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What are you up to next Friday night? I asked Sharon as she stepped out of the shower. Nothing planned why? I was going to organise a rehearsal with the new band members. She wrapped her long dark hair in a towel and began towelling herself off. Who has joined? She asked. Mick and Ben are still in. I said as she smiled. Mick and Ben both had had the pleasure of my wifes body before. We even made a video of the two of them double teaming her after a party one night. And two new blokes Stan and Dan. And what are they like? She asked. They play OK. I said. Not that. She said rubbing her shaved pussy with a towel. What do they look like? Tall dark and handsome of course. Good. She said smiling at me with that look that meant trouble. During the rest of the week I contacted Mick and Ben along with the other members Stan and Dan. I cleared out the garage and took all the rubbish off the pool table that sat in the corner of the room. It got me thinking that maybe it was time to reinstate the pool table as a central part of our lives. It had been moved to make way for a few building projects but now that we were finished with them there was no reason to put it back in its rightful place. I imagined Sharon on the table with her legs splayed open taking my cock as she had done more than once before. One of Sharon's fantasies was to be jerked off on by several men at one time. I knew that she would like Stan and Dan who were young and very buff. What time will they be here? She asked. Around seven. I said. Micks bringing some Turkish pizza for tea. Do you want a beer? She said. Im having a scotch. She went over to the bar Id set up in the corner. As she bent down into the fridge I could see that she didnt have a visible panty line through the little black dress she was so fond of wearing. She walked back slowly and handed me my beer. I patted her on the arse to confirm my suspicions. No knickers tonight? Well Mick and Ben are coming over. She smiled at me. I was thinking that maybe. She rubbed my cock through my jeans. You are one horny little tart. I said. If you behave yourself and let us rehearse for a few hours afterwards Ill let them at you. OK.? She loved Bens massive cock and it had been months since hed been away from his possessive wife Julie who was away visiting her sick mother. Mick was engaged to Sharon before I met her and although the break up was difficult we got around it by sharing her one night after drinking and smoking far too much dope. Mick regularly came over for a threesome. Just before six Sharon finished helping me clear out the garage and headed upstairs to watch some TV. We kissed and I patted her fine arse. As she turned to walk away I said Remember that we have to rehearse first. She laughed and raised her skirt and shook her lovely arse at me. I stood back and admired my sexy wife and began thinking of the various encounters we had shared with our friends, some of who would soon be here. The door opened and in walked Stan, our new drummer, carrying a six-pack of beer and talking loudly on his mobile phone. Yeah I wont drink too much. He said into the phone. If I have too much Ill give you a call OK. Bye Love. He said closing the phone. The missus? Dan asked him. Yeah the fucking slut wont let me drink too much. I was shocked by his outburst. Reckons it effects me. Before the door could close Ben stepped in behind Stan and he was carrying a grocery bag with snacks and beer. As the three of us settled in around the pool table the door opened again and in walked Dan with Jim a friend of Dans who was in town for a few days staying with him and he asked if it was ok if he stayed. Of course I couldn't say no and thought this might make it even more interesting. As the five of us sorted out the gear Mick arrived carrying five boxes with the pizzas in them. Wheres Sharon. Mick asked. Does she want some pizza? Upstairs mate. I said. Go and ask her. He grabbed a box and threw a few pieces in and took off up the stairs. We all started talking crap and about 10 minutes later Mick came back down. He had a smile like a Cheshire cat and winked at me as he sat down. We started playing and it was like we had known each other for years. Mick and Ben kept smiling at each other like cats that ate the canary knowing they had something in common the others didn't. We had played a few songs when Jim came in from using the toilet upstairs and asked Dan for some help in the kitchen. I looked up and saw that Jim had kind of an odd expression on his face. A few moments later they both came back and started playing but Jim, who wasnt a band member, was obviously restless and he hopped up and walked all too casually back upstairs. Mick, Ben and I all looked at each other knowing full well what Jim was going back upstairs to. Dan had a smile on his face as well but he professionally went back to playing. Im just going to have a piss. I said after we finished Highway to Hell. I put my Gretsch down and snuck up the stairs as the rest of them worked on an original acoustic number. The noise from downstairs was enough to drown out my footsteps as I snuck into the hallway next to the kitchen. I could hear the TV and the familiar sound of the video we had made of the three of them. Jim was standing next to the fridge watching the TV on which was a close up of two cocks in Sharons cunt. Sharon was laying back on the lounge rubbing her clit as she watched. Jim also had his fair sized cock out and was slowly stroking it back and forth. You could always just ask her. I said. Jim nearly shat himself as he tried to tuck his dick back in. At the same time Sharons head spun around and eyeballed us in the kitchen. Oh fuck sorry mate. Was all he could muster. He was having problems tucking his cock back in and by the time Sharon was standing smiling in the doorway it was still out. I think I need to let some of the pressure out. She said licking her lips. Otherwise you might snap it. Sharon sashayed her way over and squatted down in front of him. She flicked her long dark hair back over her shoulder and grabbed a hold of his cock. You sure about this mate? He asked me I mean Ive only just met you. Do I look angry? I said smiling. Ahh. He said as she took his cock into her mouth. No you dont. Sharon went to work on his cock and I stood back and watched my sexy wife slobber all over it. She was an expert cock sucker and Jim had little chance of lasting much longer. Do you want to cum in my mouth? She asked him as she pulled on his cock. Or over my face? I looked at the TV through the kitchen and the scene had changed to one of two cocks spraying cum over Sharons face. Look at the telly. I said to Jim. He looked up and it registered with him that it wasnt just some porno he had been watching but Mick and Ben fucking Sharon. Is that.? He said as Mick, on the telly, gave the thumbs up to the camera. My cock was as hard as a rock and extremely uncomfortable in my shorts. Sharon gave Jims cock a few hard pulls and took his first spray of the night straight down her throat. Fuck yeah, honey. She said after swallowing. Cum on me. Swallow it Sharon. I said as more sprayed into her mouth and onto her face. It must have been ages since Jim had shot a load because it seemed to keep coming as he bent his knees almost collapsing from the effort. Fucking hell. He said as he braced himself on the fridge. Sharon had cum in her hair and over her cheeks and she sucked his cock some more trying to get every drop out. I stood watching her rub his cock over her face and I had an idea. It was an idea born out of her fantasy to have several men fuck her and then cum all over her. Six men were in the house and she had already fucked or sucked four of us at some time so another two should be just right. Jim could you tuck that monster away and give us a hand downstairs? I said to him. He nodded his head and blinked as if to wake from a dream. Give us 15 minutes love and come down. I said to Sharon. She smiled and stood up. Like this or should I clean up? Well youll be a mess when we are finished with you. Her jaw dropped as she realised what I said. The blood rushed to her face as the fact that she was about to be gangbanged sunk in. Are you serious? Well if you are going to be the band slut you may as well do it properly. I said. She turned and walked quickly back into our bedroom to get, what I thought, changed. Jim and I headed back down to the, still rocking, garage. Mick and Ben smiled at Jim as he walked back in and the music stopped as I put my hand up. Told you. Mick said to Dan and Stan.

So they know about my darling wifes insatiable sex drive? I asked knowing full well the answer. What are you smiling at Jim? Dan asked. Well I dont get a blow job from your wife when I come over. What? He looked amazed. Fair dinkum did you get a blowie? Very nice it was to. He said as he got a beer out of the fridge. You might find out if you behave yourself. Why, whats happening? Dan asked. Shes coming down to say gday. I said as I moved some of the beers off the pool table cover. Someone give us a hand here will ya. I said grabbing onto a corner. Fuck the music for a while lets play pool. Four of us lifted the table back into the middle of the room and Dan put some blues on the CD. Time slipped away and without warning the door opened and in walked my wife as six heads snapped to take her in. She wore a short black wrap around dress that was a favourite of mine because she would always wear absolutely nothing underneath. The front plunged down to enhance her beautiful breasts and a set of pearls set it off nicely. Hi boys. She said as she sauntered into the room. You two must be Stan and Dan. She extended her hand out to them and Dan was the first to shake. Weve heard so much about you. He said looking her up and down. Pleased to meet you. Stan was more forward and placed a hand around her waist and pulled her forward. Do you like to dance. He said. Only the dance of love. She said flirtingly. Sharon moved around the table and gave me a big hug and kiss as I pulled her close. My hand slid down to her fine arse. Hows it going. She asked. The music is over and now we play pool. I said as she moved sexily away. Ben was standing to my right and as my wife passed him she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Making her way around the table back to Stan he too got a hug but this time Sharon gave him a quick kiss on the lips. As she turned to Dan he took her in his arms and began a passionate kiss while pulling her body close to his. Lasting longer than what is considered decent she stepped back and it was clear Dan's cock had swollen under my wife's control. Turning quickly on her heels her short skirt gave us a glimpse of her tight naked ass and Sharon blew the room a kiss as she strode from the room with a sexy smile on her face. We watched as her fine ass swayed with each step. My cock was hard thinking that this pool game might get wild. Is that it? Stan said as she left. No. Mick said smiling. Believe me when I say that she is the biggest tease known to mankind. She wont be back. Stan said. How much are you willing to bet? Mike said. Well if she comes down here and we all fuck her. Stan said looking at the sky as if seeking inspiration. You can shag my girl. Would she want to shag us? Ben asked. Probably not. Stan said smiling. Shed kill me. Unlike Sharon, unless your girl is willing, technically its rape. I said. How can you stand and watch blokes fucking your wife. Stan asked Are you some kind of wimp. Hes not a wimp. Mike said. Be fucked if Id have you lot shagging my wife. Stan said. You dont get it do you. I said. Id met Stans type before. We are swingers. Last Friday night I got a threesome from Sharon and Annie from work. They went down on each other as I fucked them? Who wants a slut for a wife? He said. But youre prepared to fuck her. I said. What does that make you. He didnt answer but simply looked away dismissively. Well I'm so confident that Sharon will be back that I'm going to get undressed now. Mick said as he pulled his shirt over his head. I'm sure Ben, Jim and Marcus will join me. Yeah, why not. Jim said looking at me. Should give her a surprise anyway. And if she doesn't come back we'll just look like a bunch of gay bastards. Dan said as he joined in ripping his clothes off. Oh fuck it, why not. Stan said as a jeer went up from all of us as he too stripped. Within a minute six naked men stood alone in a suburban garage trying hard not to look at each others privates. Ive been in the company of dicks before and from what I could see Stan had the smallest of all of us which made perfect sense. He probably shot early too. I grabbed a pool cue and had a shot against Jim and the others just quietly went about getting the beer and it was only after about five minutes that the handle on the door at the top of the stairs rattled again. Stan and Dan were sitting on the lounge while Mick and Ben were checking out the drum hardware. Jim was having a shot when Sharon appeared wearing a black lace camisole and short lace french knickers. Her jaw nearly dropped to the ground when she saw the six of us in the room as naked as the day we were born. Holy fuck. She said flabbergasted. There goes my seduction routine. My cock was already starting to firm up as she stepped slowly down the stairs. No point in fucking about. Jim said as he pulled on his cock. The only two here that you haven't seen before are on the lounge. Well.no. Sharon said as she sub-consciously rubbed her mons. Maybe you should start over here then. Dan said patting the lounge between him and Stan. Dan's cock was an admirable size and well shaped and becoming firmer as he tugged on it. Sharon nearly ran over to them and as soon as she sat down she had two dicks in her hand. Stan slid his hand down between her legs and she immediately spread them wider as he slid a few fingers under the lacy fabric. This little lady is very, very wet. He said as she smiled up at me. Dan had manouvered her left boob put of her top and had begun sucking it slowly. The other four of us were just watching the grope session occuring in front of us. By my judgement Ben still had the biggest of all of us and Sharon would be happy to have that in her pussy ASAP. I went over to Sharon and bent over to kiss her. Her mouth was hot, wet, open and smelt of Scotch Whisky. I could smell the need for sex. She was open, burning, willing and ready for a night of red hot pumping action. I knelt in front of her and placed my hands around her hips. Stan moved his hand out of her snatch and she lifted her arse off the lounge and I pulled her knickers down. Her pussy was red and inflamed, no doubt from the rubbing she gave it while watching the video, and wetter than a chux wipe in a bath. She threw one leg over each of Stan's and Dan's and shuffled forward so her pussy was on the edge of the cushioning. Stan's cock was leaking precum and Sharon wiped some on her finger and slowly brought it to her lips. Yeah lick my cum. Stan said. I decided to lick my slutty wife's pussy before it got filled with cum. I started at her knee and gently licked up her inner thigh before I arrived at her honey pot. Her clit was already engorged and with one quick lick her pussy opened wide and she was open for all to see. Yeah lick me babe. She said. Stick your tongue in my dirty hole. Stan was shuffling about and quickly he stood up and climbed up onto the lounge. I thought he was going up for a blow job but my suspicions about his staying power were true. Suck me bitch. He said a bit too forcibly Im going to fucking cum. Sure enough he shot a fair sized load over Sharons camisole, her boobs and finally onto her face as she sat looking surprised at how fast he came. Suck my cock you filthy whore. He said as he forced his cock into her mouth. Settle down Stan. Dan said She doesnt need to be forced into it. She does it because she loves it. I love cocks that last a bit longer than a minute though. She said as she pulled on his cock, milking the remains of cum onto her tongue. Have a rest and Ill let you fuck me properly later. OK? Stan wiped some of his cum off her tit and she licked it off his finger. Can I fuck you in the arse? He asked meekly. You all will get to do that. Sharon said. But now my darling husband is going to fuck me while I suck on a few more dicks. I did as I was told and knelt up on the carpet and easily slid my cock into her wet and willing hole. Stan hopped off the lounge and went over to the fridge and got a beer out. Dan stood up on the lounge and Sharon sucked his cock into her mouth. I pulled her camisole down off her tremendous boobs as Mick hopped up the other side and moved her hand onto his cock. As I pumped into her she slobbered over Dans cock and pulled on Micks worthy weapon. As Dan fucked her mouth with his substantial cock and Mick tweaked her nipples I pulled my cock out to stop myself cumming and did one of her favourite things. Sharon loves feeling a hard cock rubbing against her vulva and clit so I placed it against her open hole and pushed down firm on it. Make the slut cum. Stan said from the other side of the garage. Fuck her hard boys. The dirty talk from Stan, the nipple tweaking, the cock sucking and the pressure on her clit was too much and sure enough, almost as if Stan knew, Sharon twitched and moaned as her body shook in orgasmic bliss. Oh God that's good. She moaned. Fuck me. All of you fuck me. I slid my cock back into her extra wet hole that had become about 20 tighter due to her orgasmic contractions. Ben was standing behind me and I decided to have a rest for a while. Here you go Ben. I said Shove her favourite cock into her cunt. Mick stood up so that Sharon had two cocks to suck and she didn't waste any time in taking him into her mouth. I stood up and, after a slight dizzy spell, moved away from her to let Ben at her pussy. She sat on the lounge with her legs spread indecently wide as Stan spat on his fingers and rubbed it into her pussy. You'll need extra lube for that cock. He said. Ben knelt down and rested his cock against her slit. Are you ready love? He asked. Do you want it? Fuck me. She said after pulling Mick's cock from her mouth. Fuck your little woman. With one evil thrust he pushed his cock to the hilt. Oh fuck. she said almost passing out from pleasure. Yeah baby now that's a cock. She said looking slyly at Stan. Split the cheap tart open. Stan said knowing full well who she was talking to. I had just about had enough of Stan and didn't really like him and when I saw his mobile phone on the pool table I had a devious idea. Mick and Jim swapped places which proved to be the perfect distraction for what I needed to do. I grabbed Stans phone as he sat watching the action and pulling on his firming cock. I went upstairs and into the lounge and opened his phone. The last call he made was to his girlfriend so I used that number to send a text message. -too drunk to drive. come and get me at 10.- This would give me 45 minutes to set the prick up. I picked up the video camera as well and snuck into the laundry. The laundry had a small window that looked into the garage and I aimed the camera at a group of naked bodies and pressed record. I set up a few towels and lay the camera on them so that it could record what was happening. Jim was now fucking Sharon as she sucked on Mick and Ben. Stan was still carrying on like a dickhead. Fuck the dirty slut in the arse. He yelled out. Jim shook his head at him and as I walked back into the room he raised his eyebrows at me and then looked again at Stan. I knew what he meant. My turn for some pussy. Dan said as Jim pulled his glistening cock out. This lady wants us all to fuck her so we should do as she asks. When Jim stood up Sharon also stood up leaving Mick and Ben standing on the lounge. She pulled her camisole off so that she stood naked like the rest of us. Mick was now sitting on the lounge and Sharon knelt between his legs and stuck her arse out behind her. Dan She said. Fuck my pussy first and then start on my arse. She then took hold of Mick's cock and licked underneath the head as she looked up at him smiling. Dan did as asked and knelt down behind her and easily slid his dick into her pussy. Fuck me hard. She said Stick a finger in my arse. Stick your cock in her arse. Stan said. Dan shook his head and simply kept pounding his cock into her twat. She was so wet her pussy was making sloppy noises. He pulled his wet cock out for a moment and squeezed some pre-cum out of the end of it and rubbed it on her arsehole. I watched the clock making sure everything was working out to plan. Dan slid back into her cunt and spat on two fingers before he pushed them into her hole. Sharon groaned around Mick's dick as Dan went to work opening her arse for the inevitable cock incursion. I watched Stan pulling on his cock which still, after all this time and excitement, was not hard again. Sharon had reached underneath herself and was rubbing her clit with her right hand as Dan kept pumping her pussy. Fuck my arse. Sharon cried out. Fuck it now!Dan immediately placed his cock head at her arse and easily slid it in as Sharon erupted in yet another orgasm. Oh fuck yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. She wimpered as Dan quickened the pace. See, she is a fucking slut. Stan called out. She is a cheap, rotten, skanky mole who will fuck anybody. At least these guys can fuck me. Sharon said. You limp dicked fuck. You'll be the last to fuck my arse This seemed to excite Stan whose dick seemed to harden. He seemed to get off on being abused. Remember lads she wants us all to cum over her all at once so we need to keep control. As I said this Dan pulled out of her arse and looked at Jim. Your turn Jimbo. He said standing up. Mick lifted Sharon's head and said You better get Ben's nice and slippery first. Yes, yes. Was all she could mutter. He moved out and Ben, with his fat eight incher, moved in. Jim squatted over her arse and slid his spit slippery cock into her arse. Sharon went back to using two hands on Ben as she sucked and licked him to full hardness. Jim was a great addition to the team and he began swapping from pussy to arse to excite her. Do you like that? He asked her. Do you want three cocks in you? Won't be the first time. Mick said smiling at me. She nodded, which wasn't good enough an answer for Stan. Answer him you nasty bitch. He said. Three nice hard cocks and not his wimpy worm. Was her response. Man, I so want to cum in this tidy litte arse. Dan said as he pulled out. Mick quick, take over before I do. Mick took over and he also spat on his cock before entering her shute. He slapped her arse a few times as he fucked her and reached around and grabbed onto her hanging boobs. He continued to ream her as she swallowed as much of Ben as she could. After about five minutes of pumping action Mick pulled out and with a slap on her arse he said. Time for the big fella. I took Ben's place on the lounge and Sharon looked at me with look of total love, devotion and sheer pleasure as Ben took position behind her. This was the third time he had fucked her in the arse and she loved it. I could just see his cock head enter her already opened arsehole and now he slowly slid it in. She just held her head against my thigh as he did so. Her silence was only broken by Stan yelling out more abuse in the background. Take that fat cock you slut. Take it all the way up your arse. Just like you take it you poofter. She said. I bet you like a nice cock in your arse. Stan stood up and came over to us. Let me look at that cock splitting this whores arse. He said ignoring her. Ben was now fucking her arse at a solid pace and Sharon was holding on to my dick as she took the full force of it. She looked up at Stan and his cock and opened her mouth. Do you want to suck my cock slut? He said. Better than having some bloke do it, you faggot. He bent down and shoved his cock near her face. Look out, one of the boys might take you in the arse. She said just before taking his now hard cock into her mouth. It was now five to 10 and time for the plan to begin in earnest. Time for Stan to fuck your arse Sharon but I think his little boy needs to be left in there as we real men fuck your pussy. What do you mean? Stan asked. She wants to be doubled and you get her arse. Fuck yeah. Stan said. She is such a cheap tart. Ben pulled out and Sharon pulled a couple of the cushions off the lounge and lay them on the floor.

Lay down soft cock. She said to Stan. He did as directed and Sharon squatted over him. His cock slid easily into her expanded hole and as she lay back and spread her legs her pussy was open to us all to easily fuck. Im so fucking wet. Sharon said. Just fuck me and cum over me before I become dehydrated. You guys are making me so fucking horny She rubbed her open pussy as she looked up at us with lust in her eyes and Stans cock in her arse. So lads we fuck her and then cum over her OK. The last man, which is me, cums in her snatch OK. Jim went first and went either side of Stans legs. His cock splurted its way in and he used the lounge as support. Let me help. Ben said as he sat on the lounge and held her left leg up for her. Anything for the bands groupie. Dan held her right leg up and Mick knelt down and rubbed his cock on her face. She moved her head to the side and he slid his cock right into her mouth. Sharon moaned in pleasure as all her holes were now filled with cock. Jim lasted for about five minutes fucking her nice and solidly and she had a hold of Ben and Dans cocks as she took the three cocks into her body. It was past 10 and I hoped that my plan wasnt going to fail. Jim began rubbing her clit as he fucked her and Dan squeezed her nipples and sure enough she erupted again as another orgasm swept over her body. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Was all she could say as more fluid could be heard slopping about in her snatch. Here comes number one. Jim said as he pulled his cock out and began pumping it. Me too. Mick said as he held his cock in her mouth and pulled on it. Over her Mick. I called out Not in her mouth. But she loves to swallow. Mick begged. Jim had beaten him to it and his second orgasm of the night shot a smallish load up onto her belly and into her belly button. As if to tell Mick what to do she pulled his cock out and wanked it over her face. Cum over my mouth and my face. she said hornily. Mick obliged with a few strokes of his cock and shot a large load up onto her right eye and down the side of her face. Some of it dripped down onto Stan. Ah fuck. He said. Look where youre shooting. Jim was still squeezing the last of his cum out of his knob and he moved away. Sharon was sucking the final remains of cum from Micks dick and when she finished she hopped up off Stan. This was not part of the plan. She walked over to the pool table and gave it a shake. Should hold me. She said as she hopped up and then lay back on the felt. Dan grabbed a cushion and stuck it under her head so that it was easier for her to move her head over to the side of the table. His cock slid easily into her mouth. I saw the lights of a car reflecting off the window of the shed and I knew we would soon have company. Thinking fast I tapped Stan and said. You can go first. Sharon had her legs spread wide and was rubbing her wet clit. Stan didnt argue and when she saw who it was she started on him. Going to fuck me now are you? She said to him. Going to fuck me with that stupid cock of yours? Shut up slut and take this. He shoved his cock in hard and was pumping away when I heard the dog barking. As luck would have it he didnt last long. And he pulled his cock out and went around to where Dan had moved away and blasted her face with another stream of cum. Take it you fucking bitch. He said just as the garage door opened and a young girl of about 22 with long blonde hair and a petite frame entered. At first she smiled but upon realising what she was witnessing her jaw dropped and a look of disbelief and anger came over her. More so when he looked at her and said. Oh fuck. What the fuck are you doing you fucking arsehole. She yelled. No wonder you cant get it up at home. Hang on Rachel. He said. Its not how it looks. How the fuck else could it be. She laughed. Your fucked. She turned and went straight back out the door with Stan grabbing his jeans off the floor and running after her. Bye soft cock. Sharon said waving. I could hear the two of them talking above the laughing and chortling so I closed the door and went back to the table. Now lets finish this little lady off shall we boys? Im next because my balls are busting. Ben said. He slipped his cock into her pussy and then into her arse before he whipped it out and sprayed a good thick string of cum up onto her body and tits. As she did with Stan she licked him clean and then Dan began fucking her soggy snatch. He didnt last too long either and he moved around to her face and sprayed it over her nose and down onto her chin. It was my turn to fill her pussy with cum and I too alternated between her cunt and arse. As I was fucking her arse Dan began rubbing her clit as she rubbed and squeezed her tits. I could tell she was about to cum again so I slid my cock back into her pussy and bang, she was a writhing mess once more. The constrictions forced my cock to expand and filled her snatch with one of the biggest loads of my life. I pulled my dick out and watched the cum drop down onto the felt. She lay there absolutely knackered and satisfied as the rest of us looked on. I think youll need to get a new drummer. She said. Jim. You have good rhythm. Ill learn if you are at every rehearsal. He laughed. She climbed off the table and grabbed me on the dick. Thank you. She said. Now get back to rehearsals, Im not going to be the groupie just for some lame arse garage band. I watched my beautiful wife go up the stairs and looked forward to more fun and fucking.