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At this point i knew she hadnt never had an orgasm wile getting her pussy eatn...now we're talking in a confident way and it somehow leads to us planing to get a hotel room and ejoy both our boddies, she was so ready from all the sex talk i got in her head amd its been my fantasy like from forever so i was nervous in a way...we get to the room start kissing im slowly going down on her phone keept ringing and ringing so it made her not concentrate and she couldent cum by me eating her out,, it wasnt what i expected her pussy wanst cute at all i.mean it doesnt matter but she had those pussy flaps or whatever they called, big labia but nice n pink.i was kinda bumed because she wasmt that good i mean i tried everything and ahe just wasnt concentrating in the pleasure so hours later we finishe and leave the room.im not satisfied with my fantasy i want to fuck her so good that shed come to me every time ! One night we go grocery shopping it was summer and ahes looking fucken hot wearing that loose short dress her ass just looks so fuckable in that, so we get to the store amd i.park pretty far away where theres no cars around and says why you park here,,, i dint say any thing i just grabbed her and kissed her despreatly and she follows i make the seat go back so shes laying down.kinda amd i.lift her dress up and pulleed her pantys to.the side .im almost being to rought the way.i was eating her pussy but she seemed to like it,.. In just a few minutes she pulls.my head away and says "wtf was that? Ahe had barely expirience her first orgasam at 22yrs old... I go gongrats cousin Shes in shock and says.i pulled you of because i felt like.i wanted to pee OMG i was moments away from.making her squirt! Of coure she wanted to keep feeling those orgasms so every chance we'd get we'd meet for pleasure she was getting hooked on me now im feeling like oh shot shes gonna end up falling in love with me....we kinda had like a relationship going and my mistake was not putting a stop.to.it...i dint because i wanted to keep fucking that ass and wanted to make her experiment more...we keep the relationship going for like a year and sex is just getting better every time i mean i was training her really good of course in.my early 30's shes 22 .i decided to tell her we cant be doing this foreever , She says oh so you dont love me.no.more? Idint wanna break her heart but i say no i dont love.you i cant love you i just love the way we have sex She cries and leaves with a broken heart I feel responsible for everything because i.never told her up fron i just wanted ro.fuck her Daus go by weeks we hadnt spoken till finally i just say fuck it i wanna fuck and eat that pussy so bad right now i was drunk so i txt her straight out Hey where are i wanna fuck you at this point i.dint care because i knew she was mad at me so.she either says fuck.of or yes...she quickly responds Im at a party but almost leaving ill txt you in a few She then txt me,, what! I.go nothing i.just wanna.fuck.you really bad and make.you cum over and over She respomds right away I wanna talk too you where should we meet Shes acting like she just doesnt wanna give it up just like that or wants me to think shes not a slut But i knew she was because she had already fucked another cousin somewhere back home in colorado.he one day drunk told me he fucked her and her older sister. Ok so im drunk and i go.to.our meeting spot shes already been there for over an hour and is mad.i was drinking some.more to.get to the point where i knew could control my self and not cum for a long time I.get there get in the back.seat and tell.her get in She gets in and starts to argue Idint let her i quickly grabbed her and turned her face down onthe backseat and tell her real.soft and tell.her shut up.and take it like a slut She dimt say a word she just starts moaning.with every.kiss i give her Im so ready to fuck this bitch i grab her doggie style and start pounding that pussy hard knowing i wasnt gonna cum anytime soon iwas drunk and on illegal substance man i was fucking her good,as im pounding her pussy im telling her u like that u fuken slut u like how ur cousin is fucking you right now She goes yes fuck me just like that cousin, im you whore fuck me good,treating her like a slut and knowing she was my cousin get me in another lever of passion,she dint know she would like being fucked hard like a slut she just played along with me I turn her around and get on top fuck her hard and.she.comes.again i pull out go down on her eating her and tasting her pussy juices there was a towel under and it was soaked i think she.might of squirted amd.we both dint realize her pussy tasted different so i guess.she did i still havent cum so.i just keep fucking that pussy hard pulling her hair calling her names we even did a role play about she cheating on her husband with me Im drunk and ive always had a sexual mind so

im just coming up with stuff and shes playing along, both are loving the role play, i fimally cum after i see her stisfied I tell.her u.liked it She goes that was the.best cousin nobody has ever fucked me like that Did u.like the names i was callimg you Yes id made me.feel desired and wanted and made umderstand that im.just here to.plesure you She goes back to the party it was early and said can.i see you later again Of course I.leave keep.drinking getting loade some.more few hours later we.meet again And same thing but this time as were fucking i start whispering to her Ypure gonna let.me.fuck you anytime i want amd treat you how i want, knowing that shed agreed because she now discovered another inner sexuality she seemed to.like Iits sunday i had to.work the next day and she says can we stay in the car and sleep.ok all night every time shed wake up i.would start fucking her side way shed cum so quick she was on the edge of her orgasmic pleasures., my cock was rock hard and wouldnt go.to.sleep from the intoxication iwas in We now see eachother not to often but when we do we.plan.out and i bought her sexy collage clothing because i tell her shes my collage slut and.she plays along its fun and i take my alcohol to the hotel.room and get drunk.n.loaded amd fuck her all.night like a slut she loves it. I give her thanks for making all my fantasys come true and in exchange she thanks me for making her find her inner sex and for making her feel like a real woman she says!