussy lips. That was a real turn on for me, making my pussy leaking wet and more than ready for him to fuck me. He started pushing his cock head in between my pussy lips, with his fingers still teasing and rubbing my engorged clit. A little pain was associated with his cockhead popping into my cunt, but that pain was subsiding quickly. He was rubbing my tits, pinching my erected nipples while trying to push further inside of me. I felt like my pussy inner walls were being stretched to the utmost they could. He pushed his cock in, I rocked back, taking his entire shaft into my bowels without hesitation It was a little painful again, my pussy was stuffed with lots of cock meat. Although it was weird being fully fucked by a total stranger in that public area, but I felt totally relaxed and comfortable, especially for his being very considerate and sweet, besides being handsome. He was treating me like a lover he cared for so much. Of course, he knew how hung he was and how young I was for it, but he was very slow and considerate. A couple of times I was hesitant and about to ask him to stop, being afraid I would be hurt from his cocksize, but the way he was treating me, encouraged, and urged me to go for it and try taking his cock all the way in me, and I sure did. It was painful by then; he froze as is where is, for a couple of minutes while my pussy was adapting to his length and girth. All the pain had subsided and was totally replaced with pleasure, especially of the accomplishment of being able to take such a cock, it felt as pride for me by then. All the while his cock was still in me, his hands were busy rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, I was feeling better and aroused to the utmost. I wanted him to fuck me, I felt I was ready for it. He started pulling his cock out slowly, then back in, speeding up the paste each time, till he was fucking me deep, hard and fast. By then, all the pain had vanished completely, replaced with pleasure, I felt proud of myself and my pussy, being able to take such a huge dick so easy. I was enjoying every beat of his cock gliding in and out of my cunt, I was Salaciously, asking him to fuck me more, harder, and deeper. He fucked me for ten to fifteen minutes, then stopped. he pulled out, got on his back, asking me to ride his cock. I did and I loved it even better. We moaned and groaned as his cock pistoned in and out of my fuckhole. We flipped over and I ended up on all my fours on the floor. He pushed his dick in, balls deep this time, I almost screamed because of the shock of how he felt. He was perfect...that dick was perfect. I could feel myself cream with excitement. I began to move my hips up and down and circle around him. My pussy was dripping, and I could feel my body getting ready for sweet release. I screamed and shivered, his cock slipped out of my cunt. He grabbed onto my hips and slowly slid his dick back into my aching pussy. It didn’t take me long and it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. He was a fucking wizard. Returning to earth on the sound of his moaning and screaming, he was ready to cum, he pulled out, a quick turn around and I was sucking on it, milking it, his cockhead was engorged and got thicker and warmer. I pulled it out backing my lips up a little and I was rewarded with the first shot of load all over my face, hair, and eyes. I took it back in fast enough to receive the second then the third shots deep in my mouth, trying to catch up swallowing his thick creamy load of cum, some of it was seeping down the corners of my mouth, I shoveled them with my hand and back to where they belong, my mouth, I swallowed the last drop of his cum. I looked around, felt happy no body was around to see what we have just done of naughty outdoor, public fucking, I pulled my clothes on, straightened them. By then he had his clothes back on.

He came closer kissed me on the lips whispering in my ear, “sorry babe, I am no public agent, I just saw you and fell in total lust with your, irresistible hot body and sexy figure. I wanted to fuck you in any way I could, and I have lots of money, I tried to use the money and it worked, will you forgive me?” I smiled then giggled: “that is ok, I figured so from the beginning, I admit I like you too, and enjoyed the fuck in public, although I could not believe spreading my legs that easy for a total stranger. I was shocked at my self being able to take your cock, it is the biggest I have ever had so far, but I enjoyed it very much, besides, I could think of many ways to spend the money.” He kissed me again saying, “it is all yours, you earned it and deserve every penny of it.” His final words were, “goodbye” And blew me a kiss on the air, turned around and disappeared, both were as much of total strangers to each other as we first met, no personal information’s exchanged whatsoever, outlining a ‘one-night stand’ fuck that ended right then and right there.