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After giving me an unbelievable blowjob, Thiana asked me to lie down on bed, so I could recover. Right away, she lied next to me and placed her bald, tanned head on my chest. While caressing my chest with her hands, she showed me the history of her planet via telepathy. I could not understand the name of her planet, but thousands of years ago, their population had both males and females. They were basically humans, but they had a more advanced culture than we have and they could change their facial features at their wish. At one time, a mysterious sickness affected their males, leaving the females untouched. The females began to use their shape shifting abilities to mate with males from neighboring worlds, but the offspring was always the same – females. After a few generations, the new offspring started to grow without faces, taking eventually the features of the race of their lovers. They had to mate before a certain age, if not, they would die within a week of their birthday.

Thiana told me that she was close to the limit age – just a month before that night – and that she had chosen me because she liked the way I lived. I had no vices and was relatively healthy, so my genes were good to continue her race. Besides that, I was single. Since I did not have a mate, it was easier for her to observe me and maybe convince me to be her lover. She explained me that they only mated males who were willing to do so and that there will be no responsibilities involved on my part. She told me that after mating, her race often went back to their world to give birth. If they liked their lover, they often returned with them. If not, they simply would take another lover. That cycle would last until the end of their lives – which is 500 of our Earth years. The funny thing, they never get old, keeping the appearance of a 30 year old human until the end of their days. While I was receiving this interstellar history class, we had been caressing our naked bodies. My cock began to recover its strength, and I let Thiana know. She began to caress it with her right hand while kissing my chest. Soon enough, I was hard as steel and my cock was pointing straight up. Thiana asked me to stay on bed and climbed in top of me. Her vagina was smaller than Earth humans, but it was already dripping a thick, clear liquid that smelled like mint. She put a finger inside her small pussy lips taking a little bit of her juices and placing them on my lips. In fact, her juices tasted like mint and I let her know. She laughed and smeared the tip of my cock with some more of this minty pussy juice. It felt weird, but I can swear my penis grew both in length and in girth. Before, I could say anything else, Thiana began to slowly lower herself on my now super-engorged cock, placing her hands on my chest. She felt great! Her pussy was tight and warm, with multiple nubs. It was nothing like a human pussy, feeling more like one of those masturbation sleeves. She would lower herself a few centimetres, stop, and contract her muscles before continuing the process. Once she was completely impaled on my cock, she did something that surprised me. Instead of rocking her hips up and down, Thiana’s pussy began to slowly vibrate. She noticed my surprise, but told me to relax. I closed my eyes and allowed the rhythmic pulsations of her alien vagina to milk my penis. The vibration was very slow at first, but eventually the rhythm began to pick up. I felt thousands of small fingers caressing my cock, softly squeezing it, making me moan in intense pleasure. Thiana began to moan in a rhythm, so much that it appeared to be a chant.

With both of us moaning, I grabbed Thiana’s hips and began rocking her hips over my cock. The pitch of her chanting went higher, something I took as a positive signal of pleasure. I began to thrust deeper into her pussy, making her vibrations to go into overdrive. I was ready to ejaculate when I felt Thiana’s body tensing like a steel cable and for the first time, I heard a deep guttural growl coming out of her open mouth. She pinned her hips hard on my cock while her hands formed fists that almost ripped the sheets from my bed. She arched back and I felt the vibrations of her pussy pulsating hard all over my cock. That was it for me. I grabbed her hard ass, pushed up and screaming loud, I unloaded buckets of cum inside Thiana’s pulsating vagina. When Thiana felt me cumming deep inside her, another growl came out of her mouth before she collapsed on my chest, breathing hard. I could feel the minty smell from her pussy and the wetness on my bed sheets. I kept stroking her back and kissing her face while I heard her heavy breathing and her voice inside my head saying how great that was. I kept my cock inside her until it went soft, allowing it to simply slid out of her pussy. We cuddled for an eternity, me caressing her back while she caressed my chest until I felt sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was alone on my bed, wondering if everything was a dream when I smelled her aroma. I smiled and sat on my bed, when I noticed that a tall woman with long, wavy black hair was looking at the bathroom’s mirror. Checking her out, I realized that the woman had the tanned, athletic body I remembered from the previous night. When I was going to call her, she turned around to reveal the most beautiful Asian face I had seen in my life. “Hi lover. I hope this face and hair is to your liking – I sensed your preferences while you were dreaming yesterday. If you don’t mind, I would like to stay with you… Something tells me we can learn a lot from each other…” Thiana said with her sweet voice, showing me a devilish smile.