Walk to fuck with a slim woman

My boss needed me to go on a two-day mission to a neighboring country for some company requirements, the covid 19 crises making it so hard to travel, but it was something urgent that had to be done. My boss said: “Vickie, I know it is very hard and risky, especially the area you are going to is a countryside area, more of a village, than a big city, you may not find close by fancy hotels in there, besides, staying at huge hotels during the Pandemic is not the best thing, But I know I can depend on you, I have asked financial department to hand you the accommodation money. It is your own choice of how to handle your stay during this mission.” “Don’t you worry about me boss, I will manage.” I made an internet research about the hotels and means of stay in that countryside area of the country I was visiting and consulted some of the people who have been there. I concluded that, hotels are not the best places to reside, they are partially closed, and the available ones are risky, besides, fancy hotels are way far from the place I had to do the work at, meaning I may need to commute and waste time. The best alternative I found, were some places with a few suits that are separated from each other, with full accommodations that serves food and drinks to the room or chalet as they called it, but they seem to be much more expensive, But I was told by some friends, they are negotiable prices. I decided against booking in advance and wanted to tour the area and chose one to suit me. While booking my tickets, I made sure my arrival time would be early in the day, giving me enough time to get my accommodation means. Upon arrival, I took a taxi to the address I was going to. I had a conversation with the taxi driver who gave me a few recommendations for the best suits in that area, I checked them out on google over my phone asking the driver to drop me at the first one I found. The place looked nice, within a sealed fence, a widespread little buildings over a green area full of trees and plants and flowers, it looked gorgeous to me. talking to myself and saying, now I know why they are so expensive, they look like separate villas, it looked more of a motel-like thing, but with separated small cement block buildings, chalets as they called them in that town. In the middle of the area was the office, another small one floor building block with a sign on it saying “Office.” I walked to it rolling my luggage bag on wheels, I was welcomed by a tall dark man of late twenties to early thirties of age. He greeted me warmly, he was obviously checking me out top to toe, he seemed to be a good looking, nice man, a big flirt which did not bother me a bit, then he said: “How can I help you, mam?” “I need a room to stay for a couple of nights.” “any preferences of the Chalet you want, you know we only have individual chalets here?” “I have no preferences, I just need a comfortable, clean place to stay and do my work please.”

“Ok, I suggest you take a look at the chalet first, then you decide.” “It sounds good to me.” I pulled my luggage cart walking with him, during the short walk to the chalet, he kept flirting with me, appraising my looks, asking me questions about my country, telling me how much he liked it, adding a real naughty sentence in between his words saying: I have never been to your country, but I heard all the good things about it and how open it is there, especially the good-looking, sexy girls there.” I smiled, “really, how do you know we have good looking girls? And sexy too?” He giggled, “some friends told me, but now I believe them of course, because I see you in front of me.” I felt flattered, giggled, “really, do you think I am?” “I would be blind if I thought otherwise.” “OK, then you should take care of me and make sure I am comfortable at reasonable prices.” “That I could promise you of, without any doubt.” I knew he was closely checking my body, which was turning me on somehow, I wasn’t wearing any revealing clothes, but they sure have outlined all of my body curves. I had a body tight t-shirt and a pair of body-tight Lycra pair of pants, and a pair of high heels. All my clothes were tight to my body, hugging my body outlining my curves all over, from my D cub sized tits to my big, round ass down to showing a clear camel toe over my crotch under my body tight Lycra pants. When I got the chance to look straight at his crotch without him noticing it, I had noticed a bulge on there, he was trying hopelessly to hide it, but failed to do so. We both laughed loud, we were entering the bedroom by then, I checked it out, it was super nice, very fancy, clean, and well decorated, I sat on the super, comfortable bed saying: “I think I like this one and want it.” “OK, we do have a full bord service over here, we have a kitchen and a menu, you can order anything you want at anytime of the day or night.” I interrupted him saying, “lets get to the most important thing, the prices please.” “A full board prices, with everything covered during your two-day stay?” “Yes, let’s say that to start with.” When he said the number, my mouth dropped wide open, “Fuck, that is so expensive, not even a suit at a five-star hotel would cost that much?” “our place is much better and more comfortable than a five-star hotel mam.” “maybe so, but that is way too expensive for me to afford, I am on a business trip and they did not pay me that much, I may have to look for other, affordable places.” I got up slowly, placed my hand over my luggage handle as if trying to leave. He was silent for a moment, looking me all over, as if checking my body one more time, then looked me straight in the eyes with a wide smile saying: “well, only a stupid landlord would let a hot, gorgeous looking woman like you go like that, things could be negotiable if you like?” That statement sounded direct, straight forward to me, especially he said it right after checking my body, looking at me in a very strange, rather lusty way. I think I knew what he had on mind, I am not stupid after all, I am a wide open minded, fully experienced woman in that department. I think I knew what he was hinting for and knew his final destiny. To be honest, I was willing to go along with his suggestion, I am sure he meant sex. Knowing what he wanted or had on mind, I planned to seduce him first, torture him a little, enjoy it as much as I could, I was turned on myself on the sound of it anyway. I was all game for him before he could get what he wanted, even if I ended up approving of having sex with him. It would not be like forcing myself to fuck an ugly or bad looking man, just to get better accommodation process or a free stay, he was good looking, besides, I am one hell of a sex loving woman, I needed it as much as he did. It would have been a total mutual pleasure over and above any side benefits I would be getting, I admit I was willing to fuck him, even if it did not have any benefits attached. I let the baggage alone, sat back on the bed, this time I spread my legs wider showing my camel toe between my legs, placed my hand over my neck as if stretching, but I knew doing that had outlined my tits for his eyesight, showing my hard nipple poking my top soft material. In a super slutty, feminine and sexy voice, with a wide smile I said: “how negotiable is negotiable, and how far could we get with that negotiation?” I knew it sounded like a buzzle for him to solve, but I was damn sure he would sense my initial approval to what he had on his dirty mind. He seemed smarter than he looked, he had a wide smile drawn over his face, he sat right next to me on the bed saying: “well, that all depends on how flexible our cute, sexy client is, we are super flexible to the furthest extent?” “what is the percentage of discount we are looking at, with such negotiations?” His smile got much wider, assuming I got his point and approving it initially, saying, “well, that all depends on you my dear, the percentage could vary from as low as 20% up to as high as 100%” “you mean, I could get the full board for free if I agree to your terms?” “Exactly, full board and any extra services you need as well.” By then, I had noticed his bulge over his crotch had grown up so fast and so big to a point where it was hard to miss. He was no longer worried about trying to hide it, as if we were about to agree to everything. I came up with a naughty question, that had made a sudden, one hundred- and eighty-degrees’ change of directions of the conversation, by saying: “But till now I don’t know what I have to offer for this discount.” As of a sudden, he stood up again, his face turned all red, he seemed nervous almost started sweating. I knew my devilish statement reversed the whole content of conversation to nowhere, as if I did not understand his hinting’s, which put him in an uptight position, close to harassing a customer on his premises. I could not go on acting stupid or absent minded, because, due to his fears, it could clearly lead to him asking me to either check in properly or leave right away. I had to save the damaging situation right away by placing my left hand over his bulge with a wide smile and an eye wink saying softly, “I guess if I gave you just a quick blow job, it would lead to the lowest discount of the 20%?” I had clearly noticed the life coming back to his face and looks, the smile had returned so fast, he placed his hand on top of mine over his cock saying: “That is right, but a smart woman like you would not settle for a small percentage of discount like that, correct me if I am wrong?” I had already unbuckled his pants, pushing them down along with his boxers, revealing his almost eight inches cock, a nice looking, totally hard dick. I started massaging it up and down, all the while, I was looking him straight in the eyes with a wide, naughty and slutty smile. “You are absolutely right my dear, it is either totally full free services or nothing.” I lowered my head, passed my tongue over his shiny cock head, and started licking my way down the length of the gorgeous cock that I loved, a couple of quick moans escaped his mouth as a clear sign of liking what he was about to get, he said: “only one condition before we go on with our deal.” His cock was already between my lips sinking deeper into my mouth, I sucked upwards till the head slipped out of my mouth, still eyeing him with a smile and saying: “What is that?” “The virtual payments done by you will not be one payment in advance, it has to be every day for each day of stay.” I giggled saying, “meaning, you want to fuck me every day during my stay?” “I would love to, but only with your full consent, approval, and of liking and enjoying it as much as I will if not more?” By then his cock was sinking so deep into my throat till I felt his balls on my lips and chin, my eyes still fixated on his, I managed to blink both eyes with a small nodding sign of approval of what he had stated. I was enjoying the blow job I was giving him as much as he was, and I felt itching and witness between my thighs, over my cunt. I pushed my hand between my legs, under my pants top and started rubbing my pussy while sucking his prick. No more than five minutes of that was done, and he was pulling out of my mouth claiming he wanted to enjoy me, he helped me up, hugged me, kissed me passionately on the lips, his hands over my ass, trying to push my pants down, I was helping in the process till I was totally nude, he helped me lay on the bed on my back. He took all his clothes off, got on his knees next to me and started looking at my body first, enjoying and appraising, then started feeling my body all over with his hands, rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples. He leaned down and sucked on my nipples, now gigantic from excitement. Every time he suckled them; they got a little stiffer. I was amazed at how big they got--and how turned on I was. He kissed me again on the lips and started kissing my neck, nipping on my ears, kissing his way down to my tits, belly, took a while licking and kissing my belly button, which felt exceptionally hot. I was holding his head with both of my hands, almost trying to push it downwards to my pussy which was dying for attention by then, he finally got it. When he cupped my pussy with his dark-skinned hand and then slipped his middle finger between my lips, tilting it upward, rubbing and finger fucking me, I felt my body electrified, the sensation of his finger stroking my inner lips and clit had caused my whole body to shiver. I felt and heard the little wet noises his finger was making. I spread my legs wide to give him better access to the heat that was building between my thighs, I became lost in the waves of pleasure racing through my body. I was almost there, straining to feel every sensation to let myself fall over the edge, and then my world exploded. I was about coming down to earth when he took his place in between my legs, he spread my legs wide open, lifting them up. I felt his cock head pressed against the opening of my passage and I felt him pushing. He pulled out and rubbed his cock head over my swollen inner lips and clit. He was pushing at my entrance again, and this time, I felt my pussy being stretched open. He pushed harder, then harder until his cockhead slipped inside me. I groaned as my passage walls stretched around his shaft and groaned again when his cock slipped all the way inside me. He was still for a moment, then began sliding his stiff cock in and out of me. I felt the orgasm building to the point of the first, and then gasped as the feeling became even more intense. my whole body stiffened, I felt cock head press into the end of my passage. I began to pant, then gasp for breath as my pussy clenched down on his cock. He looked me deep in the eyes, now I was close to cum, he said:

“Where do you want me to cum.” His words pushed me over the edge, my body was shaking, I was feeling in the seventh sky, my eyes flipped, I was panting for air, but I did not want him to cum in me, I screamed: “Don’t cum in me, over my tits please” He fucked me for a few more strokes, he pulled out pointed his barrel towards my swelled nipples and timed his first shot of cum, which landed over my face and hair, his second was a bit shorter over my tits. I held both tits up for him to moisturize and he sure did. He was still for a moment after his cock stopped shooting cum all over me, I was still holding my tits, we looked each other in the eyes and laughed. He kissed me on the lips, washed up, got dressed and walked away saying, “enjoy your stay with us.” I giggled, “I have a feeling I will.” I took a shower, arranged my clothes in the closet, the next day was no different, I had one of the most enjoyable sex sessions I had ever had, he was super nice, I had all the best services at my fingertips during my stay. When it was time to leave, he fucked me again, we showered together, and he fucked me in the ass during shower. Neither of us wanted it to end, but life must go on. I was ready and started rolling my luggage bag when he stopped me and hugged me close, kissed me on the lips a long passionate kiss, then said: “Vicky, you have the needed information, if you ever think to come back again, I want you to know, you will be most welcome for an enjoyable stay no matter how long you plan it, the longer the better…same terms…” I giggled saying, “you mean my pussy will pay the total cost of my stay?” “No, your pussy had paid the first night only, but the rest was all covered and paid by your heart, emotions and sweetness.” I kissed him saying, “Thank you, I feel the same, true I felt like a whore the first time I walked in and made the deal, but never had the same feeling ever since, I promise to think it over and let you know my decisions.”