Painful Double penetration

eing born in the late 1950’s and then growing up in England in the 60’s I have many fond memories to look back on. I was Five and was at Hartford Primary School. It was an old red brick building with rock on the front . WWII Bomb Shelters still remained in the playground and the toilets, the Lavatories, as they were called were outside and were open aired , meaning no roofs. The boys Lavs consisted of a medium Size urinal and three small cubicles with doors for the other. It was in this dank wet stinky stone building at the tender age of 5 and a half began where my sexual journey began .

As I stood at the trough shaking the last few drops off my little nub , I was shocked by a punch to my back , turning looking in the stall behind me , l saw Andrew Thompson, a kid from my class getting his dick sucked by little Pamela Lewis also from Our class. Pamela was crouched down sucking away greedily on Andy’s tiddler I just was completely mesmerized as I had never envisioned such an act existed. My breath was completely sucked out of me when Andy asked me if I’d like to try. I really don’t remember much of what transpired for those few seconds as I may of faded out however I soon was aware of the euphoric warm suction feeling on my dick that grew in intensity in my groin area. Never had I experienced that feeling as Pamela licked butterfly like licks and on sucked softly on my tiny young nub.

I stood there totally unaware of all but the total warmth and pull of wet lips and tender tongue. Suddenly a massive thunderclap erupted we all jumped , thinking back now , I was the lucky one it could of been whole lot worse if Pamela had of clamped down hard! The heavens opened and because the lavs didn’t have a roof we were getting drenched and we still had to get across the playground and into class! Consequently because we were so wet our toilet adventure had gone by undetected by the teacher. I remained close friends with Andy as our years at school progressed but didn’t really have anything to do with Pamela till later on. To be continued