Very thick dick inside me

I work for the largest employer in the area and do all the work he doesn't want to do. Which is about everything, except the things makes him look great. Boris 42 is a lazy person and I've heard his brother and business partner Donald 40 say if breathing didn't happen automatically and you had to work at it Boris would have died years before. Boris wife Dorothy 38 is a great looking woman and I have lusted after her for a while. Back April at a rewards dinner for great people of the community, Boris was there for an award and as usual, he hadn't done anything to earn it.

As usual, he drank a great deal and passed out, it was up to me to get him home. I had driven him and Dorothy to the dinner, I got him home and laid him on his bed. Dorothy offered me a drink and I accepted and as we talked I made a pass at her and she accepted and we fucked twice and in the morning we showered together and after I left. This was the start of our affair and I'm seeing her a couple of times a week. Dorothy as got pregnant and Boris thinks he is the father. Donald died in a boating accident in July while skiing and as he had no children Boris inherited everything. In August Boris was been told that due to his excess drinking his liver is shot and he is on a waiting list for a transplant. But due to his rare blood type, it might not happen. Three weeks earlier he might have gotten Donald's liver. So Boris is in and out of the hospital a lot now and has asked to find him a compatible donor, whatever it takes.

But I haven't had any luck yet. Gordon 39 and I've been trying really hard to find a donor for Boris in between running the business and fucking Dorothy.