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Hi guys my name is Siddharth and i am going to narrate to you a true story that happened between my mom and the bank manager. This incident took place when i was just 7 years old and I can clearly remember the actions very well. We are from Gujarati background and my family consists of three members which includes my dad, mom and me. At that time, me and my mom were living in Kolkata but my dad was working in Sri Lanka and he used to visit us at least twice in a month. Let me describe for you my parents, my dad’s name is Rohit, he is 52 years old, my mom’s name is Sangeeta, 46 years old. My mom’s skin tone is light brown, her hair is dark black which is long up to her lower shoulder. Her stat figure is 34-27-43 having fair full breast, flat stomach and very big ass. She has maintained her sexy body over the last few years but her body is hungry for sex since dad was away. One evening as I came from school, my mom welcomed me home and before I changed my school uniform, she told me to get ready since later that night, we were going to attend a ceremony. I asked her about the ceremony and she told me it is for Mr.Darshan who is setting an anniversary celebrating 30 years of success of his bank. I know Mr.Darshan, he is 57 years old man with a strong body, he is the bank manager and a very good friend to my dad. Even once I remember dad inviting him to our house for coffee. I told my mom ok and later that night, me and my mom were ready to attend the ceremony. My mom wore a blue saree with yellow stripes alignments and she adjusted her hair such that it hung sexily over her head. Since my mom was conservative, she was not used to wearing revealing sarees nor tight ones. Her figure was not clearly seen but there is one part that was always visible and that part was her big buttocks. No matter how she tried to cover her buttocks, it was still protruding and it cling tightly to her saree. Me and my mom were planning to take a taxi but as soon we got out of the house preparing to leave, we saw a black Honda civic outside our house blinking its light as if signalling us to enter. I went near the car and I looked at the number plate and I knew it was the Honda civic of Mr.Darshan since it was not the first time I saw it, I remember he came with it last few months ago when he visited us. He got out of the car and started walking towards us putting a broad smile on his face. He looked very big with broad hairy chest and hairy hands. My mom still stood at the door and I looked at her and I noticed she was surprised as she continued staring at him with wide open eyes, I think she was amazed of how Mr.Darshan was having strong big muscles and broad chest. He approached us, first he greeted me and gave me a chocolate bar which he took it from his top pocket. He then went to my mom and I noticed he was really looking at her shining blue saree and he shook her hand. He started talking to my mom Darshan > ‘’ Wow Sangeeta you look very good tonight’’ Mom > ‘’ Thank you Mr.Darshan, you don’t have to say that, but it has been long since you visited us’’ Darshan > ‘’ I know Sangeeta, that is why I invited you earlier today, how have you been?’’ Mom > “I am doing fine Mr.Darshan, thank you for asking and thank you for inviting us’’ Darshan > ‘’No problem, I haven’t seen your husband nowadays, where is he?’’ Mom > “My husband went to work for 89 days in Sri lanka” Darshan > “That is nice, alright Sangeeta, we are getting late, we will talk more at the ceremony”

Now he escorted my mom towards the car and my mom was walking Infront of him and immediately his eyes were already staring at her big soft ass which were bouncing inside her saree and I could see a small tent at his groin area and I knew he got a hard on just by watching my mom big buttocks. We entered his car and after some minutes we reached the ceremony and we were a bit late by 20 minutes but nothing much was going on. People were dancing and others were eating. Since at my age I liked playing, I told my mom that I was going to play with one of my friends and she told me ok and I left her with Mr.Darshan. Mr.Darshan also gave me some few rupees to go and buy whatever I wanted and I was happy. They were sitting very closely to each other and I saw they were chatting and it seemed that mom was enjoying his company. It was now 11 at night and the ceremony ended so it meant that it was time to go home, as usual Mr.Darshan told my mom that he will take us by his car but my mom refused but after some time she accepted. We reached home by 11:45 and my mom invited Mr.Darshan in our house and since we had 4 bedrooms, my mom told Mr.Darshan that he could sleep in the guest bedroom since it was late at night and I could see Mr.Darshan was very happy. I was already tired so I told my mom that I was going to sleep and she asked “Siddharth why don’t you talk with Mr.Darshan and sleep later?” Then when I wanted to reply, Mr.Darshan immediately told my mom to let me go to sleep because kids need more sleep. I noticed that Mr.Darshan was convincing my mom then my mom said ok and later I went to sleep. At night at around 2:00 I woke up because I had the urge to go to the bathroom, then while returning from the bathroom, I noticed the guest room was empty and Mr.Darshan is not inside. As I was wondering where he was, I heard a soft moan like “ aahhh” and it was coming from my mom’s bedroom. Being curious i approached her bedroom and the moans got louder and louder. I was wondering what was going on. Then I noticed the room was locked from inside. I decided to peek inside using the small space around the window and I was shocked at what I saw. My mom and Mr.Darshan were on the bed fully naked and he was on top of her between her legs. Mr.Darshan was kissing my mom while my she was trying to get away but he was very strong. “Sangeeta you are very sexy, from the minute I saw you, I got attracted to you” Mr.Darshan said. Then my mom replied, “Darshan leave me alone or I will shout, this is wrong, I am a married woman and I have a kid, leave me alone and go to your wife” But Mr.Darshan was reluctant and he replied, “Sangeeta,my wife is not here, she has gone to visit her relatives in Hyderabad, I know you love me because of how you were looking at me during that day when I visited your house when your foolish husband was around, Sangeeta no one touched you since your foolish husband went away, let me satisfy you Sangeeta” Then I was shocked by what my mom replied. She said, “ But my husband might know this and Siddharth is in the other room he might hear us” Then Mr.Darshan said, “Don’t worry Sangeeta, first that bastard husband of yours will never know and secondly Siddharth is very tired he will sleep until morning” After that he started kissing her again and I was surprised because my mom was now responding to the kisses as she was now holding his head with passion. For about 10 minutes of kissing, they broke the kiss and Mr.Darshan at this moment was very happy, he stood up and he was now laying on his back and he told my mom to suck his cock, my mom adjusted herself and as she did that, I saw her massive boobs for the first time. They were so big and her areola was very fine. My mom started sucking Mr.Darshan big dick which was around 10 inches at first she could not fit it in her mouth but using her saliva she fitted it and she started giving him blowjob. As she was doing this, Mr.Darshan was playing with her nipples and he big boobs with his hands as while he was groaning, “ aaahh yess Sangeeta aah suck it darling take it fully in your mouth aaah” My mom seemed like an expert in doing blowjob because she was gagging it in her mouth fully and then removing it from her mouth, spitting on it then gagging it back in her throat. After around 15 minutes of epic blowjob she gave to Mr.Darshan, she stopped and looked at Mr.Darshan while smiling then Mr.Darshan woke up and kissed her lips and he made her lay on her back and it was now was his turn to lick my mom’s pussy. Her pussy was shaved he started licking her clit while inserting his middle finger in her pussy. My mom moaned loudly “aahh Darshan baby lick my pussy aahh uuuhh put your finger inside my pussy aaahhhh darshan I love you” Mr.Darshan was now licking and sucking her pussy very hard and fast and this made my mom to even moan more loudly as she threw her head back with pleasure and she held his head with her right hand while her left hand was grabbing the bedsheet. Soon after licking Mr.Darshan went back to laying on his back and he told my mom to ride him, my mom quickly adjusted herself on top of him and she guided his big cock into her tiny pussy. I had a good view of my mom’s big soft butt as she started riding Mr.Darshan. She guided his dick in her pussy slowly and was going up and down onto his dick. Mr.Darshan was grabbing her big gaand as he pounded her pussy while he was enjoying the view of her bouncing big boobs. “Aahh yess darshan aahh I love you aahh fuck me hard darshan aahh yesso ooh aahh slowly darshan aahh yesso o uuuh I wanted to have sex with you but my husband was around aaahh darshan fuck me aahhh” I was surprised by what my mom was saying. My mom was not only moaning but she was now screaming from the pleasure she was getting from the big dick of Mr.Darshan going in and out of her tiny pussy and she was also kissing Mr Darshan’s mouth while she was riding him. Then my mom’s phone rung, and she quickly stopped but Darshan’s dick was still in her pussy and they both stopped, she took the phone and I knew it was my dad calling her because of the ringtone, she used to save a specific ringtone for when dad called. Mr.Darshan asked in a low voice, “Darling who is calling you?” Then my mom replied in frightened manner “It is my husband, please we have to stop this” But before my mom answered the call, Mr.Darshan took the phone from her hand while it was still ringing and threw it away and he said, “Leave your stupid husband, don’t answer his call, let us enjoy this wonderful time darling” Then my mom looked at him and she smiled. I was very surprised of how my mom gave in into Mr.Darshan words and did not answer my dad’s phone. She continued riding him as the phone continued ringing from the other corner of the room. I saw Mr.Darshan holding her big butt as he pounded her harder while she was riding him. They now changed position and my mom was in doggy position. Mr.Darshan held her massive asscheeks and plugged his big dick back into mom’s pussy and he started going back and forth. My mom moaned louder “ aaahh uuhh fuck me Darshan aaaaaaaahhh aahh oooohh uuuuhh” While Mr.Darshan was pumping her pussy, he said “I love your big ass, I am jealous that your foolish husband always sees and grabs it” Then my mom replied “My whole body belongs to you darshan” Mr.Darshan fucked her pussy in doggystyle while watching my mom’s tiny little asshole. After about 30mins of fucking her pussy, he removed his dick from her pussy and i thought he was done but I was surprised that he located her asshole with his dick and he tried to penetrate her asshole but mom noticed it and jumped and she said, “No no Darshan, not in that hole please, I never did anal” Then Mr.Darshan told her, “Darling anal sex is pleasurable, your anus needs my cock, your husband is bastard for not using you from behind, Sangeeta don’t worry I will use oil I know you will enjoy it.” After that he made my mom lay flat on her stomach, but my mom was still not sure if she wants anal sex. All of a sudden, mom’s phone rung for the second time and it was dad calling again, and this time, my mom did not even care to answer it, she was only caring on how Mr. Darshan was going to fuck her big ass. Mr. Darshan then spread her big ass cheeks and started sniffing and licking her asshole. My mom was putting small resistance as I saw she kept her right hand to push Mr.Darshan’s head away saying, “Darshan my love aaah leave that hole, what are you doing,,uufff don’t sniff that hole, don’t do that” but Mr.Darshan threw her hands away and continued licking her asshole. I knew Mr.Darshan was enjoying the sweat and the smell of her asshole. As he was licking her anus, mom farted and the smell excited Mr. Darshan and after he smelled her fart, he told her “ UUff Sangeeta your farts smell very sexy” . Since Darshan liked her farts, mom continued farting for about 7 -8 times to his face while he was licking her anus. He continued licking her asshole for about 10mins then he slapped her big ass cheeks and took some oil that was in the cupboard and he started applying it around her asshole while spreading her ass cheeks. While Mr.Darshan was applying oil around her asshole, mom was moving her big ass in way that meant that she was not ready for anal sex but she was slowly beginning to enjoy the asshole massage that Mr. Drashan was giving her. He then started fingering her asshole slowly and mom started moaning, “UUffff aaahhh nooo noo darshan remove it, noo remove your finger darshan aaah”. Mr.Darshan middle finger was roaming inside her asshole and it went in fully and he kept it there for few minutes, then he started putting his index finger inside her asshole and this time my mom moaned as if she was uncomfortable. “Relax your asshole darling, you will get used to it, I am preparing your asshole, Sangeeta take a deep breath. From now on, your asshole is only for me” Mr.Darshan told her. Mom kept moaning and after a couple of tries, his third finger went in, then the fourth and now both of his four fingers were inside her lovely tiny asshole. And mom was moaning hardly, then Mr.Darshan was now ready to enter her lovely tiny asshole. He removed his fingers from her asshole and lifted my mom so that she was now in proper doggy pose and he told her to spread her asscheeks. “Darshan please enter me slowly”, My mom told him then Mr.Darshan replied, “No worries darling, your asshole will accept my dick easily, your anus was only meant for me Sangeeta” My mom spread her asscheeks and she was looking behind to look at Mr.Darshan’s face, Mr.Darshan started pressing his dick as her asshole entrance and I saw my mom’s face was grimacing. Mr.Darshan continued pushing his dick inside her sweet warm asshole and the head of the penis entered her asshole and mom quickly jumped and removed his dick with her hand. His dick came out of mom’s asshole with a bit of mom’s yellow shit covering the head of his penis. Then my mom said “No I cant take it in my ass Darshan your dick is very big, I want to go to the toilet to empty my bowels” My mom pleaded. But Mr.Darshan forced his penis inside her anus and it entered her asshole halfway and mom screamed “aaaahahhhhh NOOOOOO aahhhh slowly darshan aaahhh uuuuuuuhhhhhh” Mom’s big ass cheeks were shaking and I could sense she was clenching her anus muscles which made Mr.Darshan to moan “ uuufff Sangeeta tighten your asshole on my dick aah sshhh”. Darshan continued pushing his big dick in my mom’s anus and the pushing led my mom to lay on her stomach again and Mr.Darshan was now on top of her back, holding her boobs underneath. Mom screamed and continued pleading “Darshan I can’t breathe aaahahh sshhh uuuhh please take your dick out of my asshole NOOOO aaahhh UUUhhh aaah I need to go to the toilet to shit” She was screaming. Darshan then told her, “Sssshh Sangeeta stop screaming, I can feel your faeces touching my dick, don’t worry you will shit later” Then Darshan started going up and down slowly while kissing her neck and squeezing her boobs. Mom was trying to sway her hips to remove Darshan’s dick from her anus but the more she swayed, the more Darshan pushed in even more deeper in her sexy anus.

After few slow romantic strokes, he now started pumping her harder and mom was now in mixture of moaning and screaming. I could not imagine the kind of pleasure Mr.Darshan was feeling because his dick was in my mom’s asshole and at the same time he was feeling the warmth of my mom’s shit inside her rectum. I think my mom did not go to shit, that is why she was telling Mr. Darshan that she wants to go to the toilet to shit. “OOOOOHH DARSHAN AAAHH SLOWLY AAAHHH DARSHAN MY LOVE AAAHHH UUUFFF NOO NOO SLOWLY AAHH SSHSHHH UUUUUFFFF” Darshan was really hungry while fucking her big ass, because he kept going very fast in and out of her asshole while he whispered sexy things in her ear. He kept whispering in her ear “Sangeeta, I can feel your shit inside your anus, they are so warm, I love your anus more than your pussy Sangeeta..aah you love me fucking your soft big ass?” Mom kept replying “Yes,Yes ,yes I love you fucking my ass, but fuck me slowly darling aaahh”. All those years my mom’s sweet asshole was never penetrated or even fingered by my dad but Mr.Darshan is now using her big ass and pushing his dick deep into the inner most parts of her asshole. Mr.Darshan enjoyed her most pleasurable hole: Her asshole. Mr Darshan loves her asshole because the shit in my mom’s asshole makes Mr Darshan’s dick to feel more pleasurable and warmth. Both mom and Mr.Darshan were sweating and moaning very loudly as Mr.Darshan went faster and faster and I thought he really stretched her asshole because of the speed and hard pumping he gave her asshole. Then mom started feeling uncomfortable because Mr.Darshan’s dick was going deeper in her asshole and also she wanted to go and shit. Mom tried holding Mr.Darshan to avoid him from going deeper but Mr.Darshan threw her hands away and continued fucking her big ass her even harder and deeper. After two hours of fucking her asshole, darshan groaned “aaahhh Sangeeta I am going to cum aaahhhhuufffff aahhhh” He held my mom’s boobs underneath while he pushed his dick further in her rectum and cummed there, I saw his expression on his face which meant that he finished cumming, mom was still grimacing. I saw my mom pushing her big ass against Mr.Darshan’s groin. He removed his dick from her asshole, and he lay on his back next to her. He was facing up with his eyes closed and his dick too was facing up. My mom still remained on her stomach while her legs spread out and she seemed very tired. They both relaxed for few minutes then mom slowly got up and the first thing she saw was Mr.Darshan’s dick. She immediately told Mr.Darshan “Darshan, your dick is very dirty, let us go to the bathroom” I knew what she meant because Mr.Darshan dick was entirely coated in my mom’s yellow shit. Then Mr.Darshan replied, “AAh I love when I see your yellow shit on my dick darling” I was shocked and also mom raised her eyes and she slightly slapped him and said. “You dirty man” Mom took a towel which was near her and she started wiping her yellow shit off Mr.Darshan’s dick. When my mom was bending to wipe his dick, I saw her asshole also and there were small particles of her yellow shit and from that I understood how her asshole was fully used by Darshan. Then after she finished wiping his cock, she ran to the toilet to go and shit since she was holding it in for a long time during the anal sex. Mr.Darshan also followed her and they bathed together and later they came back to the bed and both of them drifted off to sleep. In the morning, things went normal. Mom and Mr.Darshan started acting normal towards me, they thought that I did not see them but I kept pretending. In the next part, I am going to narrate to you how Mr.Darshan fucked mom when we were in resort.